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      30% Off Breast Augmentation at Bellavita Center

      Bellavita Center

      Beverly Hills (9.4 miles)

      Doctor who trained at various prestigious medical schools performs breast augmentations; anesthesia included

      $7,800 $5,499

      Up to 57% Off Complete Invisalign Treatment

      Ramin Tour DDS

      Los Angeles (3.5 miles)

      Invisible braces straighten teeth in 6–18 months

      $6,500 $2,799

      63% Off Rhinoplasty

      Doheny Sunset Surgery Center

      West Hollywood (9.0 miles)

      Board-certified cosmetic surgeon with three decades of experience alters the shape of the nose during roughly one-hour procedure

      $8,000 $2,999

      Up to 54% Off Crowns and Veneers

      West LA Dental

      West Los Angeles (12.8 miles)

      Porcelain veneers and crowns conceal teeth issues, such as chips, gaps, and stains

      $1,293 $599

      51% Off Invisalign Treatment at Exquisite Dentistry

      Exquisite Dentistry

      Mid-City West (7.0 miles)

      Invisible braces straighten teeth in 6–18 months

      $6,495 $3,200

      Half Off Implant Package at A2Z Dental Center

      A2Z Dental Center

      Valley Village (11.8 miles)

      Dentist with more than 25 years of experience replaces a missing tooth with a crown that functions and looks like a natural tooth

      $4,000 $1,999

      Up to 86% Off Bunion Removal


      Beverly Hills (8.3 miles)

      A skilled surgeon removes painful bumps of extra bone from the inside edge of one or both feet

      $7,000 $1,199

      60% Off Invisalign Treatment

      Smile :Dzine

      West Hollywood (5.0 miles)

      A series of clear plastic aligner trays, customized to your teeth, gradually straightens smiles

      $7,000 $2,799

      55% Off LASIK Eye Surgery at Kurwa Eye Center

      Kurwa Eye Center

      Multiple Locations (13.9 miles)

      Licensed ophthalmologist with an extensive medical background helps correct vision problems, such as astigmatism, using LASIK eye surgery

      $4,400 $1,999

      52% Off a Clear-Braces Package

      Smiles in Malibu

      Central Malibu (30.8 miles)

      Virtually invisible clear braces straighten teeth in up to six months and uses low force to move teeth comfortably

      $5,600 $2,699

      60% Off Dental Implants at E-Dream Dental

      E-Dream Dental

      Multiple Locations (2.9 miles)

      Licensed dental professionals restore damaged teeth with permanent implants, crowns, and abutments

      $3,500 $1,399

      44% Off at Smile Clinic Orthodontics

      Smile Clinic Orthodontics

      Temple City (11.0 miles)

      Orthodontists straighten up teeth discreetly with form-fitting, non-permanent transparent braces

      $5,400 $2,999

      60% Off at Infinite Dental Wellness

      Infinite Dental Wellness

      Montrose Verdugo City (10.5 miles)

      Invisible braces straighten teeth in 6–18 months

      $7,200 $2,899

      Up to 80% Off VelaShape Treatments

      Brand Surgical Institute

      Multiple Locations (7.7 miles)

      Noninvasive, FDA-cleared device combines infrared heat, radio frequency, and massage to tone skin and contour curves

      $600 $139

      Half Off LASIK at The LASIK Vision Institute

      The LASIK Vision Institute

      Los Angeles (12.4 miles)

      LASIK procedure performed by an experienced specialist with a company that has performed close to 1 million eye surgeries nationwide

      $1,400 $699

      55% Off LASIK at Global Eye & Laser

      Global Eye & Laser

      Multiple Locations (6.8 miles)

      Computer-guided laser painlessly reshapes the cornea in order to focus entering light onto the retina, resulting in sharper vision

      $4,000 $1,799

      Up to 62% Off 200-Hour Yoga-Teacher Training

      Michelle Mazur Yoga Therapy

      Los Angeles (17.8 miles)

      Certification program covers Vinyasa practice, yoga philosophy, and ayurvedic healing

      $4,200 $1,600

      57% Off Veneers at Encino Dental Center

      Encino Dental Center

      Encino (17.7 miles)

      Porcelain veneers cover teeth that are discolored, chipped, misaligned, or irregularly shaped; procedure takes up to four hours.

      $2,300 $999

      Up to 60% Off a Complete Invisalign Treatment

      Easy Family Dental

      Encino (16.3 miles)

      Invisible braces straighten teeth in 6–12 months

      $6,500 $2,600

      63% Off Invisalign at Braces America

      Braces America

      Multiple Locations (12.5 miles)

      Doctor fits mouths with custom invisible aligners designed with 3D computer imaging in order to straighten teeth without using braces

      $7,000 $2,599

      44% Off Complete ClearCorrect Invisible Braces

      Zakhor Dental Group

      Westwood-UCLA (11.6 miles)

      Consultation, exam, impressions, and x-rays if needed, up to 12 sets of custom aligners, and first set of post-treatment retainers

      $4,500 $2,499

      Up to 78% Off Fractional-Laser Treatments

      Linage Dermatology Institute

      Beverly Hills (9.4 miles)

      Pinpoints of light delve into skin to kindle healing & renewal, which can ease wrinkles, stretch marks & fine lines & improve skin's texture

      $785 $199

      Up to 67% Off Pelleve Facial Treatments

      Dr. Gold's Anti-Aging Clinic

      Multiple Locations (6.3 miles)

      Using concentrated energy, the Pelleve treatment breaks down collagen in the body to stimulate new growth for younger-looking skin

      $240 $99

      Up to 64% Off a Malibu Kayaking Trip

      4Points Expeditions

      San Buenaventura (Ventura)

      Kayaking trips include a guide, all equipment, and basic instruction before groups take in Malibu's scenic coastline

      $300 $119

      53% Off Invisalign at Encino Dental Center

      Encino Dental Center

      Encino (17.7 miles)

      Clear, custom-made, BPA-free plastic aligners gradually reposition teeth over the course of about a year

      $6,000 $2,799

      65% Off Fencing Lessons

      United Fencing Academy

      Los Angeles (22.0 miles)

      Learn one of the world's safest Olympic sports with internationally renowned coaches at one of LA's finest fencing clubs

      $120 $42

      Up to 51% Off Flag Football League

      Harris Sports

      Downey High School (10.4 miles)

      Make new friends and get in shape with regular games of flag football

      $100 $49

      Up to 61% Off Snorkel or Kayak Tour from Everyday California

      Everyday California

      La Jolla

      Kayakers and snorkelers get up-close views of various sea creatures, such as seals, dolphins, and harmless leopard sharks

      $50 $25

      Up to 52% Off Unlimited Fitness Classes


      Valencia (32.5 miles)

      Trainers can instruct you on how to properly approach fitness, regardless of your conditioning level

      $99 $49

      53% Off Invisalign at Covina Smile

      Covina Smile

      Covina (19.8 miles)

      Teeth straighten out under the guidance of clear, removable, custom aligners in six to eight months

      $5,500 $2,600

      Up to 91% Off Martial-Arts Classes

      Villari Martial Arts

      Duarte (16.9 miles)

      Classes for all ages focus on self-defense and life skills such as discipline and confidence

      $275 $29

      67% for Liposuction at LABodySculpture


      Encino (15.8 miles)

      Liposuction for the upper or lower abdomen, waist or flank, or upper or lower back

      $1,500 $499

      Up to 84% Off Dental Checkup, Whitening, or Crown

      Walnut Hills Family Dentistry

      Walnut (20.3 miles)

      Doctor examines and cleans teeth, fits mouths for take-home whitening kits with two years' worth of gel, or fits tooth with crown or onlay

      $300 $49

      45% Off Tattoo Removal

      Viora Medspa Cosmetic Surgery

      Mid-Wilshire (3.1 miles)

      PicoSure by Cynosure tattoo removal in 3-4 sessions

      $999 $549

      Up to 83% Off at Summer Smile Dental

      Summer Smile Dental

      South Gate (6.6 miles)

      Dentists protect smiles with comprehensive exams, cleanings, whitening procedures, and anti-bacterial irrigation treatments

      $734 $229

      Up to 66% Off a Titan Nonsurgical Face-Lift

      Dermatology and Laser Medical Center

      Multiple Locations (15.8 miles)

      Titan nonsurgical face-lift utilizes infrared light to stimulate collagen production, leaving skin tighter and younger looking

      $1,250 $499

      75% Off at Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Academy

      Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Academy

      Northwest Torrance (13.4 miles)

      Learn valuable self-defense skills in classes designed for kids, women, or co-ed teens and adults

      $395 $99

      Up to 81% Off Self-Defense or Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Classes

      Gracie Barra Encino

      Encino (17.0 miles)

      Learn MMA self-defense skills and the grappling fighting style of Jiu Jitsu under the instruction of top-level professional athletes

      $175 $39

      Up to 75% Off a Standup-Paddleboard Lesson

      Marina Paddle

      Marina Del Ray (12.4 miles)

      Group lessons introduce participants to safe maneuvering techniques for surfing-and-paddling hybrid

      $80 $20

      56% Off Personal Training

      Truth Fitness and Health

      Rancho Palos Verdes (20.8 miles)

      Trainers help kids aged 7–17 gain speed, power, and coordination or strengthen adults' cores during private workouts

      $180 $80

      Up to 83% Off Standup Paddleboarding

      Venice Beach Surf School

      Venice Beach Surf School (14.2 miles)

      Instructor with more than 25 years slicing waves teaches students to master the same

      $160 $49

      Up to 71% Off VaserShape Sessions

      DMH Aesthetics

      Mid-Wilshire (4.9 miles)

      Ultrasound diathermy and zonal lymphatic massage work together to temporarily reduce the appearance of cellulite

      $1,800 $529

      Up to 47% Off Rock Climbing


      West Los Angeles (12.1 miles)

      Skilled instructors teach belaying and climbing basics; 12,000 square feet of bouldering and cliffs challenge climbers of all skill levels

      $45 $25

      50% Off Lessons and Cruises from Pro SUP Shop

      Pro SUP Shop

      Marina Del Ray (13.4 miles)

      Pros teach the basics of standup paddleboarding; sunset cruises allow paddlers to view wildlife in calm ocean waters

      $70 $35

      Up to 74% Off Awake Liposuction

      Bellavita Center

      Beverly Hills (9.4 miles)

      Surgical procedure performed with local anesthetic removes fat

      $3,500 $899

      58% Off LASIK Surgery at Laser Eye Center

      Laser Eye Center

      Multiple Locations (1.2 miles)

      Surgeons with more than 200,000 total procedures correct vision with a precise laser system and up to one year of follow-up visits

      $4,200 $1,750

      64% Off Liposuction at Dr. K Plastic Surgery

      Dr. K Plastic Surgery

      Beverly Hills (7.7 miles)

      After a consultation, the doctor administers a local anesthetic and performs liposuction on such areas as the flanks or upper or lower back

      $2,800 $999

      Up to 70% Off Laser Nail-Fungus Removal at Laser Nail Therapy...

      Laser Nail Therapy Clinic

      Westwood Medical Plaza (11.6 miles)

      Podiatrists brandish FDA-cleared PinPointe lasers to clear up irksome nail fungus in as little as one treatment

      $750 $249