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  • Tennessee Cheesecake
    In 1981, Valerie Wilson started baking cheesecakes in her home kitchen in Nashville. Friends & family raved about the rich, creamy filling and moist honey-graham-pecan crust, and Tennessee Cheesecake was born. We've been baking the world's best cheesecake for 30 years, and if you haven't tried it yet - you're in for a treat.
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    355 Industrial Drive
    Mount Juliet, TN US
  • Short Cakes Cakery
    It's 3:30 a.m., and Nycole Donelson, co-owner of Short Cakes Cakery with her husband Derrick Donelson, is already hard at work. She's at her bakery, firing up the ovens and filling them with cups of fresh batter from a repertoire of more than 50 unusual flavors. This is the daily routine. Nycole wants everything to be perfect. The Donelsons began their business not with cupcakes, but with a simple fruit tea recipe. The tea became so popular among the duo's co-workers and friends that they decided to bottle it and sell it—all from within their own home—and coined it Deep South Fruit Tea. To pair with the tea, Nycole began baking gourmet cupcakes in flavors inspired by sweet potato pies, cheesecakes, and favorite childhood candies, such as grape now-and-laters. Nycole's personal favorite is the shortcake cupcake, with a pound cake base, Swiss meringue vanilla buttercream frosting, fresh strawberry glaze, and caramel drizzle. The handheld desserts also quickly took off, so the Donelsons decided to open their own bakery, where they continue to use only real butter and no preservatives. Inside the bakery, electric purple and asparagus-like paint colors wash the walls, adding a bright contrast to the black and white floor tiles. Cupcake cutouts swing from the ceiling, and glass bakery cases display the day's edible wares and bottles of sweetened or unsweetened Deep South Fruit Tea, made with 100 percent real fruit juice and regular, unregular, decaf, or green tea.
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    4037 North Mount Juliet Road
    Mount Juliet, TN US
  • Peachwave Mt. Juliet
    Peachwave’s frozen yogurt brims with live, active cultures, creating a calcium- and protein-rich dessert that laid the groundwork for more than 45 locations nationwide. Sixteen self-serve dispensers fill cups or open mouths with a rotating selection of 100% kosher flavors, such as low-fat red velvet, sugar-free white chocolate, nonfat pomegranate, or nondairy Dole pineapple. Container after container of jewel-toned fresh fruits, dried fruits, and other edible adornments line the toppings bar, which boasts more than 40 yogurt accompaniments in all.
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    651 S Mount Juliet Rd.
    Mount Juliet, TN US
  • Yo So Delicious
    Every few weeks, a new roster of 15 flavors fills the self-serve machines inside Yo So Delicious Frozen Yogurt Bar. While the frosty tastes range from butter toffee popcorn to toasted coconut, each spoonful packs plenty of healthy probiotics, as well as live and active cultures. Upon selecting a yogurt base?many of which are non-fat, sugar-free, or dairy-free?patrons can customize their treats by adding any of 40-plus toppings, such as Oreos or fresh fruit. And, besides its namesake dessert, Yo So also sports several other tasty options, including parfaits and create-your-own smoothies.
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    401 S Mt Juliet Rd #205
    Mount Juliet, TN US
  • Faboo Cakes & Desserts
    With nothing but real butter, milk, flour, sugar, eggs, and sheer artistic ability, sisters Kimberly and Kristina and their team keep Faboo Cakes' ovens churning out elaborate and edible art pieces. Their sweet cake sculptures have taken the shape of football mascots, musical instruments, trucks, sci-fi characters, and pets. In addition to crafting whimsical desserts, the bakeshop whips up brownies, cookies, whoopie pies, fresh tarts, and other pastries, as well as marshmallows made by hand or plucked fresh from the tree. Kimberly and Kristina also reveal their secrets in hands-on baking classes.
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    287 New Shackle Island Rd
    Hendersonville, TN US
  • The Cookie Store
    The Cookie Store helps its customers to satisfy their sweet teeth with an extensive assortment of fresh-baked cookies and seven types of smoothies. From classics such as chocolate chip to more inventive flavors including snickerdoodle, honey oatmeal raisin walnut, and heath-bar toffee, The Cookie Store’s bakers concoct a spread of delicious bite-size treats daily. In addition to cookie trays and tins, bakers create custom cookie cakes in a variety of different shapes, including hearts and circles that can be decorated with birthday messages, cartoon characters, or interpretations of Jackson Pollock masterworks.
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    1000 Rivergate Pkwy.
    Goodlettsville, TN US

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