Nightlife in Ridgewood

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  • Lava Lounge
    Crimson hues edged in accents of neon orange and ice blue pervade the interior of Lava Lounge. Amid the low lights and bleeding colors, guests lounge on long benches and pull from long hookah hoses. Their exhalations send out swirls of smoke in flavors such as white peach, watermelon, or dominican mango. Between puffs, parties can sip bubbly Blue Moons and Stellas or make a night of it with bottle service. Bartenders also mix long island iced teas, cosmopolitans, and other cocktails behind a bar whose fuchsia lights transition into sky blue. Tall grasses line the walls behind Lava Lounge's black couches, giving some of the smoking area a more pastoral feel. Patrons can also melt into one of Lava Lounge’s auto-massage chairs, pulling from a hookah while the chair kneads away muscle strains caused by relaxing too hard.
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    6269 Fresh Pond Rd
    Ridgewood, NY US
  • Wanka Restaurant
    For a Latin American mix of sweet and spicy, Wanka Restaurant serves a mean salsa. There are no low-fat options here, though, so save a few extra calories for your next visit. Complete your meal with the perfect glass of wine or beer from Wanka Restaurant's drink list. The whole family can enjoy a meal at Wanka Restaurant with its kid-friendly fare. Enjoy wifi here free of cost. Whether you're coming from work or a ballgame, the dress code at laid-back Wanka Restaurant is come-as-you-are. Wanka Restaurant prides itself in its delicious catering. Wanka Restaurant also offers delivery and carry out if you're in the mood for the restaurant's cooking but prefer to provide your own ambience. Drivers should plan to park on the street when dining at Wanka Restaurant's Grand Ave residence. It will typically cost you about $30 to enjoy a meal at Wanka Restaurant.
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    7104 Grand Ave
    Maspeth, NY US
  • El Mio Cid Restaurant
    At El Mio Cid, a mouthwatering spread of authentic Spanish cuisine enraptures palates alongside flavorful wines and dulcet pours of Sangria. A tasty array of hot and cold tapas such as baked clams, chicken croquettes, or jamon Serrano and manchego unite tables in a gleeful celebration of communal plate-passing and elaborate foodstuff bartering systems. Elegantly plated entrees burst into fields of view with breathtaking color, awakening salads with house-made dressings and steaks and chicken cutlets with flavorful herbs, peppers, and sauces. In addition to dishing out saffroned paellas, fresh seafood, and meaty meals, El Mio Sid caps off dinners with dulcet desserts, such as flan, ice cream, and sorbet.
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    50 Starr St
    Brooklyn, NY US
  • Falansai
    Henry grew up riveted by his father's stories of the mysterious, powerful people known as Falansai. Having fled to Vietnam from World War II?era China, Dad always had plenty of anecdotes about the Falansai, whom he'd often chauffeur across Saigon in his taxi cab. Throughout Henry's childhood, stories of these wealthy and mysterious Falansai bloomed in Henry's imagination. Years passed before Henry learned why the Falansai weren't in the history books: his dad was mispronouncing "Francais"?the French. The harmony of cultures that characterizes his dad's experiences, says Henry, exemplifies the multiculturalism of Vietnam as a whole. At his aptly named restaurant, Henry plumbs the expanse of Vietnam's culinary fusion to create a dynamic menu, drawing upon Vietnamese culture's blend of French, Chinese, and traditional elements to craft each dish. Sometimes Henry even imbues items with other cross-cultural fusion, as in the Buffalo-style wings made with Vietnamese tamarind and Thai?American Sriracha. In the same multicultural vein, the staff often suggests bottles of American beer and French wines, especially for patrons who need to send messages across the Atlantic. Despite his restaurant's global ambition, Henry celebrates the local culture as well. Falasai often draws patrons' attention to their own community, maintaining an online presence that celebrates Bushwick's local gallery and street-art scene.
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    112 Harrison Pl.
    Brooklyn, NY US
  • Regal Cinemas
    If you are searching for a clean, well-lit theater to take the family to in Queens, consider Regal Cinema’s Atlas Park location. The spacious theater offers food, drinks, and plenty of parking. Join them during the summer for $1 family movies, large, cool drinks, and comfortable air condition. After the movie, enjoy shopping inside of the large shopping center or stay around for another movie. This Regal Cinema is hardly ever crowded, and the location is nestled in a quiet community. Regal Cinema’s Atlas Park location is a large chain theater with a small community feel. It is the perfect location for your next family movie night.
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    8028 Cooper Ave
    Glendale, NY US