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At Chucktown Fitness, a crack staff of certified personal trainers from diverse backgrounds helps members burn fat and build muscle with a combination of cardio, strength training, and nutritional guidance. Forty-five-minute cycling and functional-workout classes fit easily into any busy schedule, helping clients of all body types and fitness levels get into shape quickly.

1561 Sam Rittenberg Blvd

When starting a new work out, finding the motivation to get going can often be the biggest challenge. Luckily, the coaches at Fit of Bluffton make their group sessions engaging and enjoyable, and rather than locking individuals into the weight-room alone, the communal setting lets clients motivate each other as they go. Offerings include FiTbarre classes?which use ballet-inspired movements to sculpt and lengthen the physique?FiTwheel cycling classes, and FiTcamp, which utilizes functional movements, TRX straps and free-weights to get participants in shape fast.

1050 Fording Island Road #E&F

Since its 1965 founding in Venice Beach, California, Gold's Gym has dotted the globe with more than 600 locations where professional athletes and exercise newbies gather under the umbrella of personal strength. Nearly 3.5 million Gold's members chart and aim for their fitness peaks, perspiring beneath the gaze of certified personal trainers or pedaling beside peers at cycling sessions. In a diverse lineup of group classes, patrons strengthen cores with Pilates, finger-paint pictures of ninjas in martial arts, and amp up heart rates along to the pulsating soundtracks of Les Mills routines.

Many Gold's Gym locations stockpile futuristic amenities, such as cardio machines with individual iPod docks and televisions that help keep patrons motivated.

5051 Main St