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  • Northwest Riders
    If you’ve never stood on top of water, or if you’ve stood on it and want to further defy the laws of viscosity and velocity, then strap in to Northwest Riders’ line of Slingshot Sports boards and bindings, designed to give you a blend of comfort and performance that most only experience during sleeping-bag races. As you’re towed along by a 21-foot Malibu vRide boat, the experienced nautical navigators on board will tame the wake to fit your desired degree of difficulty.
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    6100 Northeast 175th Street
    Kenmore, WA US
  • GoFly Water Aviation
    Some of us will never know what it's like to have superpowers, but a day spent at GoFly Water Aviation offers a glimpse into the magic of human flight. By harnessing water-jet propulsion, GoFly's equipment gives aquatic pilots the power to soar up to 30 feet above the surface with enough control to perform flips and twists or dive into the water with the same speed and grace as a caffeinated dolphin. GoFly's futuristic, airborne vessels take three forms: the flyboard, the Jetovator, and the hoverboard. All three of these vehicles derive their skygrazing power from a jet stream of high-pressure water attached via a long hose. For the flyboards, the streams shoot out from a pair of boots strapped to the feet, forcing pilots to maintain balance?and execute tricks?by flexing their legs. A trip on the Jetovator, by contrast, is like riding a flying motorcycle: after straddling the bicycle-like contraption, pilots steer with a handlebar as a rear jet provides enough thrust to sail through the air. Lastly, the hoverboard is like surfing above the waves; its surfboard-like platform shoots out water to lift a person high into the air, where they can execute tricks and accelerate to speeds of up to 25 MPH. For all of these adventures, GoFly offers photo and video packages, letting thrill-seekers relive their experience in HD footage instead of hiring an old Greek poet to narrate the tale every time.
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    17415 61st Ave. NE
    Kenmore, WA US
  • Dahl Arts Ceramic Studio
    Dirk Dahl discovered the joy of ceramics in high school when his artistic nature immediately took to the elegant accidents and random, dramatic shapes even a beginner could coax from clay. Ceramics became the bread and butter of his long artistic career, but—like many artists—he found his studio confining, and sought a way to interact with more people. That's when he decided to start teaching, an exercise that compelled him to create Dahl Arts Ceramic Studio as a way to introduce people to his beloved ceramic arts. "Every time I teach a class or workshop, I learn something," remarks Dirk. Watching his students experiment for the first time or hundredth time in one of his many classes or workshops inspires the sculptor to experiment in his own work, from sculpting faces into pottery to reassembling the broken shards of old pieces into Frankenstein's flatware. The results have landed his work in international juried and invitation exhibitions and even allowed him to open his own personal gallery in Santa Monica, California.
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    7712 Simonds Road Northeast
    Kenmore, WA US
  • AV Watersports
    It's like a scene from a secret agent film. A man in a black wetsuit shoots out of the lake, propelled by a jet of white water coming from a pack on his back. He arcs into the air, flips head over heels like a dolphin, and splashes back down into the crystalline depths. This type of high-adrenaline excitement is commonplace at AV Watersports, a sporting company that deals in thrills such as flyboarding, jet ski rentals, and innertubing. Its flyboards are comparable to jetpacks and can propel wearers into the air, or horizontally across the surface of the water while they stand on a board. Using a personal watercraft for propulsion underwater and in the air, Flyboard riders stand on a board that is connected with a hose through a jetski. As water is routed to a pair of jet ski boots, riders fly into the air or can dive headfirst through water. Instructors are readily available to acquaint newbies to the unique aquatic sport, and to acquaint them with the customs of the cloud people they'll soon be meeting.
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    17415 61st Ave NE
    Kenmore WA, 98028, WA US

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