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As a child growing up in Argentina, Vale was often found leaping into the air and twirling around in circles. She loved to dance, but by the time she started college, her passion was pushed aside to study veterinary medicine. Soon, she started to gain weight and it left her unhappy and unfulfilled. A trip to the United States relit the dancing flame inside her, and soon she was taking hours of jazz, contemporary, and modern dance classes every day. When she stumbled upon Zumba, a Latin-inspired fitness program that tugged at her Argentinian heart, she was hooked.

Now healthy and happy?thanks to Zumba?Vale is on a journey to help others achieve the same results. As a licensed Zumba instructor, she leads students through easy-to-follow dance routines set to high-energy beats. Her workouts, akin to a dance party, work to burn calories and tone bodies. She is also licensed in Zumba Kids and Aqua Zumba, which consists of holding a Zumba class in a pool or while on a Slip'N Slide.

6729 Variel Ave
Canoga Park,