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La Gran Terraza's chefs concoct upscale California comestibles, adding a Mediterranean undercurrent to many dishes on the varied menu. Pairs prime bellies with a shared appetizer, such as the lobster bisque or the seared foie gras, in preparation for entrees such as the seafood cassoulet, which combines seafood stew with organic vegetables topped with a saffron-cream sauce, and the entrecôte frites, whose grilled rib-eye steak sashays onto plates with an entourage of organic vegetables and pommes frites. Postmeal, diners can freely share or arm-wrestle each other for a dessert such as the chocolate-and-lemon-cream cake served with Stone Levitation ice cream, and two glasses of the house merlot or chardonnay lubricate creaky chewing jaws and mouth bones.

5998 Alcala Park
San Diego,