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  • Bourbon Street Cafe
    Although it isn't located on New Orleans' Bourbon Street, the vibrant spirit of the Crescent City still thrives at Jazmo'z Bourbon Street Caf?. Nowhere is that more evident than in its cuisine, which is filled with Cajun and creole flavors. Start meals with a serving of spicy gumbo, then savor the eatery's craw?sh ?touff?e, which features a rich, dark roux teeming with crawfish, green peppers, onion, and celery with dirty rice. Finish things off with light and airy beignets topped with powdered sugar. And that's just a taste of the classic New Orleans cuisine available. The restaurant also offers oysters baton rouge, shrimp creole, and the city's iconic sandwich: the po' boy. The Po' Boy's Past Many accounts credit brothers and caf? owners Bennie and Clovis Martin with inventing the po' boy and giving it its distinctive name. In 1929, when as many as 1,100 New Orleans streetcar conductors and motormen went on strike, the Martin brothers showed their support for the striking tradesmen by handing out free sandwiches made from scraps of roast beef, dollops of gravy, and french bread. Every time a cash-strapped worker visited the restaurant, staff members would signal the kitchen by calling out, "Here comes another poor boy!" Waterfront Views True to its name, Jazmo'z offers several options for outdoor dining. At the Oklahoma City location, a balcony and patio tables shaded by umbrellas overlook the Bricktown Canal. Nightly performances from jazz and blues bands add to the ambiance of guests' alfresco meals.
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    100 E California Ave.
    Oklahoma City, OK US
  • Yolotti Frozen Yogurt
    As delicious as frozen yogurt is, Mike and Patty D'Onofrio knew that its tastiness, in and of itself, wasn't enough to build an entire restaurant chain from. Until they considered self-service?letting customers choose their flavor and customize it with toppings that range from indulgent candy to fresh fruit. This became the cornerstone of Yolotti Frozen Yogurt. But they didn't stop there; they also opted for more health-conscious recipes, such as kosher yogurt free of gluten, fat, and added sugar, as well as dairy-free sorbet. The Yolotti yogurt is also infused with six live and active cultures that promote digestive health. People can marvel over their creations in a cafe spilling over with free WiFi and board games such as Risk and Trivial Pursuit?both of which are traditionally used to determine the outcome of presidential debates in the event of a tie.
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    3346 South Peoria Avenue
    Tulsa, OK US
  • Circle K
    So established is Circle K that even brand-new vehicles recognize what its red-and-white logo stands for—fuel, snacks, and everything else a car might need to keep powering down the road with its driver. Circle K's story starts back in 1951, when Fred Hervey bought three Kay's Food Stores in El Paso, Texas. Under his guidance, these three little shops grew into the more than 3,000 convenience stores that crouch on our nation's street corners today. After rolling up to a Circle K, drivers can pump their faithful roadsters full of high-octane fuel and send them skipping through a car wash to experience the cleansing touch of Blue Coral Beyond Green and Rain-X products. Then it's time to step inside the air-conditioned shop for a peek at the provisions. Rows of sodas hibernate behind glass doors, and snacks, candy, and their ATM guardians stand boldly out in the open. Some Circle Ks also offer the Take Away Café, which presents an appetizing lineup of healthy road fare including Ball Park hot dogs. Drivers can gear up for a long drive with Premium Coffees or enjoy a cold Polar Pop, whose specially formulated cup keeps drinks colder thanks to the family of tiny snowmen trapped in its foam walls.
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    1120 N Berry Rd
    Norman, OK US
  • Rebecca's Flowers
    The family of florists at Rebecca's Flowers and Gifts builds elegant, prismatic arrangements with an arsenal of fresh flora that includes tropical blooms, dried flowers, and a diverse jungle of greenery. Petals of such varieties as roses, lilies, and orchids sprout from the elegant creations, whose spectrum of colors can help to enliven weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, and black-and-white-movie marathons. The designers also flaunt their artistic finesse as they construct gift baskets brimming with candy, fruit, and gourmet snacks.
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    800 S 9th St
    Broken Arrow, OK US
  • Teaoli
    On a quest to spread their knowledge of tea’s health benefits, owners Larry and Tamara Rhoads have shared tea with more than 300,000 Teaoli customers. They choose loose-leaf teas from the world over—black Assam tea from Indian plantations, green blends from Japan and China, and exotic herbals from the White House’s lawn. The teas aren’t the only well-traveled items resting on Teaoli’s shelves. Making the trek from Modena and Tuscany, cold-pressed 100% extra-virgin olive oils and white and dark balsamic vinegars smuggle in flavors ranging from smooth and savory to fruity and sweet. All of the balsamics develop their flavors in barrels made of oak, chestnut, cherry, and ash, where they steep with ingredients such as dark chocolate, black cherry, and fig. All of these flavors can be sampled in-store as knowledgeable employees stand ready to answer questions and relay the health benefits and uses of tea, olive oil, and balsamic vinegar.
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    1389 East 15th Street
    Edmond, OK US
  • TG Farms
    At TG Farms Pumpkin Patch, autumn’s shifting breezes not only herald a fresh crop of gourds, but also the start of the farm’s annual festivities. From morning until nightfall, families traipse through the patch in search of a pumpkin that will transform into their dream jack-o’-lantern or a car for their children to take to college, and navigate the twists and turns of a massive corn maze. On a calm pond, ducks await generous handfuls of feed, and a petting zoo lets wee ones commune with calves and goats. Back under a roof, the gift shop hosts decorative gourds, straw bales, and other fall decor. Although autumn is the season when activity reaches a fever pitch, TG Farms is open to outdoor enthusiasts year-round. In spring, visitors learn how crops grow in the fields and flowers bloom in greenhouses. When the sun strengthens into summer, farmers peddle homegrown tomatoes and juicy watermelon. And in winter, when the last leaves have frozen over, families can pick out a fresh-cut Christmas tree or collect a jar of fresh snowman tears.
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    1580 NW 32nd St./Highway 37
    Newcastle, OK US

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