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    The LEGO Movie

    Energetic family-friendly comedy starring a cast of familiar LEGO-ified characters and other superheroes

    $24.99 $14.99

    ESPN 30 for 30 DVD Set

    Set of 100 ESPN sports documentaries on DVD about landmark games and unforgettable players, plus collectibles such as a poster and T-shirt

    $850 $119.99

    6 Ft. Braided Mini-HDMI to HDMI Cable

    Shielded cable with gold plating transmits audio and video signals from devices with type-C mini-HDMI ports to ones with HDMI inputs

    $20 $6.99

    The Sixties: The Decade That Changed the World 3-DVD Set

    Team of documentarians, including co-executive producer Tom Hanks, take a deep dive into the tumultuous 1960s, especially in America

    $69.99 $39.99

    The Man with No Name Trilogy on Blu-ray

    Starring Clint Eastwood and directed by Sergio Leone, these three spaghetti Westerns are widely regarded as influential to moviemakers

    $39.99 $24.99

    Man of Steel Collector's Edition 3D Blu-Ray Combo Pack

    Superheroic saga starring Henry Cavill and Amy Adams serves as a spectacular reboot for the Superman mythos

    $59.99 $19.99

    Bond 50 Box Set, Including Skyfall, on Blu-ray

    Collection of every Eon Productions movie featuring James Bond, from Sean Connery in Dr. No to Daniel Craig in Skyfall

    $299.99 $149.99

    The African Americans & Black in Latin America

    Professor Henry Louis Gates Jr. uncovers remarkable moments in history in The African Americans and Black in Latin America.

    $39.99 $24.99

    The Mel Brooks Collection 8-Disc DVD Box Set

    Box set includes some of the beloved comedian’s most popular films alongside lesser-known titles, perfect for old fans and new fans alike


    National Geographic Movie Collection 5-DVD Set

    With its coterie of real-life monsters and extreme weather, this DVD set from National Geographic entertains as it educates

    $49.97 $29.99

    Godzilla Movie Collection

    Seven early Godzilla movies, including the uncut version of the 1954 original

    $34 $17.99

    The Good Wife: Seasons 1–4

    Critically acclaimed CBS series about the burgeoning career of a woman whose politician husband was caught in a public sex scandal

    $38.99 $24.99

    American Experience: Freedom Summer on DVD

    Acclaimed documentary about the “Freedom Summer” of 1964 uses archival footage and interviews to recount a decisive moment in US history

    $24.99 $14.99

    Godzilla on DVD with Digital Download

    Gareth Edwards’ 2014 Godzilla movie renders the monster in dazzling CGI, co-stars Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Elizabeth Olsen

    $28.98 $24.99

    Civil War: Rebellion to Reconstruction

    14-disc Civil War documentary designed for a classroom setting covers the bloody 4-year war with dramatizations, archival photography & more

    $199.98 $24.99

    The March Documentary on DVD

    Documentary recounts the events of the 1963 March on Washington and the context of Martin Luther King Jr.’s historic speech

    $24.99 $14.99

    Black Magic by ESPN Films on DVD

    Documentary narrated by Samuel L. Jackson recounts the struggles and triumphs of African-American players during the civil rights movement

    $14.95 $9.99

    Ray Donovan Season 1 on DVD or Blu-ray

    First season of Ray Donovan, starring Liev Schreiber and Jon Voight, on choice of DVD or Blu-ray

    $67.98 $39.99

    Real Steel 3-Disc Combo (Blu-ray/DVD/Digital)

    Blu-ray and DVD copy of Oscar-nominated, action-packed sci-fi sports film Real Steel, starring Hugh Jackman

    $35.99 $11.99

    War Horse 4-Disc Blu-ray and DVD Combo Pack

    Blu-ray, DVD, and digital copies of this adventurous epic, following a young man and his horse through the epic sprawl of World War I

    $45.99 $12.99

    Pain & Gain on Blu-ray, DVD, and Digital Copy

    Action comedy from Michael Bay stars Mark Wahlberg and Dwayne Johnson, featuring personal trainers and a criminal organization in ’90s Miami

    $39.99 $12.97

    ESPN Films 30 for 30 DVD Collection

    Emmy-nominated documentary series includes titles like 9.79, a 2012 Toronto Film Festival selection, and stories of scandal and victory

    $14.95 $7.99

    NFL: A Football Life DVDs

    Documentaries on legendary NFL players and coaches provide an in-depth look at their lives and legacy

    $14.93 $9.99

    I Am Number Four Blu-ray

    Blu-ray edition of this Michael Bay-produced thriller features supernatural elements and plenty of action


    Bridesmaids on DVD

    Critically acclaimed comedy with a cast of side-splitting actresses, written by and starring Kristen Wiig as her best friend’s maid of honor

    $19.98 $7.99

    Annapolis on Blu-ray

    This inspiring story of troublemaker Jake Huard’s journey to becoming a naval officer builds tension as he butts heads with his superiors

    $15.99 $4.99

    The Passion of the Christ on DVD

    Released in 2004, Mel Gibson’s epic bible drama stars Jim Caviezel as Jesus, Maia Morgenstern as Mary, and Monica Bellucci as Mary Magdalene

    $9.98 $5.99

    John Wayne 6 Movie Collection DVD

    Six of the early films of John Wayne in one DVD

    $7.99 $5.99

    Anchorman or Anchorman 2

    Newsman Ron Burgundy and his crew wends their way through the network news world in these two hilarious comedies

    $26.99 $9.99

    MacGruber: Unrated Edition on Blu-ray or DVD

    Hilariously excessive parody of MacGyver TV series, adapted from popular Saturday Night Live sketch

    $16.24 $8.99

    G.I. Joe: Retaliation on DVD

    Action-packed blockbuster follows 2009’s “G.I. Joe” with even more over-the-top sequences; stars Dwayne Johnson and Channing Tatum

    $29.99 $6.99

    Black Swan on DVD or Blu-ray

    Darren Aronofsky’s visionary Black Swan on DVD or Blu-ray with behind-the-scenes documentaries, interviews, and cast profiles

    $9.98 $6.99

    Nebraska on DVD or Blu-ray

    Academy Award–nominated film from Academy Award–winning director of Sideways and The Descendents stars Bruce Dern & Will Forte

    $22.99 $7.99

    Super 8 on DVD or Blu-ray

    Kyle Chandler and Elle Fanning star in this thriller about a train crash inadvertently caught on tape and the eerie events that follow

    $21.99 $6.99

    Flash Gordon Three-Disc Collectors' Edition DVD Set

    Set includes the 1940 serial film adventure Flash Gordon Conquers the Universe and 13 episodes of the 1954 TV series with Steve Holland

    $7.99 $5.99

    Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day

    A failed governess unexpectedly becomes a “social secretary” to a high-society actress in this comedy starring Frances McDormand & Amy Adams

    $9.99 $6.99

    Do You Believe in Miracles? The Story of the 1980 U.S. Hockey...

    Documentary DVD tells the story of the 1980 U.S. Olympic gold-medal hockey team’s shocking upset of the Soviet Union’s juggernaut team

    $14.99 $4.99

    Larry Bird: A Basketball Legend on DVD

    NBA documentary explores the stellar career and innovative play of three-time MVP winner Larry Bird

    $14.95 $9.99

    The Gathering Swarms: Bats, Butterflies and More on DVD or Blu-ray

    Marvel at some of earth’s most awe-inspiring gatherings of animals and insects in this nature documentary

    $19.99 $9.99