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  • Magic City Ballroom Dance Studio
    Magic City Ballroom Dance Studio's experienced instructional feet ignite the dance floor with a variety of lessons that demystify the art of rhythmic motion for dancers of all skill levels. Dance styles such as the tango, mambo, and samba infuse hips with infectious Latin rhythms while the Viennese Waltz, the fox trot, and the lindy step add pizzazz to wedding dances or an expressive trip down the produce aisle. Not content to only host energetic classes, the studio also supports one-day dance competitions, inviting dancers to show off their hard work for a chance at prizes and statues of bronzed jazz hands.
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    1425 Montgomery Hwy
    Vestavia, AL US
  • ScubaVentures Inc,
    The two-hour lesson begins by familiarizing divers with the essential scubaquipment, with an experienced instructor demonstrating how to prepare the gear for diving. Strapped on and strapped into the tank and gear, human merpersons will practice water entry, breathing through a regulator, dealing with prehistoric trilobites, keeping the mask clear, and just flippering around the pool. Dives take place in an indoor pool in the winter and an outdoor pool in the summer. A Professional Association of Diving Instructors?certified dive school and a member of National Instructors Association of Divers with Disabilities, ScubaVentures caters to the needs and goals of all divers.
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    610 Montgomery Highway
    Vestavia Hills, AL US
  • Champion Latin and Ballroom Dance Studio
    With 25 years of dance-instruction experience, Champion Latin Dance Studio emboldens rhythm-seekers with the basics of rumba, cha-cha, tango, and other ballroom boleros. Chief instructor and "Dancing with Alabama's Stars" participant Sterling Burroughs has crafted Champion's dance program like a scrumptious shepherd's pie: each class builds upon itself in luscious layers of steps and shallots. Group lessons, scheduled on weekday evenings, allow hip movers to get the hang of new techniques and styles, and Thursday-night practice parties let dancers linger after class to polish their moves with fellow students.
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    2531 Rocky Ridge Road
    Vestavia Hills, AL US
  • Chef Bob
    For more than 25 years, Chef Bob has relied on real butter, milled cake flour, and farm-fresh milk and eggs to craft each of his made-from-scratch cakes. Though baking for confectioneries and coffee shops remains his passion, Chef Bob also flexes his culinary muscles by catering special events. He once cooked a southern-style meal for more than 6,000 guests at the US Naval Academy, through which he earned a private visit to the White House and a chance to inspect its fabled collection of Grover Cleveland–shaped eggplants. Chef Bob also regularly shares cooking tips as a guest on WBRC Fox 6, and enlivens functions with custom cakes and ice sculptures. In addition, his cooking classes and demonstrations embolden students to try their hand at kitchen fundamentals or elaborate Ginzu-knife juggling routines. Though he loves sharing his expertly made sweets, he remains committed to promoting balanced diets with his portion-controlled Fit2Eat program.
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    4268 Cahaba Heights Ct.
    Vestavia Hills, Alabama US
  • Masterpiece Education
    No matter their medium, the instructors at Masterpiece Education help kids of all ages hone their skills to create their very own masterpieces during year-round classes. While each student can focus on his or her own chosen method of creative expression, courses also help foster teamwork and social skills, emphasizing the importance of working together and have fun while learning. Kids interested in unleashing their inner actor can enroll in theater classes, where they'll learn the ins and outs of trodding the boards, from the props and the makeup to auditions and how to properly bribe a producer?with cookies. Youngsters can also learn about music in everything from Mommy & Me classes to choir groups for elementary, middle, and high-school students. And art classes are available for both children and adults, where they'll paint such masterpieces as flowers, skylines, and chore-rotation charts.
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    2531 Rocky Ridge Rd.
    Vestavia Hills, AL US
  • Cahaba Crossfit
    Cahaba CrossFit challenges bodies with functional strength and conditioning workouts. Whether lifting weights, jumping on boxes, or dragging weighted sleds, CrossFit's carefully selected exercises help clients more easily accomplish everyday tasks, from carrying groceries to leading their Iditarod team. CrossFitters tackle each day's new exercises together, though trainers scale the weight and intensity to match each participant's fitness level.
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    3253 Cahaba Heights Road
    Vestavia Hills, AL US

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