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    50% Off Cycling Gear at First Stop Bike Shop

    First Stop Bike Shop

    50% Off Cycling Gear at First Stop Bike Shop


    Shop carries wide array of bicycling gear for road, cross, and mountain biking; shop also services all brand bicycles

    $40 $20

    Seventh Generation Free & Clear Baby Wipes (4-Pack)

    Eco-friendly company eschews harsh chemicals and additives to make gentle baby skin-friendly wipes that can handle any mess


    Mountain Bikes and Beach Cruisers

    Speed through the woods or city streets with an 18- or 21-speed mountain bike; retro-style beach cruisers offer a smooth ride

    $199.99 $92.99

    Bicycle LED and Laser Safety Light (1- or 2-Pack)

    Bicycle light with LED taillight and red lasers to create a virtual bike lane during night rides, increasing visibility and safety

    $76 $24.99

    Bicycle LED Light Set with Headlight and Taillight

    The super-bright LED bulbs in this light set promotes safer nighttime bike rides but can also function as a diver light

    $12.99 $7.99

    Bicycle Multifunction Repair Tool

    Adjust or repair bicycle parts with the aid of this multitool, whose small size lets it easily fit into a bike bag or pocket

    $62 $29.99

    Cycling Wheel Spoke Light

    Strap this double-sided light to the spokes of your bicycle for illumination at night; 32 patterned LEDs with light and movement sensors

    $42 $14.99

    Bike GPS Real Time Tracker

    Keep tabs on your bike’s location in real time with this tracker, which sports a GSM quad-band frequency that makes it capable of global use

    $69 $21.99

    Smart Bike Computer with GPS and ANT+

    Bike computer to keep track of ride progress, goals, and route; clips to handlebars for easy use during long rides

    $129.99 $89.99

    Men's Moisture Wicking Cycling Shorts

    Cycling shorts with moisture wicking fabric keep you dry and comfortable during your rides

    $49 $26.99

    14-Function Bicycle Speedometer

    Speedometer that displays current speed, time, distance, temperature, and other variables helps cyclists track progress and build endurance

    $35 $11.99

    Monogram Online Personalized Totes and Bags

    Colorful totes personalized with names, bag colors, and fonts have roomy designs that make them ideal for books, groceries, or beach gear

    $79.99 $29.99

    Men's 3D Gel-Padded Moisture-Wicking Cycling Shorts

    Padded, stretchy cycling shorts with moisture-wicking antimicrobial fabric to increase comfort and performance during short or long rides

    $69 $19.99

    2-Pack of Silicone LED Bicycle Lights

    Set of two extra-bright LED lights attach to most handlebars, seat posts, and frame tubes with an integrated clip

    $30 $7.99

    Seventh Generation Laundry Detergent Pods (2-Pack)

    Laundry pods use plant-derived cleansers and fragrances to fight dirt, grease, and stains without harsh, irritating chemicals


    Gel Bike Seat Cover

    Bring more comfort to bike rides with this gel cushion cover, which fits over almost any bike seat

    $40 $11.99

    iPhone or Samsung Phone Pouch for Bicycles

    Protective cellphone pouch fits iPhones or Samsungs and attaches to bicycle frames with Velcro straps; hole for accessing headphone port

    $35 $12.99

    RoundTail Hybrid Delia Bike

    Unlike a conventional bike, RoundTail models feature two rings that support the weight of riders for a responsive, vertically compliant ride

    $1,299 $649.99

    Fuze Bike Speaker

    Fuze Bike speaker holds smartphones and media devices securely during rides while blasting favorite tunes from their libraries

    $24.99 $15.99

    EVO7 Adult Bicycle and Sports Helmets

    Embrace spring and summer weather in style and safety with these comfortable and secure helmets for biking, skateboarding, and rollerblading

    $60 $19.99

    Fuze Bike Wheel Writer 2.0 with 50 Designs

    Superbright LEDs flash through more than 50 cool designs when attached to bike spokes for fun and safety

    $19.99 $14.99

    Seventh Generation Ultra-Thin Pads (6-Pack)

    Ultra-thin pads with wings are comfortable for moderate-flow days, designed with a natural, ultra-absorbent material derived from wheat

    $28.23 $19.99

    Touchscreen Bike Gloves

    Full-finger gloves with extra padding keep your hands warm and comfortable while specialized fabric lets you operate a touchscreen device

    $90 $19.99

    LED Bike Headlight and Taillight Combo

    Mountable headlight and taillight improve your bicycle’s visibility at night with five bright LEDs apiece and multiple light modes

    $34.99 $7.99

    One Pair of Bike Handlebar Rubber Grips

    Rubber grips keep hands comfortable through long rides with a soft, ergonomic design that absorbs shock and vibrations while riding

    $31 $12.99

    Bicycle Saddle Seat

    Padded, gel-filled seat cover designed to fit over all shapes and sizes of standard bike seat for a more comfortable ride

    $38 $12.99

    Fuze Bike Phone Holder

    Mount your smartphone or iPod to your bike or motorcycle with this adjustable mount, allowing for hands-free phone calls on the road

    $14.99 $11.99

    Fuze Man Bike Cargo Rack

    Carry accessories while biking with a sturdy metal rack and secure cargo net that attach to front of handlebars, compatible with most bikes

    $19.99 $14.99

    Fuze Bicycle Cupholder

    The tilt-and-swivel design of this bike-mounted drink holder ensures beverages won’t spill even during tight turns

    $14.99 $11.99

    Fuze Bike Wheel Writer with 12 Designs

    Superbright LEDs flash through 12 cool designs when attached to bike spokes for fun and safety

    $19.99 $13.99

    Compact CO2 Bike and Motorcycle Tire Inflator

    This bike and motorcycle tire inflator made of strong alloy includes a CO2 cartridge and has a control knob that regulates CO2 release speed

    $38 $14.99

    Rubber Handlebar Grips with Plugs

    Anatomically contoured handlebars fit snugly into palms while reducing shock with a Krayton rubber grip and durable inner core

    $27 $10.99

    Smartphone Armband Case

    With a lightweight, adjustable design, this sports armband holster keeps wearers’ smartphones in place and protected while exercising

    $45 $12.99

    4-Pack of Motion-Activated LED Valve-Stem Lights

    Screw-on LED lights illuminate car and bicycle wheels during nighttime drives and rides for increased visibility and safety

    $40 $9.99

    Set of 2 Ultralight Bicycle Pedals

    Only weighing 340g apiece, these aluminum pedals are nonetheless durable enough to hold up to long bicycle rides

    $32 $17.99

    Gear Beast Bicycle, Golf Cart, & Stroller Universal Smartphone...

    Cradle safely secures mobile devices to bike and stroller handlebars and can rotate 360° for ideal viewing; installs quickly and easily

    $29.99 $9.99

    Bike Headlight

    This bicycle headlight shines bright, colored light to make you and your bike more visible at night

    $29.99 $4.99

    Cycling Bags

    Large triangular cycling bag or medium rectangular bag provides convenient storage space on bicycle excursions

    $24 $9.99

    LED Bicycle Wheel Lights

    Bright LED lights screw into tire valves to make wheels glow, helping improve visibility and safety during nighttime rides

    $14.95 $7.99

    Fuze Light Striper for Bikes

    Electroluminescent wire wraps around your bicycle’s frame to add a futuristic glow that also improves visibility during nighttime rides

    $14.99 $9.99

    Aduro Bike Handlebar Mount and Case for iPhone 5 and 5S

    Get at-a-glance ride info from your fitness apps thanks to this weatherproof iPhone case that clips securely to a universal handlebar mount

    $39.99 $8.99

    TG Mobile Phone Bracket for Bicycles

    Foam-padded mount secures smartphones and devices up to 4.25 inches wide to handlebars for easy viewing while biking

    $12.99 $7.99

    Adjustable Water-Bottle Holder for Bicycles

    After it’s attached to bike frames with an easy two-screw configuration, this water-bottle holder adjusts to accommodate different bottles

    $16 $8.99

    Bicycle Handlebar Metal Ring Bell

    Modern, fashionable handlebar bell attaches easily to bicycles and makes a nice, loud sound to alert pedestrians and other riders

    $15 $5.99

    Fuze Gyro-Flasher

    LED Gyro-Flasher mounts directly onto the spokes, creating multicolored rings of light as you pedal

    $14.99 $9.99

    Bike Combination Lock Cable

    Convenient, easy-to-use combination lock secures bicycles, motorbikes and other items and is easy to carry

    $25 $9.99

    2-Piece Bicycle Chain Stay Protector

    Two-piece protector wraps around a bike frame’s chain stays to protect against scratches, filth, and slapping noises caused by the chain

    $19 $8.99