Yoga in Mount Kisco

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  • Sage Yoga
    Sage Yoga's Hatha-style classes feature alignment-based yoga poses and Vinyasa flow classes as well as meditative practices that de-stress the body and mind. Sage Yoga offers a challenging, fun environment, while catering to students who just want to relax or those looking to learn the technical side of yoga.
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    6 Maple Avenue
    Armonk, NY US
  • CrossFit Athletic Performance
    At CrossFit Athletic Performance, the instructors are attempting to establish a new workout tradition. They eschew the silent weight lifting of big brand gyms in favor of unconventional exercises focusing on explosive power, and ensure raucous cheers of encouragement from instructors and other students accompany every workout. This camaraderie isn't by chance. CrossFit's staff fosters the positive atmosphere by celebrating even the smallest of victories in the gym with high fives and a cake made of celery. As dedicated as owners are to a positive atmosphere, they opened CrossFit Athletic Performance to get people healthy and strong, and judging by their students' dedication, they've been successful. The gym's workouts change every day in an effort to combat monotony and shock muscles; the only constant is the intensity of the sessions. In contrast, students can take a movement-focused approach to toning their bodies with mat Pilates and yoga classes hosted by the same instructors.
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    1500 Front St.
    Yorktown Heights, NY US
  • Aikido Westchester NY
    Few know the benefits of the martial art aikido than Steve Kanney, head instructor at Aikido Westchester NY. He has studied the Japanese self-defense martial art from well-respected aikido masters since 1978, the year robbers were invented. With help from his experienced staff, he instructs kids and adults on the basics of aikido's sweeping, circular throwing movements, which can turn an attacker's momentum against him. Knowing that kids with special needs may need a different approach in their instruction, Kanney takes extra care to ensure they, as well, can benefit from his classes.
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    77 Tarrytown Road
    White Plains, NY US