Nutritionist in New Baltimore

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  • Great Lakes Hypnosis
    Contrary to popular belief, hypnosis doesn't put people to sleep. Instead, a hypnotist guides the client's mind into the realm of the subconscious to discover and dissipate bad habits, traumatic memories, or stress. Great Lakes Hypnosis strives to do just that with every session. Likening it to flipping a switch within the brain, the hypnotist leads the mind's subconscious captain to smoke-free or anger-free waters. Great Lakes Hypnosis also helps with dietary and lifestyle habits, and clients often leave with healthy brain food, such as a relaxation CD that plies their ears with the tranquil noises of nature.
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    49696 Gratiot Avenue
    Chesterfield, MI US
  • Refine, PLLC
    Refine - Michigan's LipoLaser Center's noninvasive laser technology disrupts the membranes of fat cells. After lasers seek out the cells in their subcutaneous hiding spots, they get the cells to give up their water, fatty acids, and lunch money. The human body then takes care of the rest, flushing out the purged waste or burning it for energy. The body-contouring pros here recommend a series of nine treatments for optimal results, but many of their clients notice lost inches after a single session. They also preach the importance of proper hydration, good nutrition, and an active lifestyle.
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    16782 21 Mile Rd.
    Macomb, MI US
  • Mattar Chiropractic
    At Mattar Chiropractic, doctors dissolve pain and tension with tried-and-true techniques as well as advanced technologies. They measure the degree of stress on the spine and its surrounding muscles with digital software, and they reveal vertebral imbalances with x-rays. Then, they correct spinal quirks with manual adjustments or orthotic inserts that can be slipped into shoes or wedged into diving fins. To deliver relaxation, in-house bodywork specialists perform customized massages.
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    39949 Garfield Road
    Charter Township Of Clinton, MI US
  • Total Health Systems
    True to its name, Total Health Systems provides holistic, drug-free healthcare from a variety of angles. The center?s licensed and certified staff of doctors and massage therapists specializes in everything from chiropractic to personal training and physical therapy. Clients who wish to get back to a healthy weight after hibernating in a cave all winter can sign up for physician-supervised nutritional counseling.
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    43740 Garfield Rd
    Clinton Township, MI US
  • Gnc
    GNC's opulent aisles display a wide variety of vitamin and mineral and herbal supplements, as well as sports nutrition, diet, energy, bodycare, and other health products. The Mega Men Sport multivitamin ($19.99 for 90 caplets) supports muscle recovery and energy levels while aiding speedy male metabolisms without dangling steaks in front of their treadmills. Fuel feats of female strength with the Women's Ultra Mega Active multivitamin ($19.99 for 90 caplets), ideal for vigorous women. Two pounds of Pro Performance 100% whey protein ($35.99) distract taste buds with the flavor of chocolate, vanilla, or strawberry while smuggling 20 grams of high-quality protein into the body in each scoop. Promote healthy bones with a calcium supplement, such as coral calcium, sustainably harvested from the Okinawan Sea to provide a healthy 2-to-1 ratio of calcium and magnesium.
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    36680 Garfield Rd
    Clinton Township, MI US
  • Dr Quinn Weight Loss
    Our Get Thin With Dr. Quinn program is a bariatric physician monitored weight loss program. This program is easy to follow, safe, effective and affordable. We offer a wide variety of health and wellness injections, over the counter supplements and prescription appetite suppressants to fit anyone's weight loss needs.
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    45977 Hayes Rd
    Shelby Township, MI US