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      Up to 58% Off Paintball

      Wayne's World of Paintball

      Ocala (3.8 miles)

      60-acres of outdoor paintball grounds; 15 playing areas strewn with forts, planes, and obstacles

      $94 $44

      Up to 53% Off Canoeing or Kayaking

      Santa Fe Canoe Outpost

      High Springs

      Paddle or swim along the banks of the Santa Fe River, where you can spy some of Florida’s famous springs

      $40 $20

      FireStar Youth Girl's Roller Skates

      Perfect for the beginner, these quad skates feature padded boots, durable urethane wheels, and easy velcro strap closure

      $28.99 $25.99

      Roller Star 600 Men's Quad Skates

      Men’s roller skates with a comfortable padded boot and reinforced heel; black boot with red wheels

      $43.99 $37.99

      Blazer Boys' Lighted-Wheel Roller Skates

      Boys’ roller skates with light-up outer wheels, blue toe stops, and a sporty design

      $42.99 $34.99

      Roller Star 600 Women's Quad Skates

      A classic design merges with modern performance elements in skates equipped with an RTX Pro frame and fast urethane wheels

      $43.99 $34.99

      Fun Roll Girls' Adjustable Roller Skates

      Adjustable skates with a low center of gravity keeps beginner skaters on their feet

      $35.99 $32.99

      Roller Star 350 Girls' Quad Skates

      Girls’ roller skates with a padded white boot and eye-catching pink wheels and stopper

      $37.99 $32.99

      Firestar Boys' Quad Roller Skates

      Boys’ roller skates with a padded high-top boot and a no-maintenance chassis are perfect for first-time skaters

      $28.99 $25.99

      Zinger Girls' Quad Roller Skates

      With a pink and green design and fast polyurethane wheels, these skates are just as speedy as they are stylish

      $39.99 $32.99

      Sparkle Girls' Lighted-Wheel Roller Skates

      Girls’ roller skates with light-up outer wheels, a pattern of stars, and pink toe stops

      $42.99 $34.99

      Trac Star Boys' Quad Skates

      Adjustable roller skates can expand to accommodate boys’ growing feet; washable boot liner keeps skates fresh

      $32.99 $29.99

      Zinger Boys' Quad Roller Skates

      Boys’ roller skates with an athletic-style boot and zippy polyurethane wheels add style and speed to skating sessions

      $39.99 $32.99

      Roller Derby Boy's Fun Roll Adjustable Roller Skates

      Boy’s roller skates with low center of gravity are perfect for beginners, sport an adjustable design and soft padded inner lining

      $35.99 $32.99

      Roller Derby Girl's Trac Star Adjustable Roller Skates, size...

      Colorful beginner’s skates for girls are adjustable with the push of a button, feature a washable boot liner to maintain hygiene

      $32.99 $29.99