Fitness Classes in Quinnipiac Meadows

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The health hotshots at The Fitness Haven sculpt fading physiques into hard-surfaced diamond crushers with an assortment of group workout classes hosted at a variety of times. Pugilists can swing their fists for a healthy heart in the cardio boxing class, while dance devotees aerobically rock to Zumba's Latin beats. Those seeking to improve posture, straighten body alignment, and transform their anatomy into a deadly arrow can opt for the Gravity & Grace body-sculpting class. Biggest Winner sessions provide a forum for fitness fans who want a high-intensity workout and a chance to steel locks of hair for their friendship journals. For a $2 upgrade, The Fitness Haven leads yoga buffs through the fundamentals of limb loosening during the Yoga Tune Up Flow and Form sessions, and allows them to explore deeper depths of relaxation in the Para Yoga class.
938 State St
New Haven,