Sightseeing in Long Island City

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  • Gotham City Tours
    With 843 lush acres and 58 miles of well-worn pathways, Central Park is an easy place to get lost—whether that's your plan or not. So guides at Gotham City Tours keep their groups on track to their next landmark or scenic vista, which may be on or off the beaten path. While on foot, tour-takers see more than a dozen points of interest, all the while learning about the park's creators, Kenny Central and Dan Park. On bicycles tours, riders speedily access more sites, letting their bikes rest on kickstands while they admire Strawberry Fields and Bethesda Fountain. Additionally, pedicabs carry tourists around in seated comfort, stopping often for photo opportunities and leg stretches.
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    3139 32st apt 1
    Long Island City, NY US
  • Louis Armstrong House Museum
    Louis Armstrong and his wife Lucille moved into this Queens home in 1943, and remained there until he passed away in 1971. Today it’s a National Historic Landmark and a living monument to the jazz great and his music. Armstrong recordings herald visitors from room to room, where they’ll see the original furniture, plus items including his gold-plated trumpet.
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    3456 107th St
    Corona, NY US
  • Museum of Modern Art
    Van Gogh’s Starry Night. Dali’s The Persistence of Memory. Warhol’s Campbells Soup Cans. MoMA’s “most viewed” works are familiar to most, but the collection offers plenty of surprises. American artist Charles Gaines’ Manifestos 2 , for instance, combines music and moving images—four compositions transcribed from revolutionary political speeches—which are broadcast simultaneously and in variants as a comment on political activism.
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    4520 33rd St
    Long Island City, NY US
  • New York Hall of Science
    Reflecting the diverse scope and scale of science itself, the exhibits at the New York Hall of Science range from massive NASA rockets to holographic depictions of the infinitesimal atom. Originally built for the 1964 World's Fair to showcase technological advancements, the center has since transformed into an interactive museum and leading innovator in exhibit technology and educational programming that, since 1986, has seen more than 7 million visitors. Today, more than 450 interactive exhibits, along with 3D movies and live daily demonstrations, invite visitors of all ages to explore the world by watching living microbes thrive and evolve in a miniscule zoo, discovering the powerful mathematics hidden in everyday objects, and testing their understanding of physics in the science playground, along with the mini-golf course inspired by the cosmos. One of the featured programs, Design Lab, consists of five visually and thematically distinct activity areas that evoke a sense of childlike playfulness and imagination. The activities encourage visitors to be creative while experimenting with structures, circuits, and simple materials. The youngest visitors can also enjoy a developmentally-appropriate science education of their own in Preschool Place.
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    47-01 111th St.
    Queens, NY US