New York Kosher
10 Places to Eat by the Rules

In 1902, roughly 20,000 Jewish women raided the Lower East Side’s kosher butcher shops and set fire to their meat to protest a nearly 50% price hike instituted by the Meat Trust. The citywide boycott that followed forced the trust to drop the price back to 14 cents per pound, but during the protest, the kosher community had no alternative but to forgo meat entirely. They wouldn’t face such a dilemma today. Once the sole province of butcher shops and home kitchens, kosher food has since become common in New York’s dining scene, gracing the tables of romantic bistros, chic vegan bakeries, and upscale steakhouses alike.
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Chelsea: Vegan Italian

A crackling fireplace and flickering candles establish a romantic feel at this rustic eatery. The warm glow also allows diners to glimpse vegan masterpieces such as and lasagna with ground seitan and tofu dusted with pistachio and pepper. Blossom serves wine by the glass or bottle, and is certified kosher by the International Kosher Council.

Midtown Center: Dry-Aged Steaks

The New York Daily News says Joey Allaham “brought sexy to kosher restaurants.” It’s hard to tell whether the paper was talking about his restaurant’s celebrity clientele or its pepper-crusted filets and Texas-style rib eyes, which are prepared in accordance with glatt kosher laws after being dry aged on the premises.

Rego Park: 21-Day Cured Pastrami

Three weeks may seem like a long time to cure pastrami, but consider this: the owners of Ben’s have kept the tradition alive for three generations. Cooks at this certified-kosher, Zagat-rated deli hand-rub their pastrami in garlic and peppers before curing, producing flavorful meats that sink into soft cushions of daily-baked rye bread.

Upper West Side: Tradition Meets Innovation

Taking a page from his orthodox upbringing, classically trained chef Michael Gershkovich approaches the culinary arts with the same studious zeal he applied at Torat Emet Yeshiva. The ambitious chef prepares delicacies such as braised boneless short ribs and sautéed duck breast in strict accordance with glatt kosher law.

Borough Park: Dipped Ice Cream Cones

A layer of chocolate and cookie crunch clings to the outside of the dipped sugar cone, which cradles scoops of mint chocolate chip, coffee, and other dairy and vegan flavors. All dairy is certified Cholov Israel kosher, and the shop even plays Hebrew music throughout the day.

Riverdale: Kosher-Style Comfort Food

Unlike nearly all of the hundred or so Jewish delis that dotted the Bronx when it opened in 1953, Liebman’s is still standing. Huge piles of corned beef still huddle between slices of deli rye, and each steamy spoonful of matzah ball soup still envelops you like a liquid bear hug. Liebman’s serves kosher-style food, but is not certified kosher.

Midtown Center: Business Lunch

You don't want to go to Solo solo—it's best to bring a client, or a whole bunch of clients. Modular partitions can divide the dining room into private presentation spaces complete with plasma monitors and computer and DVD connectivity. But the most impressive part remains the glatt kosher Asian fusion, Mediterranean, and American food.

Upper West Side: Brick-Oven Pizza

Noi Due’s brick oven may be responsible for the pizza crust, which consists of crispy edges and a soft, chewy core. But credit the cooks for the sauce, fresh mozzarella, and cherry tomatoes that make the pies into singular delicacies. Kosher wines complement the fare at this Chalav Israel-certified café.

Park Slope: Gluten-Free Baked Goods

From a dietary standpoint, it’s practical to state what this Park Slope bakery leaves out—gluten, dairy, and eggs. But it’s much more fun to discuss what they include. For starters, the triple-layer banana cake is bound by chocolate ganache and topped with a cloud of vanilla frosting.

Garment District: Global Cuisine

James Beard nominee, bestselling author, and TV personality Jeff Nathan lets his ambitions go wild at this eclectic glatt kosher restaurant. Chefs fuse American, Latin, and pan-Asian flavors into smoked brisket eggrolls and Thai sea bass. Upstairs, The Green Tea Lounge serves specialties from Vietnam, Thailand, and Japan.