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      Up to 91% Off Kids' Martial-Arts Classes

      Kids Love Martial Arts

      Plantation(6.7 miles)

      Kids develop focus, confidence, self-discipline, and self-respect while learning self-defense skills that make them bully-proof

      $210 $20

      50% Off Martial Arts / Karate / MMA

      Villari's Kempo Karate Of Boca Raton

      South Congress Industrial Center(19.7 miles)

      Local businesses like this one promote thriving, distinctive communities by offering a rich array of goods and services to locals like you

      $360 $180

      Up to 54% Off Classes at Capo Capoeira

      Capo Capoeira

      Coral Springs(12.7 miles)

      Capoeira combines strength, flexibility, self-defense, acrobatics and music; full-body workout for all ages teaches respect and discipline

      $102 $49

      Up to 86% Off Kickboxing Classes

      Kickboxing Plantation

      Plantation(3.9 miles)

      Instructors blend boxing techniques and swift kicks into fitness kickboxing classes that help burn calories and tone bodies

      $90 $15

      Up to 61% Off Kids' Martial-Arts Lessons

      Studio 4 Martial Arts

      City Center(12.8 miles)

      Accomplished instructors teach American kenpo karate and ninjutsu to students 8–13

      $125 $55

      Up to 70% Off at The Academy Of Martial Arts

      The Academy Of Martial Arts

      Cooper City(9.9 miles)

      Family mixed-martial-arts academy incorporates karate, kickboxing, Brazilian jujitsu, judo, and tae kwon do into its high-energy classes

      $165 $49

      Up to 88% Off Kickboxing Classes

      Hallandale Kickboxing & MMA

      Hallandale Beach(9.5 miles)

      Torch calories and tone muscle while picking up self-defense techniques during high-energy, 45-minute classes

      $90 $14 Sale Ends 1/25

      Up to 77% Off Tai Chi and Martial Arts Classes

      Darsana Martial Arts

      Coral Springs(11.5 miles)

      Instructors lead students of all ages through kung fu as well as tai chi and yoga for adults

      $125 $29

      Up to 70% Off Aikido Classes

      Aikido Miramar

      Aikido Miramar(16.0 miles)

      Instructors teach the Japanese martial arts, instilling students with the ability to defend against and overcome larger attackers

      $30 $9

      65% Off Martial Arts

      Mma Fit

      Miami(13.6 miles)

      Local businesses like this one promote thriving, distinctive communities by offering a rich array of goods and services to locals like you

      $300 $105

      Up to 74% Off Mixed Martial-Arts Classes

      Vagner Rocha Martial Arts

      Plantation(7.3 miles)

      Professional MMA fighter helps students learn self-defense with a complete mixed martial-arts program that improves stamina and strength

      $200 $60

      Up to 66% Off Cardio Kickboxing Classes

      Kumite Martial Arts

      Plantation(3.9 miles)

      Instructors lead groups through the rapid punches, kicks, and blocks of kickboxing for a cardio workout

      $100 $39

      Up to 63% Off Fitness Mixed Martial Arts or Kickboxing Classes

      Parks Martial Arts

      Cooper City(11.2 miles)

      Fun, intense mixed-martial-arts fitness classes teach the sport's fundamentals with a focus on anaerobic interval exercise

      $40 $19

      Up to 81% Off Classes at John Wai Kung Fu Academy

      John Wai Kung Fu Academy

      Plantation(6.7 miles)

      Martial-arts academy offers classes in kung fu, fitness kickboxing, and other practical disciplines

      $100 $25

      Up to 81% Off Karate Classes

      Asaka Karate School

      Traditional Japanese Karate(13.3 miles)

      One-hour classes for ages 4 and up; students learn karate and how to defend themselves in an inclusive, fun environment

      $185 $43 Sale Ends 1/25

      43% Off Martial Arts

      Tiger And Dragon Karate

      Sunrise(9.9 miles)

      Local businesses like this one promote thriving, distinctive communities by offering a rich array of goods and services to locals like you

      $125 $71

      Up to 75% Off Fitness and Martial Arts Classes

      Capoeira Artes Das Gerais Miami

      Tough Training Center(18.9 miles)

      Students practice the Brazilian art form of capoeira, which combines martial arts and dance, or can opt for MMA or Brazilian jiu jitsu

      $100 $35

      Up to 77% Off Kids' or Adult Martial Arts Classes

      Haastyle Martial Arts Academy

      Boca Raton(16.8 miles)

      Pre-K & youth classes emphasize the importance of being respectful; adults learn techniques of Counterpoint Tactical System, armed & unarmed

      $170 $49

      Brazilian Top Team – Up to 67% Off Martial-Arts Classes

      Brazilian Top Team

      Boca Raton(17.4 miles)

      Jiu-jitsu and muay thai classes are designed for self-defense or sport; cardio-kickboxing classes increase strength and fitness levels

      $150 $49

      Up to 78% Off Brazilian Jujitsu Classes

      Moncaio Brothers Jiu Jitsu

      Boca Raton(17.6 miles)

      Brazilian Jujitsu instructors emphasize technique over brawn while preparing students for everything from self-defense scenarios to sparring

      $225 $59

      Up to 86% Off Kids' Martial-Arts Classes

      Hallandale Kickboxing & MMA

      Hallandale Beach(9.5 miles)

      Kids build strength, endurance, and discipline while learning self-defense techniques in martial-arts classes

      $90 $15

      43% Off Unlimited Martial Arts Classes

      Monster Wrestling & Athletic Club

      Lauderhill(8.2 miles)

      From the merchant: Nationally Certified staff offers a proven Championship Program. Experience the ultimate in Martial Arts & Fitness.

      $225 $128

      Up to 71% Off Brazilian Jujitsu or Karate Classes

      Goju Ryu Miami Kenseikan

      Doral(24.5 miles)

      Experienced senseis run a family-oriented facility, where they focus on cultivating both physical ability and emotional growth

      $40 $19

      Up to 91% Off Martial-Arts Fitness Classes 

      Karate America

      Multiple Locations(17.1 miles)

      Punch, kick, and jab your way through these challenging self-defense martial-arts classes

      $320 $30

      70% Off 30 days worth of Martial-Arts Lessons

      Gracie Barra Doral

      Doral(24.4 miles)

      Local businesses like this one promote thriving, distinctive communities by offering a rich array of goods and services to locals like you

      $150 $45

      81% Off One Month of Martial-Arts Classes

      RMBJJ Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

      Coral Springs(12.5 miles)

      Martial-arts classes for children, teens, or adults teach age-appropriate Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and mixed-martial-arts skills

      $310 $59

      Up to 81% Off Tae Kwon Do Classes and Uniform

      Traditional Tae Kwon Do Centers

      Davie(7.2 miles)

      Led by Tae Kwon Do Master, black-belt instructors teach classes that impart focus and discipline as students develop strength and stamina

      $120 $35

      Up to 70% Off Martial-Arts Classes

      Young Tae Kwon Do Martial Arts Center

      Miami(12.0 miles)

      Classes range from traditional tae kwon do to cardio tae kwon do boot camps and cage-fitness sessions

      $200 $79

      50% Off Unlimited Boxing or Kickboxing Classes

      American Top Team Ftl

      Fort Lauderdale(0.5 miles)

      Advanced martial-arts training for beginners and first-time students

      $400 $200

      Up to 74% Off Kickboxing Packages


      Kickboxing classes combine boxing and martial arts to help tone and trim physiques, and one-on-one training helps refine style and results

      $105 $30

      Up to 84% Off Tae Kwon Do or Cardio-Kickboxing Classes

      Fight and Fit Training Center

      Cooper City(9.1 miles)

      Seasoned instructors lead students through full-body workouts in strength-building tae kwon do or cardio-kickboxing classes

      $59 $19

      Up to 86% Off Martial Arts Classes for Kids or Adults

      Reyes Martial Arts Academy

      Hialeah Acres(20.8 miles)

      Kids and adults burn calories while gaining focus and self-confidence as they learn the intricate self-defense techniques of kenpo karate

      $90 $15

      Up to 76% Off Jiujitsu Classes

      Trillo Jiujitsu Academy

      Country Club(16.8 miles)

      Learn Gracie Jiujitsu self-defense techniques, including takedowns, striking, and ground fighting during Gi and No Gi classes

      $160 $49

      65% Off Martial-Arts Lessons

      Pa-kua North Miami Center Of Chinese Arts

      North Miami(16.1 miles)

      From the merchant: Great martial arts classes in a family environment focusing on progressive training and helping people to grow in life.

      $150 $53

      Up to 78% Off Kickboxing and CrossFit

      Velocity Martial Arts

      Multiple Locations(8.4 miles)

      Kickboxing is a high-energy workout built around martial-arts striking techniques; CrossFit helps students increase their functional fitness

      $100 $25

      Up to 82% Off Kickboxing Classes

      Stephen's Karate and Kickboxing Center

      Boca Raton Hills(17.2 miles)

      Veteran fighter and instructor imparts the basics of kickboxing through up-tempo 50-minute flurry of jabs, punches, and kicks

      $120 $26 Sale Ends 1/25

      Up to 86% Off at Kickboxing Pembroke Pines

      Kickboxing Pembroke Pines

      Multiple Locations(3.9 miles)

      Kickboxing builds strength, endurance, and coordination with traditional martial-arts techniques

      $90 $15

      Up to 75% Off Martial-Arts Classes

      Karate Zone

      Parkland(14.5 miles)

      Local businesses like this one promote thriving, distinctive communities by offering a rich array of goods and services to locals like you

      $179 $49

      Up to 61% Off Karate Party or Martial Arts

      Imperial Martial Arts

      Sunrise(13.2 miles)

      Martial-arts instructors teach karate and other disciplines during classes or birthday parties

      $249 $119

      43% Off Martial Arts Classes

      American Tigers Karate Dojo

      Miramar(10.5 miles)

      Develop inner strength with confidence; new method of teaching delivers greater results

      $125 $71

      51% Off a One-Month Martial-Arts Course

      Extreme Punch Martial Arts

      Boca Raton(16.4 miles)

      Kids' classes teach self-defense skills as well as discipline and focus; adult classes teach self-defense techniques and cardio kickboxing

      $99 $49

      50% Off Martial Arts

      Db Karate School

      Sunny Isles Beach(13.0 miles)

      Local businesses like this one promote thriving, distinctive communities by offering a rich array of goods and services to locals like you

      $160 $80

      Up to 82% Off Boot Camp or Tae Kwon Do Classes

      Parks Martial Arts

      Cooper City(11.2 miles)

      An Anti-Bully boot camp helps kids build confidence, defend themselves, and learn how to defuse tense situations

      $99 $39

      Up to 86% Off Martial Arts Classes at Kickboxing Sunrise

      Kickboxing Sunrise

      Sunrise(7.4 miles)

      Students build discipline, mental focus, and self-confidence during martial arts classes taught in a supportive and inclusive environment

      $90 $15

      Up to 72% Off Capoeira Classes

      Body Mind & Soul of Hollywood

      North Central Hollywood(6.2 miles)

      All-purpose exercise studio hosts Afro-Brazilian dance, music, and martial arts classes

      $125 $40

      Up to 67% Off Kids' Martial-Arts Classes=


      Pembroke Pines(12.4 miles)

      While learned the essential moves of martial arts such as karate or Judo, kids gain not only strength but self-confidence

      $150 $59

      Up to 87% Off Martial Arts Classes

      United Martial Arts

      United Martial Arts(13.8 miles)

      Instructors guide students through martial arts lessons designed to hone self-defense skills and build confidence

      $175 $26 Sale Ends 1/25

      Up to 54% Off Kickboxing Classes

      Aventura Mixed Martial Arts

      Hallandale Beach(9.5 miles)

      High-energy, full-body kickboxing workouts fuse cardio with the striking moves of martial arts and boxing

      $60 $30