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  • Beauty to Go
    At Go Bare! a team of veteran aestheticians elevate their range of traditional spa and waxing services with a carefully curated collection of skincare products made both locally and around the globe. Their Belgian waxes are triple-filtered and infused with zinc and titanium dioxide to minimize redness after hair-removal sessions. For skin nourishment, aestheticians use a physician-developed line of epidermal elixirs hailing from Cape Town, South Africa, where they're made with vitamins and antioxidants. Locally made creams, meanwhile, boast 100% organic blends of mint and chocolate, or vanilla and honey, and are painted across freshly waxed skinscapes to soothe the aches that follow follicular uprooting.
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    4404 Northlake Blvd
    Palm Beach Gardens, FL US
  • Sports Planet
    Sports Planet was designed with the help of local coaches and trainers, and the result is a sprawling entertainment center where games and activities buzz at every turn. Giant bounce houses, including bounce basketball and a sports bounce arena, invite toddlers and older kids to get kinetic and airborne. The facility also includes laser tag, a remote-control car racetrack, and a glow-in-the-dark mini-golf course, as well as carnival games and a 70-machine arcade. The snack bar serves up pizza, drinks, and other snacks.
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    1220 10th St
    Lake Park, FL US
  • Nobile Shoes
    Nobile Shoes' capable repair team gussies up men’s and women's casual and formal footwear thorough shines, repairs, and resoles in a cobbling practice established in 1978. The seasoned fixers can mend a pair of men’s or women's leather or rubber-split heels ($20–$22) before counseling them through any trauma brought on by years of being walked on. Faces reflect upon shoe surfaces after a shine ($5–$6), and a refinish ($25–$30) touches up blemishes lingering on worn boot skins. A thorough shampoo clean ($20) can further spruce up the soles of sneakers, hiking boots, or treasured fuzzy wildebeest slippers for a sleek, new-shoe look.
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    420 US Highway 1
    North Palm Beach, FL US
  • Fitness Strategies
    Within the well-lit, hardwood-floored facility, the licensed training team at Fitness Strategies review their clients’ medical histories before prescribing custom, goal-oriented fitness plans. With a belief that regular exercise can improve everything from sleep function to thinking processes, they also organize high-energy fitness classes such as Zumba and Drums Alive.
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    12189 U.S. Hwy. 1
    North Palm Beach, FL US
  • Adult Video Warehouse
    Some people may not see running an adult toy and video store as a noble endeavor. Those people don't work at Adult Video Warehouse. The store sees its mission as a continuing fight against prurience and censorship, dating back to the origins of the company in 1965. They've faced protestors, restrictive laws, and even a Supreme Court case, and survived it all to bring grown-up playthings into the 21st century.
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    501 Northlake Boulevard
    North Palm Beach, FL US
  • Oceanside Dry Cleaners
    With full pick-up and drop-off service, Oceanside Dry Cleaners accommodates busy lifestyles and dispatches soiled clothing efficiently and conveniently. To begin a route, clothes-wearers simply sign up to arrange a pick-up and delivery location (or PDL) and leave their grimed garments in a provided nylon bag before 8:30 a.m. A professional driver from Oceanside then checks the PDL and retrieves the payload, just like your friendly neighborhood letter carrier, waste collector, or poodle gatherer. After expertly cleansing the clothing, the clean package is delivered the following day, newly dirty fabrics are retrieved, and nature’s dry-cleaning cycle grinds on.
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    513 US Highway 1
    North Palm Beach, FL US

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