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We are Cincinnati's largest bowling center. We offer 68 lanes of automatic scoring and 24 of them have bumpers available for kids.

6383 Glenway Avenue

Jillian's is a 45,000-square-foot gaming and noshing emporium bursting at the seams with high-tech old-fashioned good times. Today's deal is perfect for a group of four people, letting customers loose on this Valhalla of hoopla. The second floor of amazing games offers a full tier of more than 100 electronic simulation games for virtually actual fun, and the first floor restaurant features more than 20 big-screen TVs alongside satisfying eats. You'll get a total of four $15 game cards for $60 worth of second-floor video-game play. Whether you're flying solo or you bring along a fleet of gaming sparrows, each of the four gaming cards will get you anywhere from three to 21 games (the cost of games varies).

141 S Meridian St