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    Bicycle LED and Laser Safety Light (1- or 2-Pack)

    Bicycle light with LED taillight and red lasers to create a virtual bike lane during night rides, increasing visibility and safety

    $76 $24.99

    Men's 3D Gel-Padded Moisture-Wicking Cycling Shorts

    Padded, stretchy cycling shorts with moisture-wicking antimicrobial fabric to increase comfort and performance during short or long rides

    $69 $19.99

    Solé Bicycles

    Lightweight bicycles with colorful designs feature a flip-flop hub so riders can switch between fixed-gear and single-speed riding

    $399 $299.99

    Mountain Bikes and Beach Cruisers

    Speed through the woods or city streets with an 18- or 21-speed mountain bike; retro-style beach cruisers offer a smooth ride

    $199.99 $92.99

    Bike GPS Real Time Tracker

    Keep tabs on your bike’s location in real time with this tracker, which sports a GSM quad-band frequency that makes it capable of global use

    $69 $21.99

    Smartphone Armband Case

    With a lightweight, adjustable design, this sports armband holster keeps wearers’ smartphones in place and protected while exercising

    $45 $12.99

    2-Pack of Silicone LED Bicycle Lights

    Set of two extra-bright LED lights attach to most handlebars, seat posts, and frame tubes with an integrated clip

    $30 $7.99

    Smart Bike Computer with GPS and ANT+

    Bike computer to keep track of ride progress, goals, and route; clips to handlebars for easy use during long rides

    $129.99 $89.99

    Men's Moisture Wicking Cycling Shorts

    Cycling shorts with moisture wicking fabric keep you dry and comfortable during your rides

    $49 $26.99

    Bicycle Multifunction Repair Tool

    Adjust or repair bicycle parts with the aid of this multitool, whose small size lets it easily fit into a bike bag or pocket

    $62 $29.99

    Cycling Wheel Spoke Light

    Strap this double-sided light to the spokes of your bicycle for illumination at night; 32 patterned LEDs with light and movement sensors

    $42 $14.99

    LED Bike Headlight and Taillight Combo

    Mountable headlight and taillight improve your bicycle’s visibility at night with five bright LEDs apiece and multiple light modes

    $34.99 $7.99

    Bluetooth Bicycle Speed Sensor

    This unobtrusive wireless bicycle sensor helps cyclists in training easily track their performance, monitoring speed and pedaling rpm

    $95.99 $33.99

    Monogram Online Personalized Totes and Bags

    Colorful totes personalized with names, bag colors, and fonts have roomy designs that make them ideal for books, groceries, or beach gear

    $79.99 $29.99

    14-Function Bicycle Speedometer

    Speedometer that displays current speed, time, distance, temperature, and other variables helps cyclists track progress and build endurance

    $35 $11.99

    RoundTail Hybrid Delia Bike

    Unlike a conventional bike, RoundTail models feature two rings that support the weight of riders for a responsive, vertically compliant ride

    $1,299 $649.99

    Gel Bike Seat Cover

    Bring more comfort to bike rides with this gel cushion cover, which fits over almost any bike seat

    $40 $11.99

    Touchscreen Bike Gloves

    Full-finger gloves with extra padding keep your hands warm and comfortable while specialized fabric lets you operate a touchscreen device

    $90 $19.99

    iPhone or Samsung Phone Pouch for Bicycles

    Protective cellphone pouch fits iPhones or Samsungs and attaches to bicycle frames with Velcro straps; hole for accessing headphone port

    $35 $12.99

    Fuze Bike Wheel Writer 2.0 with 50 Designs

    Superbright LEDs flash through more than 50 cool designs when attached to bike spokes for fun and safety

    $19.99 $14.99

    Seventh Generation Ultra-Thin Pads (6-Pack)

    Ultra-thin pads with wings are comfortable for moderate-flow days, designed with a natural, ultra-absorbent material derived from wheat

    $28.23 $19.99

    EVO7 Adult Bicycle and Sports Helmets

    Embrace spring and summer weather in style and safety with these comfortable and secure helmets for biking, skateboarding, and rollerblading

    $60 $19.99

    Fuze Bike Speaker

    Fuze Bike speaker holds smartphones and media devices securely during rides while blasting favorite tunes from their libraries

    $24.99 $15.99

    Bicycle Saddle Seat

    Padded, gel-filled seat cover designed to fit over all shapes and sizes of standard bike seat for a more comfortable ride

    $38 $12.99