Korean Restaurants in East Greenwich

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MuMu Cuisine’s chefs whisk diners away on tour of Asia’s culinary landscape with a menu of Chinese favorites served alongside regional victuals from Shanghai and Taiwan. Bold flavors from tasty entrees, such as the spare ribs with sautéed garlic and the peking duck with pan-fried pancakes, send a wakeup call to dormant taste buds so diners don’t have to devour salted alarm clocks. Behind MuMu Cuisine’s brick façade, eyes can feast on bright yellow walls donning Asian artwork and framed reviews from magazines and newspapers.

220 Atwells Ave

Trafficking in traditional Korean barbecue and sushi, the chefs at Apgujung engineer a poly-flavored menu populated with a flotilla of entertaining edibles. Apgujung kick-starts midday meals with teriyaki, tempura, or katsu bento boxes ($9.50) or ladles of spicy soondubu jjigae soup ($9.95), a soft tofu stew known for its mix of seafood and tendency to back down from fights. Sea fare sneaks its way into dinner with pancake appetizers adorned with seafood, scallions, or kimchi ($7.95–$9.95) or oysters masked by a deep-fried chrysalis of japanese breadcrumb batter. Chefs grill the shrimp-and-scallop teriyaki ($17.95) in a house glaze and marinate the thinly sliced pork bulgogi ($17.95) in a fiery chili sauce. The house special okdol bibimbap ($12.50–$16.50) lands on tables in a hot stone bowl to give its contents a toasty flavor and time to cook while the guest eats to save chefs time to work on their culinary mystery novels. Diners can meander through a daunting collection of sushi offerings, including thin seaweed rolls and inside-out rolls, or charter 30-piece sushi boats ($39.95+) for the night captained by stern, bearded bottles of soy sauce.

1114 Beacon St