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At CrossFit Centereach, members won't spend countless hours on a treadmill parked in front of flat screens. Instead, they will challenge their minds and bodies with high-intensity exercises built around gymnastics and strength conditioning. As participants build powerful muscles and burn fat through running, jumping, and weightlifting, they forge a solid bond and community with their fellow gym mates.

69 Horseblock Road

Islip CrossFit reveals CrossFit's intense workout of the day seven days a week. Each workout more or less consists of functional movements, such as pulling and pushing, which we all do after we drive a car into a pond. To help exercisers along the way, the studio's coaches offer words of support and schedule introductory On-Ramp classes.

1 South Chicago Avenue
Bay Shore,

Long Island boxing gym BCBA has been serving its surrounding area for more than a decade, but its roots lie even further in the past?on a Christmas Day long ago, when current head boxing coach Ray was a 10-year-old boy. That was the day he was given his first pair of Joe Frazier signature boxing gloves. He began training and, in the process, discovered the parallel between success in boxing and success in the real world. Both require perseverance, mental toughness, and never heckling Mike Tyson?similarities Ray today shares with his students at his volunteer-staffed boxing gym. Many of them hail from the gym's Youth Empowerment program, designed for youngsters ages 10?17; others are adults, sweating through the gym's Get Fit Not Hit program.

350 Higbie Ln.
West Islip,

World Gym maintains its 25-year legacy of body-sculpting know-how at its West Babylon location, jump-starting workout routines with cardio equipment, free weights, and an expert staff of personal trainers. After running, jumping, lifting, or stretching, exercisers can linger at the smoothie bar to slurp up chilled energy before retiring to the locker rooms and hitting the showers. Beyond the fitness equipment, members can make use of the gym's other amenities, including tanning services and chiropractors who wrestle tension out of knotted muscles.

207 Little East Neck Rd
West Babylon,

Equipment: Rogue, Again Faster, concept 2, Cross cuisines, FitAid

Students should bring: Water bottle, towel, proper footwear

Registration required: Yes

Average class length: 60 minutes

Number of Staff: 1?5 people

Class location: Mix of indoor and outdoor classes

Established: 2013

Parking: Parking lot

Pro Tip: Come with an open mind, ready to work hard and have fun

Q&A with Jamie Defelice, Owner

Exercise is challenging, and people frequently give up on their fitness routines. How do you keep clients motivated?

At Crossfit KMK, our supportive community of coaches and athletes helps keep you on target and ready to show up to all your classes

What is the biggest mistake you see people make when trying to get fit on their own?

One of the biggest would have to be lack of intensity followed by lack of knowledge on how to develop a proper program.

Do you run your gym according to a particular exercise philosophy?

Hard work pays off. We want everyone to come in, give 100%, and have fun. The program can be scientifically sound and perfect, but at the end of the day people need not only to be challenged but also have fun.

Is there anything else you want to add that we didn't cover?

We are all about making you a healthier fitter person. We are not a corporation looking at the bottom line. That is a result of what you do. Why we do it is for the love of seeing people succeed. Make you fitter so that you can better do whatever it is that you truly enjoy doing. Hiking, swimming, tennis, etc.

264 Fairchild Avenue

Olympic weightlifting. Gymnastics. Metabolic conditioning. The workouts at either Brazen Athletics location may incorporate elements of these—as well as many other exercise styles—on a given day, keeping muscles guessing and participants engaged. The overall aim is a broad base and high degree of fitness, preparing CrossFitters to respond well to advancing age and falling pianos. An expert team of coaches describes and demonstrates every movement prior to class and constantly corrects form and movement throughout each workout with the goal to gain strength while safely executing movements.

18 Passaic Ave