The sweet taste of Memphis barbecue, as well as the other delicious food in the city, can sometimes add a few extra inches to the waistline. Fortunately, there are many Memphis fitness clubs to help people stay in shape or lose those few extra pounds.

The Cordova Athletic Club is considered one of the top athletic facilities in the southeastern US. The 50,000 square foot facility has top-of-the-line exercise equipment for both cardio and strength training workouts. Those who need help getting started on their new exercise routines can enlist the help of one of many full-time personal trainers in the club. They also offer childcare services for babies and children six months and older for those parents who are looking to get some exercise. For a smaller local experience, people can also join one of the eight YMCA facilities in the Memphis area. The YMCA provides access to swimming pools, basketball courts, tennis courts, and workout classes for several fun ways to stay in shape.

Part of losing weight and staying healthy is having a doctor monitor progress and overall health. There are several Memphis doctors and medical professionals who offer services to help people get on track to a healthier lifestyle. The Memphis Weight Loss Clinic is a quiet and comfortable facility that helps people reach their goals in a way that works best for the individual. Professionals consult with each of their patients to come up with a diet and exercise plan that will work for them, and also provides access to vitamins, supplements, and appetite suppressants when necessary. Regardless if a person wants to exercise on their own or enlist the help of a medical professional, there are several options for people to achieve their weight loss goals in Memphis.

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