Coffee Shops in Carmel

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  • iSushi Cafe
    Take a quick glance over iSushi Cafe's menu, and you may feel as though you've accidentally picked up the brochure for a local aquarium. Seafood of all kinds pack into tightly rolled maki and balls of rice, mixed with crisp vegetables. Pieces of fresh yellowtail, octopus, tuna, and shrimp find their way into a diverse slate of dishes. And house special rolls feature creative combinations, with spicy flavors and ingredients as unexpected but useful as the Internet was in the American Revolution.
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    1400 S Guilford Rd
    Carmel, IN US
  • Vitality Bowls - Carmel
    Deep in the heart of the Amazon jungle hides the hidden gem of Brazil: the a?a? berry. Globetrotter and wellness enthusiast Roy came across a?a? bowls during his travels there, and upon his return home, he and wife Tara immediately set out to gather the best recipes to emulate the dish. They were motivated by a desire to spread the health benefits of the super food, which include weight loss, boosted energy, and finally learning how to pronounce "a?a?." Their journey led them to found Vitality Bowls, where they churn out a menu of bowls and smoothies, each oriented around the a?a? berry. Cooks complement the starring ingredient with fruits, veggies, and nourishing seeds such as flax and guarana, all organic and locally sourced whenever possible. Additionally, Vitality Bowls' treats are free of frozen yogurt, ice, preservatives, trans fats, and added sugar.
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    110 West Main Street
    Carmel, IN US
  • Hearthstone Coffee House & Pub
    Hearthstone Coffee House & Pub aims to enrich its community with its café drinks, food, and craft beers and by giving 10 cents of each beverage sold to a different local charity every month. The day begins with baristas pulling precise shots of espresso and steaming pitchers of milk, which accentuate breakfast sandwiches and fresh-baked morsels of coffeecake or scones. Later on, lunch-goers tear into caprese-salad sandwiches and after-work visitors pair draft beers with flatbread pizzas, soups and salads, or artisan sandwiches. Live music serenades the café Thursday–Saturday, with tunes from celtic musicians, singer-songwriters, and open-mic artists. Hearthstone makes good on its name with a working stone fireplace topped by a dark wooden mantel that draws attention from diners throughout the interior. Low leather armchairs form a cozy circle around its comforting presence, and its firelight is augmented by a chandelier hanging overhead. Framed art punctuates the tranquil tan walls, which surround scattered clusters of tables and standalone chairs that feel at home in their solitude. At the bar, painted flames crown the menu boards and a rustic chandelier resembling twisted antlers stretches over patrons' heads.
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    8235 E 116th St.
    Fishers, IN US
  • Pam's Tea Shoppe
    Inside Pam's Tea Shoppe, a glass case brims with jars of more than 60 kinds of tea. New tea accessories, including handcrafted mugs and mesh infusers, fill shelves next to a table set with vintage teapots, cups, and saucers. The shop's knowledgeable owner is often on hand to help clients pick leaves or to plan onsite tea parties complete with tiny barbells for strengthening lifted pinkies.
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    159 North 9th Street
    Noblesville, IN US
  • Darrin's Coffee Co.
    Standing in a smoky kitchen, with fine particles of coffee chaff drifting through the air, Darrin knew he had found his calling. It all began with a book, in which Starbucks chief Howard Schultz describes his first taste of freshly roasted coffee. For Darrin, it was as an epiphany: he had to give coffee roasting a shot. And so, standing in his kitchen with whisk in hand, he roasted the first of many batches of coffee. Fast forward to today, and Darrin's motto is simple: to roast the best coffee possible. At Darrin's Coffee Co., he roasts a handful of different coffees as often as James Bond hires a new martini maker: weekly. Darrin then sells the resulting blends in 6- or 12-ounce bags. Brewed varieties include dark espresso, creamy lattes, and the grasshopper—a blend of green coffee, chocolate, and vanilla.
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    120 South Main Street
    Zionsville, IN US
  • Petite Chou
    Find gourmet French food and regional specialties at Petite Chou. Low-fat foods are not on the menu at Petite Chou, though, so plan to indulge a bit. Drinks all around! Pair your dinner with a beverage from Petite Chou's full bar. Parents appreciate Petite Chou's kid-friendly attitude, and little ones are often seen dining out with the adults. Access the internet free of charge via Petite Chou's complimentary wifi. Petite Chou can easily accommodate large groups or parties. For some fresh air during the non-winter months, dine outside on Petite Chou's patio. No need to dress up for a trip to Petite Chou — the casual restaurant encourages laid-back attire. Feed the gang at your next get-together with catering from Petite Chou as well. If time is of the essence, Petite Chou's take-out option may be a better fit. The restaurant is next to a parking lot, but drivers can also settle for street parking. Dining at Petite Chou will set you back about $30 per person on average. Petite Chou accepts Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, and all major credit cards. The restaurant is known for its showstopper brunch, but they also offer lunch and dinner.
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    823 East Westfield Boulevard
    Indianapolis, IN US

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