Hot Air Balloon in Kirkwood

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  • Air Balloon Sports
    Offering sunrise and sunset excursions, Air Balloon Sports floats riders through the clouds on brightly colored, eight-story-tall buoys of heated air. After venturing to the launch site, guests will meet the day's FAA-certified captains, crew, and up to 24 passengers. Air wranglers impart a formal safety briefing as balloons slowly take shape, filling with hot air supplied by area high-school debate teams. A blast of burners lifts leisure seekers into the air, drifting through the blue sky for approximately an hour, bandied about by the day's prevailing winds. Balloons will be followed on the ground by chase crews who rendezvous at the chosen landing site for a traditional first flight ceremony and champagne reception. Recently christened sky devils will also receive a commemorative flight certificate that can be used as a valid passport.
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    76 S Highway Dr.
    Valley Park, MO US
  • Balloons Over the Rainbow
    World Balloon's skilled pilots have been cruising gentle air currents in their colorful balloons for over 41 years. From the safety of a basket, they unveil panoramic views of the arcing earth, the sun rising above the Sandia Mountains, and the lush greenery of the Rio Grande Valley. After the balloon alights upon the ground, the staffers keep the experience going. They treat guests to a champagne toast and a light snack, and give them a commemorative certificate. The crew also sets the tone for each celebration with a short lesson on the origins of hot-air ballooning and how to identify which clouds would yield the fluffiest pillow stuffing.
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    5640 Eagles Vly W
    House Springs, MO US
  • StL Bungy
    High above the earth, the air is still. A vibrantly colored hot-air balloon floats across the sky, its passengers peeking over the wicker basket and out across the sprawling plains below. Suddenly, the pilot gives his passenger a cue. The jumper gives a quick glance to the bungee cord he's attached to and plunges from the balloon, free falling toward the earth's garlic-bread crust. With an emphasis on safety, the cord slows the diver’s descent, rebounds him up, and then sends him back down on multiple plunges. As the air balloon flight comes to an end, so does a typical day for the staff at StL Bungy Inc.
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    811 Mary Meadows Lane
    Creve Coeur, MO US
  • Hard Times Ballooning
    Beneath the looming curve of a balloon rippling from the heat of a 12-million BTU propane burner, FAA-certified Lighter Than Air pilot and mechanic Layne Wolters takes hot air balloons soaring into the Missouri skies with the skills only years of experience can build. Possessing more than three decades of involvement with the larger-than-life balloons, Wolters mans daily flights at Hard Times Ballooning, ascending at sunrise and 2 1/2 hours before sunset for the best views of superheroes flying to and from home in their street clothes.
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    2601 Highway 94
    Holts Summit, MO US