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BopNgrill serves original fusion cuisine that is equal parts American fast food and Korean culinary tradition. Its menu of intriguing dishes will tickle the brain's reward centers while peaking comestible curiosity. Order up a bop plate such as the marinated beef short ribs ($9) or two grilled tilapia filets ($8)—all bop dishes come side-kicked with rice, a side salad, and fries. The restaurant’s signature burgers are made from 100% fresh Angus beef, and include options such as the kimchi ($5.99), a single patty crowned with sautéed kimchi, a fried egg, bacon, cheese, kochujang, and cabbage. Or opt for the dynamic aquatic landlubbery of the surf and turf ($6.99), a single patty with jumbo shrimp, bacon, barbecue sauce, cheese, lettuce, and tomato. Non-traditional eggrolls ($2 each) come in a number of odd variations sure to titillate even the stodgiest anthropologist, such as Philly cheesesteak, mac 'n' cheese, and hot fudge brownie. Grab quick and tasty grub and return to your cataloguing of every word in twin-speak with bopNgrill.

1903 Church St