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  • Starbucks
    Get your coffee fix under control at Starbucks. Both low-fat and gluten-free options are available here. Free wireless Internet is also available at Starbucks, so bring your tablet or laptop along. Eat outdoors Starbucks (weather permitting) with their beautiful patio seating. Business casual dress, tasty food, and a classic atmosphere make this a great place for any occasion. Worried about finding parking? Don't fret! Starbucks is located near plenty of options.
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    8503 Benbrook Blvd
    Benbrook, TX US
  • Agape Coffee Haus Bookstore
    For the perfect jolt of caffeine, look no further than Agape Coffee Haus Bookstore. Agape Coffee Haus Bookstore is a jackpot for those looking for low-fat and gluten-free meal options. Head to Agape Coffee Haus Bookstore in comfort, where attire is business casual. The restaurant is within walking distance to a number of parking options.
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    108 Jearl St
    Aledo, TX US
  • Fruitealicious
    Jon and Carmen Pei spent years traveling the globe, visiting caf?s from New York to Taiwan in search of the perfect rendition of their treasured childhood treat: bubble tea. After organizing all their recipes, tips, and ideas, the couple opened their own shop, where they whip up their own blend of innovative bubble teas, smoothies, and frozen hot chocolate. Upon entering their colorful, brightly lit shop, guests are often greeted by Jon and Carmen themselves, who dole out free samples to first-timers, greet return customers by name, and tussle the toupees of visiting congressmen. The duo and their staff of baristas fold premium tea leaves and freshly cooked tapioca boba balls imported from Taiwan into fruity drinks. They also chop up fresh fruit for smoothies every day at the shop. Customers are invited to order from a menu of specialty drinks or choose from a variety of flavors, fruits, and mix-ins to design their own concoction. They can even add from a selection of more than 25 kinds of popping boba balls, which burst in the mouth with every sip. And during chilly winter months, the baristas pour hot bubble tea. Guests sip on beverages and nibble on snacks?such as crunchy Pocky sticks?out among the tabletops of the lively seating area. Some play video games on wide-screen computers and televisions, whereas others engage in more traditional games such Connect Four or competitions to fit the most straws up their nostrils.
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    3043 Greene Avenue
    Fort Worth, TX US
  • Ol' South Pancake House
    The Benson and Brozgold families founded Ol? South Pancake House in 1962 and have stacked mountains of the same griddle-kissed pancakes from the same menu ever since, sticking to original recipes with the addition of Southern diner favorites. Cooks pour fluffy disks of buttermilk-, buckwheat-, or corn-cake batter to forge the rich foundation for strata of sweet or fruity toppings, including spiced apples, peanut-butter chips, and strawberries. Like off-duty senators nestled safe for the night in the congressional warehouse, pancakes pile into short or tall stacks, or in a behemoth pile of eight for the diner?s Take the Pancake Challenge. Any intrepid eater capable of packing away the entire monument to fluffiness in 60 minutes gets the meal free. In addition to pancakes, the menu features a familiar spread of hearty entrees and sides served all day long. The cooks hand-batter pieces of chicken-fried steak before glazing them with a layer of country-style gravy, or sear catfish and half-pound burger patties on the grill. For internationally inspired flavors, they can also whisk together huevos rancheros, griddle fresh cr?pes, or prepare the german pancake filled with fresh lemon, powdered sugar, and whipped butter served with a side of maple syrup.
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    1509 S. University Dr.
    Fort Worth, TX US
  • Z's Cafe
    Janet Capua developed her love of cooking while growing up in Chicago as part of a close-knit Italian-American family. As she spent the next 40 years raising a family of her own and working as a dental hygienist, her enthusiasm for the art never flagged?but she didn't indulge it completely until she opened Z's Cafe. Here, Janet and her son, Carlo, have created a cozy refuge in which visitors can relax and enjoy the cafe's renowned chicken salad, homemade quiche, and sandwiches. The menu even has a Chicago-style section, complete with authentic Windy City hot dogs that, when stood up next to each other, sort of resemble the Chicago skyline. Z's Cafe represents far more than a place to grab a bite, however. It also collaborates with the Fort Worth-based Samaritan House, a nonprofit organization that provides permanent and temporary housing to low-income and homeless individuals with special needs. Z's Cafe hires exclusively from the Samaritan House, going so far as to provide full training to anyone who needs it. The Cafe also fervently supports the local arts community, decorating its walls with works from creators around the Fort Worth area.
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    1300 Gendy Street
    Fort Worth, TX US
  • Noodles At Boba Tea House
    If Noodles @ BTH strikes visitors as welcoming and familiar, the reason may be that the Vietnamese restaurant?s owners share more than a dedication to fine boba teas?all three of them are sisters. They have merged steamy Vietnamese dishes with milky teas in a casual, laid-back setting. Noodles @ BTH opened in 2013 as a spinoff of the original Fort Worth location, which opened in 2007, serving mostly the same menu with a focus on convenience and walk-up ordering. Bowls of the restaurant?s signature pho?a Vietnamese noodle soup?line tables alongside spring rolls filled with charbroiled chicken. Piles of rice share plates with marinated grilled pork, beef, and spicy lemongrass chicken, straws fish for treasure in boba teas, whose watermelon, papaya, and green-jasmine-flavored waters brim with chewy pearls of tapioca.
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    7355 N Beach St
    Fort Worth, TX US

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