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      90% Off at Center for Holistic Dentistry

      Center for Holistic Dentistry

      West Los Angeles(13.0 miles)

      Dr. Mamta Dalwani takes a whole-person approach to dentistry, addressing oral-health issues before they take a toll on overall wellness

      $410 $40

      Up to 85% Off Dental Care and Whitening

      L.A. Dental Day Spa

      Beverly Hills(8.3 miles)

      Teeth are x-rayed and examined before cosmetic polish; optional teeth-whitening treatment and take-home kit with gel and trays

      $240 $49

      88% Off Dental Exam, X-ray, and Cleaning

      Brighter Dental

      Mid-City West(7.0 miles)

      Dental specialists examine teeth inside & out & scrub off light stains & plaque

      $328 $39

      75% Off Teeth Whitening or Checkup

      Dr. Bruce E. King, DDS

      Mar Vista(11.4 miles)

      Dentist cleans teeth and hunts for potential problems during x-rays and exam; in-office Zoom! whitening can make teeth eight shades brighter

      $600 $150

      91% Off Children's Dental Care Packages

      Children's Choice Pediatric Dental Care

      Glendora(22.9 miles)

      Kid-friendly dentist with high-tech equipment; video games in waiting area

      $310 $29

      79% Off Dental Checkup

      Calabasas Dental Spa

      Calabasas(26.9 miles)

      Dental checkup includes exam, x-rays, cleaning, and screening for oral cancer

      $474 $99

      Up to 94% Off at Harmony Dentistry

      Harmony Dentistry

      Multiple Locations(15.3 miles)

      The dental exam includes x-rays and a cleaning; the Opalescence Boost system whitens smiles in less than hour amid spa-like amenities

      $303 $19

      Up to 89% Off Dental Exam or Zoom! Teeth Whitening

      Advance Dental Studio

      North Hollywood(12.2 miles)

      Dentists check oral health and brighten teeth with renowned Zoom! system

      $400 $129

      Up to 89% Off at Priority Dental Group

      Priority Dental Group

      Chino(31.1 miles)

      Dental checkup includes an exam, cleaning, and x-rays; the Zoom! whitening system brightens teeth up to 8 shades

      $400 $99

      81% Off Zoom2! Whitening and Dental Checkup

      Family Dentistry

      Cypress(19.8 miles)

      Dentists whiten teeth with a Zoom2! treatment and check for cavities and signs of decay with thorough checkups

      $1,040 $200

      Up to 89% Off at Meridien Dental

      Meridien Dental

      Santa Monica(13.2 miles)

      Laser treatment brightens teeth; optional exam, x-rays, and cleaning assess dental health

      $695 $79

      Up to 93% Off Dental Treatments

      Healthy Smiles Premier Dental

      Lawndale(13.4 miles)

      Detailed dental exam or chairside teeth-whitening treatment administered by dentist with 13 years of experience

      $275 $19

      Up to 91% Off at Farwest Dental Group

      Farwest Dental Group

      Wilmington(17.6 miles)

      Dentist shines up teeth with a cleaning and ensures their good health with a thorough exam that includes x-rays or Zoom whitening

      $175 $16 Sale Ends 12/28

      92% Off Dental Exam Package

      West Dental Care

      Glenwood(7.7 miles)

      Comprehensive dental exam package with cleaning and polish at a dental office equipped with laser, 3-D, and digital technologies

      $356 $29

      Up to 87% Off Dental Exam and Zoom! Whitening

      Golden Oak Dental Group

      Newhall(28.2 miles)

      Experienced dentists perform recommended checkups to determine the overall state of oral health before chair-side teeth-whitening treatment

      $300 $39

      Up to 78% Off Dental Exam and Teeth Whitening

      Speed Braces Center

      Sylmar(19.4 miles)

      Complete exam and cleaning; Zoom! whitening brightens teeth by up to eight shades

      $135 $40

      Up to 91% Off Dental Exam

      Alex Boudaie, DDS

      North Hollywood(11.8 miles)

      After a thorough exam, Dr. Boudaie reviews x-rays with patients to determine a treatment plan customized for each patient’s dental needs

      $200 $19

      Up to 54% Off Crowns and Veneers

      West LA Dental

      West Los Angeles(12.8 miles)

      Porcelain veneers and crowns conceal teeth issues, such as chips, gaps, and stains

      $1,293 $599

      Up to 49% Off Rose City Dental Arts

      Rose City Dental Arts

      Multiple Locations(9.8 miles)

      Local businesses like this one promote thriving, distinctive communities by offering a rich array of goods and services to locals like you

      $292 $150

      Up to 91% Off at Fuller Smiles

      Fuller Smiles

      Multiple Locations(8.3 miles)

      Laser teeth-whitening sessions leave teeth shades brighter in just minutes; Invisalign straightens teeth with clear, removable aligners

      $915 $79

      74% Off Zoom! Teeth Whitening

      Glendora Family and Cosmetic Dentist

      Glendora(22.4 miles)

      Smiles blossom thanks to a light-activated, peroxide-based gel that whitens up to eight shades in 45 minutes

      $499 $129

      Up to 88% Off Dental Packages

      Anna Harmandarian DDS

      Los Angeles(6.5 miles)

      Patients get their teeth checked and cleaned by a dentist with 20+ years of experience with a passion for serving her community

      $354 $49

      Up to 88% Off Dental Care or Teeth Whitening

      Montage Dentistry

      Los Alamitos(19.8 miles)

      A dental exam and x-rays inspect mouths for problems before a cleaning removes plaque; Zoom! whitening brightens teeth by up to eight shades

      $328 $39

      86% Off Dental Exam, X-rays, and Basic Cleaning at Alpha Dental...

      Alpha Dental Group

      Sherman Oaks(13.4 miles)

      Caring dental staff keeps mouths in mint condition with preventative checkups and cleaning services

      $280 $39

      Up to 92% Off at Marina Dentistry

      Marina Dentistry

      Marina Del Ray(12.4 miles)

      Licensed dental professionals clean or whiten smiles or restore damaged teeth with permanent implants, crowns, and abutments

      $375 $29

      Up to 80% Off Dental Package and Whitening

      MKD Dentistry

      Downtown Los Angeles(0.7 miles)

      Experienced dentist examines and x-rays teeth and mouth before administering a cleaning and optionally performing Zoom! teeth whitening

      $228 $45

      Up to 83% Off Deep Cleaning at Summer Smile Dental

      Summer Smile Dental

      South Gate(6.6 miles)

      Dentists protect smiles with comprehensive exams and deep cleanings

      $734 $229

      Up to 86% Off Dental Checkup and Whitening

      Dental Care 2000 Plus

      Monrovia(15.4 miles)

      Dentist thoroughly examines and x-rays teeth before cleaning them and adding an optional whitening treatment

      $275 $39

      Up to 67% Off Dental Exams with Cleaning

      Huntington Pavilion Dental Center

      Pasadena(7.8 miles)

      Dentist examines mouths for cavities before banishing excess plaque; treatment rooms stocked with modern equipment and entertainment options

      $128 $43 Sale Ends 12/28

      Up to 87% Off Teeth Whitening

      City Dental Centers

      After cleaning guests' pearly whites, dentists brighten them with in-office sessions, touchups, and at-home kits

      $690 $99

      Up to 82% Off Dental Exam and Whitening

      A New Smile Dental Group

      Multiple Locations(5.2 miles)

      Dental team ensures oral health, Opalescence® brightens smiles with custom molds and 45-minute gel treatment

      $350 $69

      Up to 84% Off Dental Checkup, Whitening, or Crown

      Walnut Hills Family Dentistry

      Walnut(20.3 miles)

      Doctor examines and cleans teeth, fits mouths for take-home whitening kits with two years' worth of gel, or fits tooth with crown or onlay

      $300 $49

      Up to 84% Off a Dental Exam, Whitening, or Implant

      Dr. Mahkameh Soleimani-Farnad

      Beverly Hills(9.4 miles)

      Maintain health of teeth with checkup or fix issues with whitening session or dental implant

      $300 $49

      Up to 87% Off at Smile Perfector Dental Group

      Smile Perfector Dental Group

      Mid-City West(7.0 miles)

      In office with views of the Hollywood Hills, doctor creates a relaxing vibe while performing routine checkups and whitening treatments

      $295 $39

      88% Off Dental Checkup

      Magnolia Dental Esthetics

      North Hollywood/ Valley Village(12.5 miles)

      Dentist snaps digital x-rays and scans teeth and gums for decay with an intraoral camera before cleaning teeth

      $300 $35

      89% Off Dental Exam, X-ray, and Cleaning

      Dr. Maryam Hadian at Le Chic Dentist

      West Los Angeles(10.5 miles)

      Dental exam and x-ray locate decay, and a thorough cleaning clears away plaque and tartar above and below the gum line

      $350 $39

      Half Off Implant Package at A2Z Dental Center

      A2Z Dental Center

      Valley Village(11.8 miles)

      Dentist with more than 25 years of experience replaces a missing tooth with a crown that functions and looks like a natural tooth

      $4,000 $1,999

      74% Off In-Office Teeth Whitening

      Smile Comfort Dental

      Culver City(9.0 miles)

      In-office teeth whitening. Includes a visual evaluation and a free basic teeth cleaning.

      $250 $65

      Up to 82% Off Dental Exam Package

      Vatan Dental Group

      Los Angeles(10.8 miles)

      A dentist examines teeth for problems and decay, screens mouths for oral cancer, and administers x-rays or a teeth-whitening treatment

      $220 $40 Sale Ends 12/28

      Up to 87% Off Dental Checkup Packages

      Cosmetic Dental of Westwood

      Westwood(11.1 miles)

      Dental team snaps low-radiation digital x-rays in search of issues, keeps mouths healthy with a cleaning and crafts custom whitening trays

      $350 $69

      Up to 89% Off Dental Checkup or Teeth Whitening

      Aesthetic Dentistry

      Burbank(8.9 miles)

      Dental team maintains oral health or safely and effectively brighten teeth using an LED light and whitening gel

      $463 $49

      83% Off a Dental Exam and Cleaning

      Danishwar Dentistry

      Culver City(10.2 miles)

      Dr. Danishwar combines 12+ years of experience & compassion for her patients to perform thorough, stress-free dental exams & teeth cleanings

      $350 $59

      90% Off Dental Cleaning or Whitening

      Pasadena Smiles

      Northeast(12.6 miles)

      Exams and cleanings keep teeth healthy; take-home whitening kit gently lifts out stains with custom trays and whitening solution

      $335 $35

      Up to 83% Off Dental Exam and Whitening

      Santa Monica Dental Care

      Los Angeles(12.7 miles)

      Dr. Ahdoot tracks down decay with low-radiation digital x-rays and polishes smiles with cleaning or gentle, effective whitening treatment

      $290 $49

      Up to 93% Off Dental Checkup and Whitening

      Sunset Center for Dental Excellence

      West Hollywood(9.0 miles)

      Dentist with more than 25 years of experience cleans and beautifies smiles while checking for cavities and gum disease

      $660 $49

      90% Off Checkup at Mission Dental

      Mission Dental

      South Pasadena(6.8 miles)

      Dentists peek inside teeth with low-radiation digital x-rays before cleaning away plaque or creating custom-fitted whitening trays

      $335 $35

      Up to 84% Off Dental Exam, Optional Whitening

      Beverly Hills Prestige Dental Group

      Beverlywood(8.8 miles)

      Dental team snaps low-radiation digital x-rays and looks for signs of cancer during comprehensive checkup

      $285 $45

      Up to 83% Off Dental Exam or Clear Aligners

      Fifth Avenue Dental Care

      Arcadia(14.1 miles)

      Doctor with two dental degrees straightens teeth with clear aligners or helps prevent tooth decay with checkups

      $350 $59