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    50% Off Cycling Gear at First Stop Bike Shop

    First Stop Bike Shop


    Shop carries wide array of bicycling gear for road, cross, and mountain biking; shop also services all brand bicycles

    $40 $20

    Men's Moisture Wicking Cycling Shorts

    Cycling shorts with moisture wicking fabric keep you dry and comfortable during your rides

    $49 $26.99

    Compact CO2 Bike and Motorcycle Tire Inflator

    This bike and motorcycle tire inflator made of strong alloy includes a CO2 cartridge and has a control knob that regulates CO2 release speed

    $38 $14.99

    Set of 2 Ultralight Bicycle Pedals

    Only weighing 340g apiece, these aluminum pedals are nonetheless durable enough to hold up to long bicycle rides

    $32 $17.99

    Seventh Generation Ultra-Thin Pads (6-Pack)

    Ultra-thin pads with wings are comfortable for moderate-flow days, designed with a natural, ultra-absorbent material derived from wheat

    $28.23 $19.99

    Fuze Man Bike Cargo Rack

    Carry accessories while biking with a sturdy metal rack and secure cargo net that attach to front of handlebars, compatible with most bikes

    $19.99 $14.99

    4-Pack of Multicolor Auto-Change LED Bike-Wheel Lights

    These bright LED lights enhance biker safety with automatic color changing, flashing and automatic on/off; fits most bicycles

    $25.99 $7.99

    2-Piece Bicycle Chain Stay Protector

    Two-piece protector wraps around a bike frame’s chain stays to protect against scratches, filth, and slapping noises caused by the chain

    $19 $8.99

    RoundTail Hybrid Delia Bike

    Unlike a conventional bike, RoundTail models feature two rings that support the weight of riders for a responsive, vertically compliant ride

    $1,299 $649.99

    TG Mobile Phone Bracket for Bicycles

    Foam-padded mount secures smartphones and devices up to 4.25 inches wide to handlebars for easy viewing while biking

    $12.99 $7.99

    Gear Beast Bicycle, Golf Cart, & Stroller Universal Smartphone...

    Cradle safely secures mobile devices to bike and stroller handlebars and can rotate 360° for ideal viewing; installs quickly and easily

    $29.99 $9.99

    LED Bicycle Wheel Lights

    Bright LED lights screw into tire valves to make wheels glow, helping improve visibility and safety during nighttime rides

    $14.95 $7.99