Hypnosis in Fulton

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The conscious mind bears many responsibilities, but it can sometimes stand in the way of a healthy lifestyle. At Power Within Clinical Hypnosis, hypnotists tear down the barrier that the conscious mind presents and go straight for the more malleable subconscious. Once they've accessed it, the healers unleash hypnotherapy on the bad habits harbored in the subconscious, from smoking and food addiction to anxiety and chronic negativity. They also apply hypnotic techniques to improve athletic performance and specialize in boosting golf abilities.

4033 Ontario Center Road

Established: 1983

Handicap Accessible: Yes

Staff Size: 2?10 people

Parking: Parking lot

Most popular service: Group hypnotherapy for weight loss

Brands Used: Borden Method weight-loss hypnosis

Pro Tip: You will never be singled out or embarrassed?come with a receptive and open mind.

1 Johnson Street