Aquarium in Missouri

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  • Sea Life Kansas City
    The life inside SEA LIFE Aquarium Kansas City's tanks are like a Where's Waldo? book come to life, except the protagonists within the underwater tableau aren't awkwardly dressed like candy canes. Thousands of fish swirl through the waters here and you could easily spend hours picking out specific species. The octopus, on the other hand, swims in open view. So does other marine life?especially once you enter the ocean tunnel, which simulates the experience of walking across the ocean floor. Blacktip reef sharks swim overhead and flash their teeth at the cownose stingrays, who appear to smile back. The aquarium's more interactive attractions explain what makes undersea life so appealing. At the rockpool, for instance, education hosts explain the lives of coastal creatures, letting visitors touch everything in the exhibit, including sea stars and hermit crabs.? Even though SEA LIFE's Kansas City location holds more than 260,000 gallons of water, only so many creatures can call the aquarium home. To help marine life outside its walls, SEA LIFE also runs and participates in many conservation campaigns and programs. SEA LIFE aquariums rescue seals, find permanent homes for disabled sea turtles, and breed nine kinds of seahorses to help protect the endangered species from extinction.
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    2475 Grand Boulevard
    Kansas City, MO US
  • Branson's Wild World
    Don't ever call Branson's Wild World a zoo. While there are plenty of animals to stare at, visitors will also find creatures to feed, hold, and otherwise engage with. If you're lucky, you might even watch one sink a hole-in-one. Look, But Don't Touch: In Deadly and Dangerous, just a pane of glass separates visitors from lethal creatures such as poisonous spiders, deadly octopuses, and venomous snakes. Play: On the black-light mini golf course, players must traverse a thick jungle as they progress through the holes. In the underwater section, real fish peer out from their aquariums. Animals You'll Meet: A loggerhead sea turtle named Savannah was rescued and brought to the park after a boat accident. Another rescue animal, a gator named Crooked Jaw, was taken in after wandering around a residential area. Hands-On Attractions: When guests plunge their hands into the touch tank, the fish swarm. Some, such as the toothless (and totally harmless) doctor fish, will even gently nibble on skin. Don't Miss: Wild Wolves, a custom habitat for the endangered British Columbian wolves raised on the premises.
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    2020 West Highway 76
    Branson, MO US