Dental Implants in Maple Ridge

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  • West Coast Wine Education
    What's proper etiquette for the queen's sommelier? West Coast Wine Education's John Gerum confronted this question head on when he served Queen Elizabeth II. Apparently he made the right choice, as he went on to pour wine for prime ministers, presidents, provincial premiers, and cultural icons during his 20-year career. Gerum's achievement distills three generations of fine-dining experience that was passed down from his father, a chef, and his grandfather, a maitre d'. Wine education was always his passion, so when starting out, he sought personal instruction from the master sommelier Andrew Lalibert? and demonstrated a palate refined enough to earn him membership and certification from the International Sommelier Guild. Gerum often merges his know-how with other wine educators to cultivate a roster of classes and hone their delivery. These experts join in delineating scotch terroir and describing the bouquet of a student's favourite pinot-stained shirt with an easy professionalism that has enthralled groups of up to 300 people. They share their expertise with casual drinkers and professionals during two-hour workshops, in consultation for store openings and events, and through appearances on Global TV.
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    19800 Lougheed Highway
    Pitt Meadows, BC CA
  • My Dentists Office
    At MyDentists Office, an accredited cadre of dentists and hygienists administer a full array of tooth-preservation services from regular check-ups to cosmetic implants. Diminish unsightly stains sans Photoshop with renowned Zoom! treatments, whitening teeth to shades reminiscent of Antarctic plains. One-hour in-office sessions deliver instant gratification to those eligible for whitening with a gleam upgrade of up to 8 shades, and convenient take-home trays may uptick the white balance up to six shades over three nights. Investigate the after effects with a follow-up appointment, for which Groupon holders receive a 10% discount.
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    15252 32 Avenue
    Surrey, BC CA
  • Queen's Park Dental
    At Queen’s Park Dental, our goal is to treat every guest like a member of our own family. Each guest will be provided with the highest quality of care in a comfortable, friendly and relaxed environment. We will work together to enhance your overall health and smile. Your experience here, will be second to none.
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    624 Sixth Street
    New Westminster, BC CA
  • Enhance Dental Ctr
    The in-office whitening treatment begins with a brief dental examination and digital photographs, prior to settling into the tooth-altering Zoom! whitening experience. As you recline in a cushioned chair, the friendly dentist will invite you to don a dapper gum-protective shield. Then, once you’re appropriately attired, she’ll paint a hydrogen-peroxide-powered bleaching agent onto your mouth bones, covering each crevice of the spinach-sullied surface. Next, she’ll position a powerful yet gentle-to-the-touch light onto your teeth to activate and expedite the whitening process. As you sit back, the lights work to whiten and renew your chompers, giving them a near-instantaneous and brilliant glow. The entire process, which typically lasts between one and two hours, leaves teeth anywhere between six and 10 shades whiter.
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    2219 West Broadway
    Vancouver, BC CA
  • Downtown Dental
    Downtown Dental is an award-winning dental office offering a plethora of services to a celebrity clientele. A dental exam ensures your cellulose shredders continue to perform like professionals, checks that gums are healthy, and looks out for periodontal disease. Don your lead robe and relax on your regal throne as digital x-rays reveals the souls of your incisors. Clinical photos act as souvenirs to remember this intimate time with your enamel, and a cosmetic consultation overviews the possibilities of turbo terrificizing your teeth.
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    90 Smithe Street
    Vancouver, BC CA
  • Pearl Dental Professional Whitening Boutique
    In-office treatments, at-home kits, and store-bought strips—not all teeth-whitening methods are created equal. What's more, not all chompers are the exact same. The staff of registered dental hygienists at Pearl Dental Professional Whitening Boutique knows this, which is why they use a powerful chair-side system that they customize for each patient. Although many systems use hydrogen peroxide, carbamide peroxide, and a curing light, Pearl takes it one step further. After a thorough consultation, they'll custom-select the amount of whitening agents to use on each client. They do this not only to achieve maximize whitening and post-treatment high-fives, but also to minimize any sensitivity of the teeth and gums. In addition to in-office whitening, Pearl vends a variety of take-home products and devices to help clients maintain their bright pearly whites.
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    105-2190 Fir St
    Vancouver, BC CA