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As they enter the training circle at Curves, female guests come face-to-face with the smiles of other women. And just as points on a circle share a common distance from the circle's center, workout participants share the experiences of those nearby by trading stations throughout the 30-minute training session. One minute is spent on a piece of strength-training equipment built for feminine frames and designed to work two opposing muscle groups with a single movement. Exercisers then move on to a recovery station, where they run, jog, or dance to maintain heart rates and keep platforms in place during momentary losses of gravity.

5301 Pirrone Rd

Equipment: TRX bands, free weights, plyo boxes

Students should bring: Water bottle and towel

Registration required: Yes

Good for beginners: Yes

Average class length: 30?60 minutes

Number of Staff: 1?5 people

Class location: Indoors only

Established: 2014

Guests allowed: No

Parking: Parking lot

Pro Tip: Attend the orientation (which is required) to review safety before beginning.

Q&A with the Owner

Exercise is challenging, and people frequently give up on their fitness routines. How do you keep clients motivated?

We have experienced, highly energetic trainers who motivate our clients to reach their fitness goals.

What's the most radical physical transformation you've seen a client make?

A client lost 18 pounds in 30 days. Another client (in her 50s) lost 5.5 inches in our six-week summer challenge.

What is the biggest mistake you see people make when trying to get fit on their own?

With no accountability or positive group motivation, individuals tend to give up.

Is there anything else you want to add that we didn't cover?

We also provide nutrition advice.

249 North Main Street

Funakoshi Fitness’s certified personal trainers lead goal-oriented sessions in an intimate gym environment. Preliminary visits begin with an interview to determine current fitness levels and goals to help trainers customize each workout. Clients are granted ample time to stretch and a cauldron to warm up in before embarking on their hour of cardio exertion, weight training, and resistance training.

1317 Historical Plaza Way