Gyms in Riverdale

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  • GIS CrossFit
    The instructors at GIS Boot Camp are dedicated to helping you achieve your fitness goals, going so far as to create a Fat Loss Accountability Group. The group includes weekly check-ins, members only coaching and support, and weekly food log reviews. This willingness to go above and beyond to meet the needs of their clients, beginners, intermediate, and advanced fitness enthusiasts alike, is seen elsewhere, as well. High intensity programs, such as boot camp and Triple AAA, target specific body parts and focus on toning muscle. They offer classes Monday through Friday at three locations, including Plus Youth Speed, Agility and Quickness classes, teen strength and conditioning classes, and Fit Over 40 women's only classes.
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    6326 Highway 85
    Riverdale, GA US
  • Metro Atlanta Fitness
    Cheryl K. Webster, owner and head fitness instructor at Metro Atlanta Fitness, believes that having fun and staying healthy don't have to be mutually exclusive. The trained dancer and wellness coach founded her studio to provide fun alternatives to typical nutrition and fitness programs. Her signature Latin Cardio and Caribbean'Robics classes blend international moves and hip-hop-inspired choreography to create upbeat, muscle-toning workouts. Clients can reinforce their regimens with personal nutrition consultations and a wide array of healthy supplements that take the form of smoothies, herbal teas, and the Ghosts of Meals Past, Present, and Future.
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    6989 Hwy 85
    Riverdale, GA US
  • Curves
    With machines set up in rows to encourage competition, many ordinary gyms cater to men's bodies and psychology, right down to the urinals that were "accidentally" installed in the women's locker room. At Curves, you'll move around a circuit of hydraulic resistance machines that have been designed to work with women's bodies and promote weight loss, protect against osteoporosis, and deal with arthritis. An experienced trainer is always nearby to help manage your machine maneuvering and your muscle making. Instead of fiddling with weight stacks and losing your momentum, the hydraulic machines use your body weight and fitness level to create resistance that matches your abilities, decreasing the risk of soreness or injury. Because traditional lift-and-lower motions create bulky muscles, each machine uses push-and-pull motions to create toned, lean muscles perfect for crushing a grapefruit without looking like you can.
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    9434 S. Main Street, Ste. 1400
    Jonesboro, GA US

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