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    Gear Beast Mobile Device Waterproof Bike Mount

    Adjustable keeps mobile device safe and at a convenient position during long bike rides

    $39.99 $13.99

    50% Off Cycling Gear at First Stop Bike Shop

    First Stop Bike Shop

    50% Off Cycling Gear at First Stop Bike Shop


    Shop carries wide array of bicycling gear for road, cross, and mountain biking; shop also services all brand bicycles

    $40 $20

    Smart Bike Computer with GPS and ANT+

    Bike computer to keep track of ride progress, goals, and route; clips to handlebars for easy use during long rides

    $129.99 $89.99

    Mountain Bikes and Beach Cruisers

    Speed through the woods or city streets with an 18- or 21-speed mountain bike; retro-style beach cruisers offer a smooth ride

    $249.99 $149.99

    Ultra Bright Waterproof Bike Light Set with Headlight and Rear...

    Front & rear LED lights affix to bikes with quick-release brackets to increase visibility; a water- & shock-proof design ensures durability

    $39.99 $9.99

    Men's Moisture Wicking Cycling Shorts

    Cycling shorts with moisture wicking fabric keep you dry and comfortable during your rides

    $49 $26.99

    Bicycle LED Headlight and Taillight Set

    Two adjustable headlights and a six-mode LED taillight for increased safety while cycling at night

    $29.99 $18.99

    Bicycle Multifunction Repair Tool

    Adjust or repair bicycle parts with the aid of this multitool, whose small size lets it easily fit into a bike bag or pocket

    $62 $29.99

    Adult Pedal Scooter

    Adult-sized scooter lets you roll around town, pedaling with one foot and controlling your momentum with hand brakes and chrome handlebars

    $250 $129.99

    Active Edge Smartphone Bike and Bar Mount

    Cyclists can safely use their phone with this easy to apply mount that’s versatile enough to be used on any bar, such as stroller handlebars

    $39.95 $34.99

    Fixed Gear/Freewheel Bike

    Colorful fixed gear bikes are ideal urban commuter bikes with responsive narrow handlebars and a rear brake for safety

    $400 $229.99

    Gel Bike Seat Cover

    Bring more comfort to bike rides with this gel cushion cover, which fits over almost any bike seat

    $40 $11.99

    Bike GPS Real Time Tracker

    Keep tabs on your bike’s location in real time with this tracker, which sports a GSM quad-band frequency that makes it capable of global use

    $69 $21.99

    2-Pack Bike Tyre LED Lights

    LED wheel lights screw into tire valves to make wheels glow, improving visibility and safety during night ride; can also be used on cars

    $22 $7.99

    Kawasaki DX 26" Full Suspension Bicycle

    Bike designed with Kawasaki KX dirt bike engineering stands up against brutal trails thanks to sturdy all aluminum frame

    $339.99 $269.99

    Super Bright Bicycle Torch Flashlight and 9-LED Taillight

    Torch flashlight mounts to a bike’s handlebars to provide a bright beam of light; taillight with 7 flashing modes offers 360º of visibility

    $24.99 $14.99

    Fixed-Gear Bicycle Crank Set

    48-tooth two-piece alloy crank set designed for use with Solé single-speed or City Cruiser bicycles

    $39.99 $26.99

    e-Mazing Innovations Battery Operated Bike

    Eco-friendly bike hits speeds of up to 20mph, folds up, and weighs only 35 pounds

    $1,399.99 $1,199.99

    City Cruiser Bike Crank

    Alloy two-piece City Cruiser Crank fits Solé single speed or City Cruiser models

    $49.99 $29.99

    Bicycle Repair Kit with Carrying Case

    Multi-tool helps keep bikes in top shape with an array of screwdrivers, wrenches, and tire removal tools for roadside fixes

    $39.99 $13.99

    Mantis Malana Girls' 24" Cruiser Bicycle

    Light purple cruiser bicycle adorned in cute hibiscus flowers ideal for leisurely bike riding

    $237.99 $169.99

    4-Pack of Motion-Activated LED Valve-Stem Lights

    Screw-on LED lights illuminate car and bicycle wheels during nighttime drives and rides for increased visibility and safety

    $40 $9.99

    iPhone or Samsung Phone Pouch for Bicycles

    Protective cellphone pouch fits iPhones or Samsungs and attaches to bicycle frames with Velcro straps; hole for accessing headphone port

    $35 $12.99

    Bicycle Saddle Seat

    Padded, gel-filled seat cover designed to fit over all shapes and sizes of standard bike seat for a more comfortable ride

    $38 $12.99