Gymnastics in San Clemente

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  • Cal Elite Kids
    ?We believe that every child is a champion.? This mission statement informs the approach that Cal Elite Kids takes with the participants of its programs. Youngsters may learn self-reliance in gymnastics lessons, which take place on an in-ground tumble-track trampoline, on an array of beams and bars, or in the air above an in-ground foam pit. They also develop discipline in dance class; at the Rancho Santa Margarita facility, the five dance studios inspire with views of the surrounding mountains. Cal Elite Kids? charges can even learn how to express themselves through athletic theatrical performances or simply improve their 2 a.m. Friday-night karaoke warblings during Glee Elite sessions.
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    22982 Avenida Empresa
    Rancho Santa Margarita, CA US
  • Intensity All Stars
    At Intensity All Stars, experienced coaches impart knowledge on young athletes. In a training facility that's equally as professional, these trainers help Intensity athletes hone techniques. To explore a new passion without the competition, students enroll in more casual classes, like tumbling, dance, and parkour. Intensity boasts US All Star Federation credentials, a first-aid-certified staff, and its own pro shop, but many simply appreciate the way it stokes students' interests, fitness, and self-confidence.
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    38444 Sky Canyon Dr., Ste. 140
    Murrieta, CA US
  • Little Gym
    With more than 30 years of kid-entertaining experience, The Little Gym provides a safe and noncompetitive environment wherein wee ones can exercise their brains and bodies. Maturing moppets aged 4 months to 3 years glean social and cognitive skills from a parent-child program that helps developing minds learn colors and numbers and helps parents learn to take turns and share. Gymnastics allows energized preschoolers and kindergarteners to tumble at their own pace and caters to differing ages, levels of muscle development, and hatred of vegetables. Grade-school gymnasts tackle the mat, bar, vault, and beam in classes divided by ability, not age, and dance classes allow the rhythmically inclined to shake and sway.
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    12872 Newport Ave
    Tustin, CA US
  • Azarian Gymnastics Training Center
    As an Olympic gold medalist and master of the still rings, gymnast Eduard Azarian knows the feeling of standing on the winner's podium and hearing his nation cheer him on. Now, three decades later, he helps others experience that same exhilaration and sense of accomplishment. As the president of Azarian Gymnastics Training Center, he leads a diverse team that teaches an array of gymnastics skills to kids and adults. The center's recreational programs for ages 6 months and up help boost flexibility, conditioning, and self-confidence with classes focusing on learning gymnastics, trampoline, and tumbling skills.
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    1 Argonaut
    Aliso Viejo, CA US
  • Schulein Fit Enterprises
    Schulein Fit Enterprises' boutique fitness centers keep bodies toned through innovative classes taught by savvy, experienced instructors. Shimmy through women-only Zumba classes at the Athletic Club for Women, which fuse fitness with Latin-inspired dances such as salsa, tango, flamenco, and the Cicero. Rippling abdominals and self-aware biceps begin with BodyRoXX classes at Back Bay Fitness, blending the core methods of spinning, cross training, Pilates, and treadmill trekking to render bodies as chiseled as an ice sculpture of Mount Rushmore. Laguna Health Club offers classes such as beach boot camp, which guides participants through rigorous military-style fitness routines in an environment that promotes both communal support and sandcastle construction.
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    870 Glenneyre Street
    Laguna Beach, CA US
  • World Elite Gymnastics
    Linxian Guo stands before a roaring audience at the 1988 Olympic Games, barely dropping a sweat as he prepares to take on the parallel bars. The brawny athlete pulls himself up and launches his body into the air, flipping upside-down, somersaulting elegantly, and transforming into a swan and back as the audience erupts into gasps and applause. Linxian isn't the only champion gymnast at World Elite Gymnastics, where the staff is made up of former Olympians, Olympic coaches, and members of the Gymnastics Hall of Fame. The seasoned coaches conduct classes, host camps, and captain teams, teaching students of all ages and experience levels gymnastic form and technique while emphasizing the importance of discipline and confidence. In addition to traditional gymnastic, tumbling, and trampolining courses, they offer an innovative Urban Acrobatics class that combines acrobatics with parkour-style obstacle course training. They hold all of these classes in a sprawling gym, complete with professional balancing beams, trampolines, and mats.
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    23031 Arroyo Vis
    Rancho Santa Margarita, CA US