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Bestóv Food & Drink 2014

BY: Editors | Apr 14, 2016

Bestóv Food & Drink 2014

In 2014, Groupon's tastemaker Bestóv was busy. He garnished his sandwiches with aquaponically grown arugula, used his own nose to find white truffles, and, over oysters, persuaded three pretenders to the French throne to abandon their claims. He also curated his favorite food and drink writing of the year. Here are his picks.

Best Trend That Proves Crystals Really Are Magic:

bestov food korean bbq

Across the country, the Korean-barbecue trend is heating up—just like the tabletop grill you’ll be cooking your meats and veggies on. – Six Reasons to Try Korean BBQ

Best Trend We're Still Not Sick Of:

bestov food filipino


Last year was all about fried chicken; 2014 (could be) will be all about Filipino food. Here are five dishes to try to stay on trend.


Best Drink to Dump Your Dietitian Over:

bestov food butter coffee

Butter coffee is a Tibetan-inspired drink making its way to American shores. Learn more about many coffee shops' newest offering, including if it contains yak butter. – Butter Coffee Hits American Cafés

Best Booze Named for a Bush:

bestov food shrubs


Colonial-era drinking vinegar—otherwise known as a “shrub”—has come back into fashion. It’s way more delicious than it sounds. – Shrubs for Your Cocktail, Not for Your Yard


Best Beer Trend for Lightweights:

bestov food session beer

There are plenty of misconceptions about session beers in the craft-beer world. Notch Brewing Company, which only brews session beers, sets the record straight. – Session Beer Is Not Watered-Down Beer and Other Myths, Debunked

Best Reason to Skip Tartar Sauce:



Go straight for the cheeks, plus other tips from Tony Mantuano and John Hogan, the chefs at Chicago’s River Roast. – How to Eat a Whole Fish

Best Defense Against a Tropical-Fruit Attack:

bestov food pineapple


A pineapple's tough skin and unwieldy shape can be intimidating to someone who's not very skilled with a knife. Remember step one: Don’t let the pineapple chop you. 


Best Classy Twist on a Frat-Party Staple:

bestov food jello shot

It's sort of a Jell-O shot. But better! Learn how to make a craft cocktail, add gelatin, and change a few people’s minds about what’s usually an unpalatable novelty. – The Old-Fashioned Jell-O Shot

Best Unconventional Use of Cured Meat:

bestov food bacon

Less noise, more meat—wind chimes done right. – How to Make a Bacon Wind Chime

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Best Way to Avoid Losing Friends:

bestov food splitting checks

Etiquette expert Mister Manners answers our tricky questions about splitting checks, including how to deal with a poor-tipping friend. – The Right Way to Split a Group Check

Best Advice from the Foodies of the Future:

bestov food 826chi

Kid writers opine on the best (and worst) pizza toppings in our collaboration with 826CHI. – Turkey Poo Doesn't Belong on Pizza and Other Thoughts on Toppings from Kids

Best of the Wurst:

bestov food sausages


Armed with our guide to knockwurst, blutwurst, and all the other 'wursts, you’ll be the toast of any Oktoberfest party. – An Encyclopedia of German Sausages


Best Drinking Guide Filled with Double Entendres:

bestov food drag queens

When it comes to cocktails, seek no greater experts than the queens of nightlife. Tips to drink by from 10 of the drag scene's hottest stars. – A Drag Queen's Guide to Cocktails

Best Comparison Between Cooking and Punk Rock:

Graham Elliot runs a Michelin-starred Chicago bistro and keeps Lollapalooza tasty as its culinary director. We asked the MasterChef judge what it takes to be a rock star in the kitchen. – Graham Elliot on Cooking, Punk Rock, and Why They're One and the Same

Best Way to Outsmart a Wine Snob:

bestov food sake


John Gauntner literally wrote the book on sake. He gave us six tips that highlight just how versatile the fermented rice drink can be—just don't bring it to a barbecue. – A Guide to Drinking Sake


Best Excuse to Have Ice Cream at Breakfast:

bestov food affogato

Usually you have coffee with your dessert. Now, take a tip from the Italians, and try it in your dessert. – Affogato Takes Ice Cream to the Next Level

Best Reasons to Eat Your Veggies:

bestov food mayim bialik


Mayim Bialik shares tips on going vegan and an easy-to-make recipe from her new cookbook. – This Big Bang Theory Star Has a PhD in Veganism
The Sexy Vegan blogger definitively determine the sexiest fruit, spice, utensil, and dinner date. – The Sexy Vegan on the Sexiest Foods Around


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