Health Clubs in Culpeper

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  • Sport&Health
    Since 1973, each of Sport&Health's clubs has aimed for full fitness coverage with programs for every taste and family member. Guests can spark positive lifestyle changes with workouts and wellness services, or engage in a variety of sports. Each facility houses different athletic amenities for games and laps, from pristine swimming pools to squash and racquetball courts. The camaraderie of group classes such as Zumba and Les Mills BodyPump barbell routines complement scores of club equipment meant for exercising solo—or with the guidance of a certified personal trainer. The clubs also emphasize kid-friendly activities with arts and crafts, Kidz Klub childcare, and youth certification courses that teach teens the ins and outs of training. Depending on the location, spa treatments can knead tension from muscles and paint one's favorite kettlebell with a layer of Shellac.
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    7300 Heritage Village Plz
    Gainesville, VA US
  • Little Gym
    UFC Gym's staff features a team of professional fighters who come from backgrounds as boxers, mix martial artists, professional Muy Thai fighters, and Bruce Banners at its many area locations.The proprietary style of the UFC Gym workout is a mixture of genuine fight training and engaging fitness routines, designed to help clients use fitness techniques to reach their health goals. Clients can burn 800 to 1,000 calories during these total-body routines, which combine external inspiration and jukes, jabs, and kicks that the instructors demonstrate as students practice techniques on 150-pound punching bags. The facility includes a regulation-sized boxing ring, quarter octagon, full weight room, cardio equipment, and showers for both men and women. Session sizes are kept small, ensuring personal attention and manageable battle-royale numbers. Like UFC Gym, the boxing arena is no slouch when it comes to fitness: fight-centric gyms ditch the polished look of wood-floored workout studios for gritty, competitive spaces filled with 150-pound punching bags and intense workouts. Like a baker molding gingerbread men, UFC Gym sculpts six-packs with boxing, kickboxing, and mixed-martial-arts classes, and additionally, most experience boosted self-confidence after conquering their first class. Private training sessions further stoke courage with workouts that leave patrons with the exhilaration of having survived 12 rounds in the ring or five minutes in a high-school lunchroom.
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    12619 Galveston Ct
    Manassas, VA US
  • IMP Fitness
    IMP Fitness, a locally owned and operated establishment that's been providing fitness and wellness services to adults and youth for more than 10 years. The facility stays open 24 hours a day and boasts a fitness center along with indoor turf. Cardio, circuit, and weight-training equipment bustles beneath the glow of eight wide-screen TVs, and certified trainers conduct personal-training sessions and fitness classes. Throughout the year, lacrosse players engage in wall ball and baseballers perfect their pitches and swings. The facility also offers amenities such as free WiFi, a smoothie bar, lockers, and scales that only read a person's moon weight.
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    14141 Parke Long Ct.
    Chantilly, VA US
  • NZone
    nZone describes itself as a "sportsplex"?and its array of fitness options lives up to the title. Below, a condensed directory for the sprawling facility, home to everything from basketball courts to meeting rooms. The fields: nZone boasts three indoor turf fields, ideal for soccer scrimmages, lacrosse games, or games of zero-hole golf. It also houses two full-size high school basketball courts, and a volleyball court for sets and spikes. The classes: The fitness instructors lead classes for adults and for kids. Adult sessions hew, for the most part, to gym classics, such as Pilates exercises or Zumba dance-fitness. Kids sessions take a quirkier tack, though?one cardio workout hinges on hula-hooping. The equipment: Gear for independent workouts run the gamut from treadmills and recumbent bikes to Bosu balance balls, designed to strengthen stability muscles.
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    14550 Lee Rd
    Chantilly, VA US
  • South Riding CrossFit
    South Riding CrossFit mixes the rigorous, daily-changing workouts of CrossFit with the support of local community. Climbing ropes toward the spacious facility's high, industrial ceilings, or flipping tires and swinging kettlebells under the sun outside, exercisers cheer each other on while forging their own fitness journeys. And thanks to the scalable nature of CrossFit this supportive community includes people of all ages and fitness levels.
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    43063 Peacock Market Plaza
    Chantilly, VA US
  • CrossFit Burke
    CrossFit Burke's owner and head instructor, Jamie Gallagher, discovered CrossFit as a platoon commander in the Marines. He not only followed the program himself but also used it to keep the soldiers under his command in peak shape. That may make CrossFit sound like a fitness regimen reserved for hardcore exercisers. Far from it. One of CrossFit's core premises is scalability, or the ability to adjust every exercise by load, number of repetitions, and intensity to accommodate students of any fitness level. It's why rookies, senior citizens, Marines, and elite athletes can stand side by side in the same class, performing the same Workout of the Day?encouraging one another to muscle through one last pushup or threatening to key each other's cars if they don't do 10 more burpees.
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    5589 Guinea Rd
    Fairfax, VA US