Al Capone, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, and The Dodgers all started in Brooklyn and have become part of history for either their noble or, in some cases, ignoble pursuits. Although these Brooklyn notables moved away from their roots, could they ever forget the ways in which this borough shaped them? Doubtful. One can use this Brooklyn guide for cultural and intellectual pursuits and for more low-brow interests, as well. Housed in a sprawling Beaux-Arts building, the Brooklyn Museum offers visitors the opportunity to travel from Egypt’s Middle Kingdom to Georgia O’Keefe’s New Mexico of the 1950s, all during one afternoon sojourn. This world-class resource also features live music, workshops, and even dancing, thus securing a place at the top of any list of stuff to do in Brooklyn. If the thought of being jostled back and forth on a roller coaster is more thrilling than perusing paintings by European masters, head south to Coney Island and ride the historic Cyclone roller coaster. This wooden structure, built in 1927, set the standard for all other coasters and remains the main attraction at this Brooklyn landmark. Just make sure to stop for Nathan’s hot dogs after riding the Cyclone. For a more peaceful pursuit, wander through the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, an oasis in the middle of this bustling borough. With more than 50 acres of wide open space, this garden is one of the finest Brooklyn attractions. Stroll among the cherry trees or through one of the many speciality gardens, such as the Japanese garden or the children’s garden, then relax in the cafe and peruse the listings of the horticultural workshops available. Visits to this Brooklyn fixture may just become a habit. Whether it’s meandering through tranquil parks, admiring artwork, or getting cheap thrills on a rickety roller coaster, Brooklyn will leave an indelible mark.

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