Nightlife in Mansfield

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  • Casey O'Conor's Pub and Grill
    Chow down on all of your pub favorites at Casey O'Conor's Pub and Grill. If you're looking for low-fat food, look elsewhere. If you're looking for great-tasting food, come to Casey O'Conor's Pub and Grill. Be sure to add a kick to your meal with a refreshing drink from the beer, wine or cocktail list. At Casey O'Conor's Pub and Grill, you can dine with your immediate family and your extended family due to the easy seating for large parties. Give the bar a call to reserve your table ahead of time. For those in a rush, the bar lets you take your food to go. Free parking is available in a lot near Casey O'Conor's Pub and Grill. Prices at Casey O'Conor's Pub and Grill are moderate — most diners plunk down about $30 per meal.
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    219 N Main St
    Mansfield, MA US
  • Jimmy's Pub
    Chow down on all of your pub favorites at Jimmy's Pub. It s best to save your lighter eating habits for another day, though, as low-fat is not featured on the menu here. Watch the game with fellow fans to get the full sports experience. You may want to reserve your table for a weeknight visit since the crowds can be more intense during that part of the week. Keep it casual at Jimmy's Pub — the bar is laid-back and patrons dress accordingly. Avoid parallel parking and slide into a spot free of charge — the restaurant offers free parking next door. Prices at Jimmy's Pub are moderate — most diners plunk down about $30 per meal.
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    141 N Main St
    Mansfield, MA US
  • Your Neighborhood Theatre
    Film buffs across six states stare wide-eyed at large cinema screens, losing themselves in first-run Hollywood movies and the smell of fresh, buttery kernels within Your Neighborhood Theatre's 17 locations. Though all theaters prioritize comfortable seating, old-fashioned friendly service, and high-stakes preshow trivia slideshows, each location encompasses its own distinct charm, be it through arthouse décor, 3-D screens, or Rhode Island's vintage 1950's drive-in setting.
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    700 South Main Street
    Sharon, MA US
  • Piccadilly Pub Restaurant
    The cooks at Piccadilly Pub Restaurant bake, fry, grill, and assemble a medley of sandwiches, seafood platters, and other comfort cuisine. Haddock fillets take a dip in a light beer batter before trans-fat-free oil cooks them to a golden crisp, and fries and coleslaw cuddle up beside them in a dish of fish 'n' chips ($11.69). A dozen seafood platters harvest additional ocean occupants, including lobster, salmon, shrimp, and mermaid-grown sea vegetables. Baked bowls of shepherd's pie ($9.59) and chicken pot pie ($8.99) release a flood of steam after knives and forks cut into the blistering combination of seasoned meat and vegetables. A different house-made soup holds court daily ($3.50–$4.50), and the soothing staples of Piccadilly clam chowder in a sourdough bread bowl ($7.99) and lobster bisque ($4.59–$7.99), taking their middle-school yearbook inscriptions to heart, never change.
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    25 Foxboro Blvd
    Foxboro, MA US

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