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      Up to 57% Off Wellness Services at Joint Ventures

      Joint Ventures

      Multiple Locations (0.1 miles)

      Licensed therapists provide wellness services such as massage, acupuncture and personal training with emphasis on personalization

      $100 $45

      Up to 57% Off Reflexology and Bodywork

      Healthy Foot Spa

      Chinatown - Leather District (0.5 miles)

      Back massages and herbal foot soaks work in tandem with reflexology, which aims to restore bodily health through channels in the feet

      $65 $33

      63% Off Acupuncture Treatments

      Pathways to Wellness

      South End (1.6 miles)

      Nonprofit center’s licensed acupuncturists insert ultra-fine needles into areas of the body to help boost qi and enact healing mechanisms

      $270 $99

      Up to 86% Off at Beneski Chiropractic

      Beneski Chiropractic

      Financial District (0.2 miles)

      Staff ease stress with a 60-minute massage or identify and remedy the underlying causes of chronic pain with a chiropractic package

      $85 $31 Sale Ends 9/20

      Up to 75% Off at Open Space Community Acupuncture

      Open Space Community Acupuncture

      Union Square/Somerville (2.4 miles)

      Treat pain, allergies, stress, and other maladies with a natural, ancient technique

      $50 $19 Sale Ends 9/20

      Up to 92% Off Chiropractic Adjustments and HydroMassages

      Newton Chiropractic and Wellness Centre

      Newton Upper Falls (9.2 miles)

      Doctors Burke and Coleman focus on resolving the source of the problem and not just treating the symptom.

      $385 $29

      50% Off Spa Package or Tui Na Treatment

      Oriental Foot Reflexology

      Waltham (9.7 miles)

      Spa package soothes with hand and foot reflexology, coupled with a rose-scented herb bath; tui na eases stress with acupressure

      $50 $25

      Up to 67% Off Acupuncture in Cambridge

      Acupuncture Together

      North Cambridge (4.7 miles)

      Acupuncturists strategically place needles to alleviate pain & other issues as clients lounge in comfortable reclining chairs

      $55 $25

      Up to 73% Off Acupuncture Treatments

      Acupuncture & Chiropractic Center of Boston

      Wellesley (12.8 miles)

      Acupuncture helps to boost circulation and reduce pain; facial treatment targets signs of aging

      $80 $22

      Up to 52% Off at A Better You Hypnosis

      A Better You Hypnosis

      Multiple Locations (10.2 miles)

      Private sessions with a nationally known hypnotist, author, and speaker seen on Dateline NBC's Ultimate Diet Challenge

      $150 $72

      Up to 45% Off Reflexology Massage

      Crystal Foot Care

      Quincy Center (8.1 miles)

      Expert reflexologists soothe muscles and treat aches throughout the body by massaging precise points on the feet

      $50 $29

      Up to 72% Off Acupuncture at Bamboo Wisdom Acupuncture

      Bamboo Wisdom Acupuncture

      Bamboo Wisdom Acupuncture (12.8 miles)

      Treat pain, allergies, stress, and other maladies with a natural, ancient technique; group or private settings

      $60 $20 Sale Ends 9/20

      Up to 59% Off Reflexology or Foot Detox

      All You Need Wellness

      Beverly (16.4 miles)

      By applying pressure to feet, hands, and ears, reflexology can alleviate a variety of symptoms including asthma, anxiety, headaches, and PMS

      $65 $32

      46% Off Three-Day Juice Cleanse from Peeled Juice Bar


      Raw, nutrient-rich cold-pressed juice drinks cleanse and detoxify; meal replacement protein powder keeps cleansers energized

      $233 $125

      Up to 54% Off Juice Cleanse with Free Delivery from Chef V

      Chef V

      All-organic cleanses help clients detoxify their systems and lose weight without feeling starved

      $229 $109

      Up to 64% Off Weight-Loss, Mindfulness, or Anxiety Hypnosis

      i Free To Be Hypnosis

      Hanover (21.0 miles)

      Certified hypnotist helps clients to understand the source of bad habits and change them

      $125 $49

      Juice in the Raw—Up to 54% Off Three-Day Juice Cleanses

      Juice in the RAW

      Three-day supply (18 bottles) of cold-pressed raw juices packed with essential nutrients and enzymes

      $185 $89

      Up to 76% Off Acupuncture or Massage

      Tai Chi Acupuncture & Wellness Center

      North Reading (15.0 miles)

      Acupuncturists treat pain, allergies, and other maladies with a natural, ancient technique; massage therapists knead away aches and tension

      $100 $24

      Up to 53% Off at Oriental Foot Reflexology

      Oriental Foot Reflexology

      Watertown (4.9 miles)

      Tui Na Treatment uses acupressure to restore natural flow of energy throughout the body

      $60 $30

      Up to 72% Off Chiropractic Services

      A Touch of Health Chiropractic Wellness Center

      Swampscott (10.7 miles)

      Chiropractic massage loosens tense muscles; Dr. Amar can also perform adjustments to correct spinal alignment and alleviate chronic pain

      $100 $59

      Up to 66% Off Hypnosis

      Professional Hypnosis Center Of Weymouth

      Norwell (15.7 miles)

      Certified hypnotherapist treats depression, anxiety, and addiction

      $435 $149

      Up to 91% Off Chiropractic Services

      Perron Family Chiropractic

      Brockton (18.7 miles)

      During a thorough appointment, the chiropractor takes a holistic approach to address back issues and spinal misalignments

      $325 $29

      44% Off Acupuncture

      Maverick Square Acupuncture

      Boston (1.3 miles)

      Local businesses like this one promote thriving, distinctive communities by offering a rich array of goods and services to locals like you

      $90 $50

      Half Off Hypnotherapy in Haverhill

      Addie Kania, Hypnotherapist

      Haverhill (28.3 miles)

      Hypnosis sessions may subconsciously aid in smoking cessation, weight loss, and stress reduction

      $180 $80

      86% Off Chiropractic Exam, Treatment, and Massage

      Simon Healthcare

      Oak Square (4.6 miles)

      Following a spinal exam and a lifestyle consultation, an adjustment and a massage help you get back into full form

      $425 $59

      Up to 93% Off Massage and Chiropractic Exam

      Merrimack Valley Wellness Center

      North Andover (21.0 miles)

      Dr. Ryan Hewitt consults with patients to find the roots of chronic pain; licensed massage therapist adds therapeutic kneads

      $345 $36 Sale Ends 9/20

      80% Off Chiropractic Care

      Dr. Peter G. Hill, Weston Chiropractor

      Weston (13.4 miles)

      Doctor of chiropractic Peter G. Hill examines and adjusts spines

      $166 $34

      Up to 54% Off Wellness and Weight Loss Programs

      Ameyal Holistic Health

      Detoxifying foods purge bodies of toxins while increasing nutrional intake; weight loss programs help set and accomplish wellness goals

      $50 $25

      Up to 91% Off Chiropractic Packages

      Cape Cod Sports Chiropractic

      Barnstable Town (59.0 miles)

      Chiropractor scans the body for decreased spinal motion, pain, and scar tissue and corrects them with noninvasive massages and adjustments

      $325 $39

      Up to 73% Off Cold-Laser Pain Therapy

      Dunsky Rehabilitation and Spine Center

      Framingham (19.1 miles)

      Low light, emitted from a cold-laser therapy machine painlessly, heals damaged tissues and reduces inflammation in the body

      $140 $45

      Up to 55% Off Community Acupuncture

      Metro West Whole Health

      Milford (26.6 miles)

      Acupuncturists perform their work upon small groups of clients, seated in recliners in the midst of a soothing workspace

      $40 $19

      Up to 54% Off 60-Minute Reiki Sessions

      Reiki Blossoms

      Marshfield (25.6 miles)

      One-hour Reiki sessions performed by Reiki masters strive to improve health and relieve stress using natural methods to balance energy

      $70 $35

      Up to 87% Off a Chiropractic Exam and Adjustments

      Discover Chiropractic

      Merrimack (42.3 miles)

      After the chiropractor pinpoints a patient's cause of pain through an exam and x-rays, he can help reduce it with a spinal correction

      $350 $45

      80% Off at East Coast Chiropractic

      East Coast Chiropractic

      Manchester (48.8 miles)

      Husband-and-wife chiropractic team eases tense tissue with massage and tracks down spinal subluxations during exams

      $190 $38 Sale Ends 9/20

      67% Off Weight-Loss Hypnosis Sessions

      Practical Hypnosis

      Orleans (67.6 miles)

      Certified hypnotist Nancy Goldberg gives 90-minute treatments designed to retrain the brain to desire healthy foods or feel full faster

      $120 $39.99

      Up to 58% Off Reiki at Your Bridge To Healing

      Your Bridge To Healing

      Groton (31.8 miles)

      Therapists clear the body's energy pathways and encourage natural healing processes to treat issues such as pain and stress

      $35 $15

      Up to 93% Off Chiropractic-Exam Packages

      Haverhill Family Chiropractic

      Haverhill (29.6 miles)

      After the chiropractor meets with patients and examines their spines, a licensed massage therapist may administer a therapeutic massage

      $285 $19 Sale Ends 9/20

      Up to 88% Off Chiropractic Care and Hydro-Massages

      Quintessential Chiropractic

      Portsmouth (49.9 miles)

      A chiropractor treats spinal misalignments and postural issues with adjustments and hydro-massage therapy

      $375 $54 Sale Ends 9/20

      45% Off Hypnosis

      The Door Is Open Counseling Center

      Hull (10.9 miles)

      A certified hypnotherapist with 38 years of experience will help you achieve your goals, reduce stress and anger, and curb habits

      $150 $83

      Up to 76% Off Chiropractic Care

      Dr. Melissa Marr at Arsenault Chiropractic Center

      Haverhill (29.4 miles)

      Doctor of chiropractic pinpoints the source of aches before performing tailored adjustments that restore flexibility and inspire wellbeing

      $125 $30

      Up to 59% Off from Joseph A. Kay, Licensed Acupuncturist

      Joseph A. Kay, Licensed Acupuncturist

      Central Square (2.6 miles)

      Treat pain, allergies, stress, and other maladies with a natural, ancient technique

      $90 $39

      45% Off Reiki

      Heart Of The Dove Healing

      Westford (23.7 miles)

      Elaine intuitively works within the higher bodies and the physical body, creating a powerful means of healing.

      $75 $41

      Up to 50% Off Raw Food and Organic Juice

      Juice Rx

      Organic, fresh fruit and veggies pressed without heat to maintain virtually all their vitamins and nutrients; raw meals and Elixir Shots

      $195 $135

      Up to 62% Off Community-Style Acupuncture

      Joy Community Acupuncture - Joyce Nemser

      Newton (6.9 miles)

      With community-style acupuncture, groups of people are treated together in one room equipped with recliners and white-noise machines

      $50 $25

      Up to 56% Off Acupuncture

      New England Muscular Therapy

      Quincy Center (8.1 miles)

      Treat pain, allergies, stress, and other maladies with a natural, ancient technique

      $135 $59

      45% Off Reflexology

      Marblehead Foot Spa

      Marblehead (14.0 miles)

      Herbal foot soaks with reflexology give your feet, backs, limbs and, necks relaxing moments; private, clean, quiet.

      $60 $33

      Up to 85% Off Chiropractic Exam Packages

      Denaro Chiropractic

      North Reading (14.9 miles)

      Chiropractor pinpoints sources of pain during a thorough exam and attempts to relieve them with noninvasive techniques

      $170 $27 Sale Ends 9/20

      Up to 66% Off Chiropractic Exam and Adjustment

      Herner Chiropractic

      Downtown Nashua (34.9 miles)

      A licensed chiropractor examines the spine and extremities, and strives to restore alignment with gentle adjustments

      $45 $17 Sale Ends 9/20