Karaoke Bars in Hilton Head Island

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At Chucktown Tavern, you get to hear your neighbors sing. The joint booms with karaoke every single night of the week as patrons try their pipes on numbers from the DJ's selection of hundreds of karaoke tracks. Melodies of popular tunes and weekend performances from local bands drift towards the kitchen, where head chef Hope Young and her kitchen crew fold locally grown produce into classic breakfasts, sandwiches, and seafood dishes. She stuffs burgers with filings such as marinara, pepperoni, pimento cheese, and jalapeños, piling the patties onto freshly baked breads. Glasses click together, spilling rivulets of imported beer and cocktails into cool rings on wooden tables. The revelry pours out onto the front courtyard, where patrons recline in padded furniture like kings or cool pieces of wood a king found and named.

159 Market St