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      Up to 89% Off Dental Services in Miami Beach

      Bal Harbour Smiles

      Altos Del Mar(16.5 miles)

      Dental experts beautify and safeguard smiles with preventive and cosmetic dental and periodontal services

      $265 $29

      95% Off Dental Checkup at Hollywood Dental Care

      Hollywood Dental Care

      Hollywood(7.7 miles)

      Dentists examine teeth for cavities using digital x-rays, clean teeth, and apply a fluoride treatment, which helps prevent tooth decay

      $395 $18 TODAY ONLY

      Up to 53% Off Fitness Classes at OptimalFit Pilates

      OptimalFit Pilates

      Doral Resort and Country Club(24.7 miles)

      Center your mind and body during yoga, get a cardio workout during Spin & Stretch, or focus on natural spinal movements during gyrokinesis

      $75 $35

      Up to 75% Off Nail-Fungus Treatments

      Boca Podiatry Group

      Boca Raton(15.9 miles)

      CoolTouch laser helps to speed toenail recovery from fungus assault with three quick, noninvasive treatments and two follow-up visits

      $800 $199

      90% Off Dental Exam and Cleaning

      Tango Dental

      Fort Lauderdale(3.7 miles)

      Local businesses like this one promote thriving, distinctive communities by offering a rich array of goods and services to locals like you

      $381 $38

      75% Off Teeth-Whitening Package

      Stanton Dental Excellence

      Coral Ridge(3.5 miles)

      Zoom!’s light-activated gel brightens teeth up to eight shades in about an hour; custom take-home trays and gel

      $399 $99

      Up to 79% Off Laser Nail Fungus Removal

      Paradigm Podiatry

      Pembroke Pines(12.5 miles)

      Feet experts use noninvasive lasers to banish unsightly fungal growths from nail beds, clarity returns as new growth ensues

      $535 $149

      49% Off In-Office Teeth Whitening

      Look Image Academy

      Pompano Beach(9.6 miles)

      Local businesses like this one promote thriving, distinctive communities by offering a rich array of goods and services to locals like you

      $99 $50

      83% Off at Enchanting Dentistry

      Enchanting Dentistry

      Plantation(7.4 miles)

      During the 1- to 1.5-hour visit, a dentist examines teeth for cavities before cleaning them or checking gums for signs of disease

      $235 $39

      90% Off Dental Exam, Cleaning, and X-rays

      Center for Complete Dentistry

      Multiple Locations(9.5 miles)

      Dentist and his experienced staff make sure pearly whites stay that way with exams, cleanings, and x-rays

      $285 $29

      77% Off Zoom! Teeth Whitening

      Cano Medical Dental

      Pembroke Commons(9.9 miles)

      Zoom, the tooth-lightening treatment most commonly requested by patients, brightens chompers with LED technology

      $400 $99

      72% Off at Teeth Whitening Pros

      Teeth Whitening Pros

      Palm Aire Plaza(7.5 miles)

      DaVinci teeth-whitening treatment combines all-natural whitening gel and LED laser light to render smiles brighter

      $249 $69

      91% Off Checkup at Family Dental Care

      Family Dental Care

      Lauderhill(4.0 miles)

      Experienced dentist uncovers issues with exam and x-rays, and cleans plaque from teeth

      $370 $35

      86% Off at All Smiles Dental

      All Smiles Dental

      Pompano Beach(9.9 miles)

      Exam and x-rays pinpoint signs of oral cancer, tooth decay, or growth abnormalities; cleaning removes plaque and tartar

      $273 $39

      Up to 70% Laser Nail-Fungus Removal

      Laser Nail Therapy Clinic

      Nautilus(21.3 miles)

      Podiatrists brandish FDA-cleared PinPointe lasers to clear up irksome nail fungus in as little as one treatment

      $750 $249

      88% Off a Dental Exam with Cleaning

      Galt Family Dentistry

      Fort Lauderdale(4.2 miles)

      Dental staff visually inspects, x-rays, and cleans pearly whites

      $235 $29

      Up to 87% Off at South Florida Smile Spa - Nicole M Berger, DDS

      South Florida Smile Spa - Nicole M Berger, DDS

      Ft Lauderdale/Pompano Beach(6.4 miles)

      Dental checkups include examination and optional cleaning; porcelain veneers can correct damaged, crowded, or discolored teeth

      $389 $49

      $2,501 Off Invisalign Express and Teeth-Whitening Package

      Coral Ridge Smile

      Knoll Ridge(5.1 miles)

      Lumibrite teeth whitening brightens smiles a minimum of 8 shades, and custom-made trays straighten teeth inconspicuously

      $4,500 $1,999

      90% Off Dental Checkup at A Healthy Smile

      A Healthy Smile

      Pembroke Pines(12.5 miles)

      Dr. Delgado inspects teeth using panoramic and bitewing x-rays; the exam includes a cleaning and hygiene tutorial

      $402 $39

      68% Off In-Office Teeth Whitening at ProDent Group

      ProDent Group

      Coral Springs(11.0 miles)

      During quick session, dentist restores shine to teeth tarnished by coffee, wine, or tobacco

      $249 $79

      86% Off at American Dental of Florida

      American Dental of Florida

      Margate (9.4 miles)

      Dentist and dental hygienist examine teeth, take x-rays to locate signs of trouble, and clear away plaque with a thorough cleaning

      $275 $39

      50% Off Laser Teeth-Whitening Treatments for One

      The Collection by Narotique

      Miami Gardens(12.9 miles)

      Laser light activates a concentrated whitening gel to lift out stains and yellowing in about an hour

      $100 $50

      Up to 89% Off at Premier Dental Group

      Premier Dental Group

      Hallandale Beach(9.5 miles)

      Thorough dental exam, cleaning, and x-rays maintain oral health

      $440 $49

      85% Off a Three-Pack of Professional Teeth-Whitening Pens


      Downtown Fort Lauderdale(0.1 miles)

      Convenient, portable pen’s professional-grade gel erases unsightly stains; redeemable in store or online

      $117 $17.99

      65% Off Teeth-Whitening Treatment

      Rejuvenate Your Skin

      Coral Springs(11.5 miles)

      Whitening treatment brightens smiles with low-peroxide formula to avoid sensitivity or damage to teeth

      $279 $99

      68% Off In-Office Teeth Whitening

      Prestege Wellness

      Fort Lauderdale(5.2 miles)

      In a relaxing environment with ocean sounds, salt lamps, and fragrant candles, patients undergo a whitening treatment that brightens teeth

      $249 $79

      Up to 80% Off Toenail-Fungus-Removal Treatment

      Natural Beauty Laser

      Boca Raton(18.0 miles)

      Laser light penetrates infected toenails and destroys fungus

      $500 $99

      Up to 72% Off Laser Nail-Fungus Removal

      BioVital MedSpa

      Weston(14.7 miles)

      Experienced doctors use laser technology to clear toenails of fungus, with healthy nails growing in over a period of months

      $540 $199

      Up to 60% Off Toenail-Fungus Treatments

      Doral Medical Center

      Doral(24.6 miles)

      A noninvasive laser light kills fungal infections lurking in the nail and matrix, while leaving the surrounding toe tissue unscathed

      $350 $139

      85% Off Dental Checkups

      Dr. Stuart Bayes

      Park Of Commerce(14.2 miles)

      Local businesses like this one promote thriving, distinctive communities by offering a rich array of goods and services to locals like you

      $295 $44

      Up to 87% Off at Premier Dental Group

      Premier Dental Group

      Hallandale Beach(9.5 miles)

      Thorough dental exam, cleaning, and x-rays maintain oral health; teeth-whitening treatment visibly brightens smiles

      $375 $49

      Up to 51% Off Electrolysis Hair Removal

      Acupuncture & Advanced Aesthetics, Inc.

      Acupuncture & Advanced Aesthetics, Inc.(5.9 miles)

      Small electrical currents target hair follicles, removing unwanted hair and slowing its regrowth

      $60 $30

      89% Off Advanced 3D Teeth-Whitening Kit and Lifetime Refills

      Advanced Teeth Whitening USA

      Fort Lauderdale(0.1 miles)

      Peroxide technology works its way into breaking up stains and discoloration on teeth, whether in 15 minutes or overnight

      $149 $16.99

      82% Off at Bay Harbor Complete Dentistry

      Bay Harbor Complete Dentistry

      Bay Harbor Islands(16.3 miles)

      During exams, dentist searches for any issues and signs of disease; Zoom! treatments whitens teeth up to eight shades brighter

      $550 $99

      Up to 86% Off Dental Cleaning, X-Rays, and Exam

      Bayview Smile Design

      Fort Lauderdale(5.1 miles)

      A dentist and a dental hygienist examine teeth, x-ray to locate signs of trouble, and clear away plaque with a thorough cleaning

      $275 $39

      83% Off Invisalign Package

      Coral Springs Dental Associates

      Coral Springs(10.3 miles)

      Dr. Diego Azar helps teeth shift into straight rows with subtle Invisalign trays that shift teeth position over time

      $1,750 $299

      50% Off Toenail Laser Fungus Removal

      Marian Davis DPM PA

      Miami(18.7 miles)

      Laser light destroys below-the-nail fungus while leaving surrounding tissue intact

      $250 $125

      Up to 84% Off Laser Toenail-Fungus Removal

      Nina L. Coletta, D.P.M., P.A.

      Pine Island Ridge(8.1 miles)

      Quick pulses of laser light pass through the toenails and nail beds, eradicating fungus without damaging the surrounding tissues

      $1,260 $299

      62% Off Laser Toenail-Fungus Removal

      Advanced Footcare

      Aventura(12.3 miles)

      Podiatrists target fungus with focused laser light energy that doesn’t damage the surrounding tissue

      $795 $299

      Up to 56% Off Laser Teeth Whitening

      Glam Bar Miami

      Miami Lakes Industrial Park(17.5 miles)

      Laser teeth-whitening treatments get rid of stains and beautify smiles

      $79 $39

      Up to 90% Off Dental Exam

      Sunny Isles Dental

      Sunny Isles Beach(13.1 miles)

      Dentist perform an exam and clean and x-ray chompers; consultation and 3D scan for implants or veneers

      $365 $49

      Up to 92% Off Dental Exams and Whitening

      Affordable Family Services

      Ridgeview(13.8 miles)

      A skilled dentist examines, x-rays, and cleans teeth; whitening systems lift away stains from coffee, wine, and other substances

      $370 $29

      53% Off Teeth Whitening at Image Medical Spa

      Image Medical Spa

      Fort Lauderdale(1.7 miles)

      25-minute treatments combine hydrogen-peroxide gel with LED light to free teeth of stubborn stains

      $125 $59

      86% Off Dental Checkup

      Tooth Options, Inc. - Dr. Jamie Greear-Schmidt

      Pembroke Pines(10.3 miles)

      Hygienist cleans teeth and takes x-rays; dentist performs a comprehensive exam to determine oral health

      $285 $39

      89% Off Dental-Checkup Package

      Coral Springs Dental Associates

      Coral Springs Mall(10.3 miles)

      Dr. Diego Azar inspects mouths for cavities, gum disease, and oral cancer, and a cleaning polishes teeth

      $320 $35 Sale Ends 1/29

      84% Off at North Miami Beach Dental

      North Miami Beach Dental

      North Miami Beach(13.6 miles)

      Dentists with more than 20 years of experience and convenient hours examine chompers, perform x-rays, and polish smiles

      $250 $39

      86% Off a Dental Package

      Dental Designs of Plantation

      Plantation(8.8 miles)

      Dentists use state-of-the-art equipment to check mouths for cavities and banish excess plaque and tartar

      $264 $36

      65% Off Teeth-Whitening Treatment

      Dermal~Care Esthetics & Wellness Centre

      Boca Raton(17.2 miles)

      Whitening gel and LED light work together to break down stains from coffee, smoking, and tea; teeth may appear up to 8 shades lighter

      $199 $69