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Patriots Diner is a throwback to the 1950s, a time when restaurants and soda fountains served as important hubs of socialization. The menu there deepens nostalgia with dishes that the owners hope emulates the cooking most people grew up with. Under glowing lights like hanging martini glasses, plates brim with juicy burgers, fish and chips, meat loaf, and pork chops. Coffee cups warm hands next to all-day breakfast offerings of omelets and waffles beneath walls decorated with vintage magazine covers and photos of Christopher Columbus’ wooden scuba flippers. The restaurant’s neon-blue lights are easily seen from the roadside and match the dining room’s royal blue booths and chrome-trimmed stools.

65 Founders Dr

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777 Elmwood Ave

The vintage diner car's heaping portions of traditional American comfort food earned praise from a recent episode of TLC's American Eats. Owner Kim Kniskern fills the narrow eatery with the sweet aroma of her specialty french toast ($4.95), along with a menu full of morning-time eats that celebrate the moon's inability to steal the earth's bacon. Egg and toast platters draw inspiration from different cultures, such as the American breakfast, which pairs grilled sirloin tips with the ovoid classics ($7.95), and the Polynesian breakfast, which arrives bearing a sizzling helping of fried spam ($5.95). Savory lunch options are also available to sate noon-time cravings.

300 Southbridge St