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  • Project Appleseed
    The History A program by the nonprofit Revolutionary War Veterans Association, Project Appleseed takes its name from American folk hero Johnny Appleseed, who traveled the country planting seeds to benefit future generations. In a similar vein, Project Appleseed's instructors travel to ranges, clubs, and farms across the country, where they teach students American traditional rifle marksmanship and instill knowledge of their shared heritage and history. The Necessities Participants can bring along any safely operating firearm which can be fired from the shoulder, from .22 to .32 caliber. Rifle tools, shooting mats, and ammunition are also necessities, and to improve accuracy, a GI sling is recommended. Both scopes and sights are allowed, but a scope is recommended for those with poor eyesight. If you don't own an appropriate firearm, loaner rifles may be available through the camp as long as arrangements are made beforehand. Most Project Appleseed camps span multiple days, so participants should bring along camping gear for a good night's sleep. Click here for other tips. The Instruction Project Appleseed's volunteer instructors discuss the events of Lexington and Concord as well as the actions of those involved. Then they show students traditional three-position American marksmanship techniques to help them maintain accuracy up to 500 yards away?known traditionally as the "rifleman's quarter mile"?using iron sights, standard rifles, and surplus ammunition.
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