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  • The InnerSpace
    Zoey Trap and Kathryn Coyle specialize in the art of not sitting still. Zoey's MS in exercise science and research on spinal therapies combines with a respected expertise in Pilates and yoga—knowledge that fuels her teacher-training programs and fills her much-translated publications. Kathryn has applied her Pilates certifications to rehabilitative work and presentations delivered across the globe. Both women have been featured in Pilates Style magazine, and have populated The InnerSpace studios with qualified instructors to lead students on their journeys to mental and physical wellness. The InnerSpace's classes promote traditional yoga and Pilates methods. Through group and private sessions, trainers help students of all fitness levels to pursue personal growth, imparting skills and physical abilities that can segue from the studio to real-life situations such as coping with stress and tightrope commutes. The chandeliers in the public posing area bathe visitors in a quiet glow, one that evokes the peaceful atmosphere of the library that once occupied the building. In intimate alcoves, the instructors coach clients in one-on-one sessions, tackling equipment such as the Reformer, and alternative wellness services—including massage and Reiki—drain tension from muscles.
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    17 West Main Street
    Avon, CT US
  • Jazzercise Post-5/14/12 Canada
    Today, it's undeniable: Jazzercise is a worldwide empire, spanning more than 1,800 locations and 32,000 weekly classes across the globe. It's also hip; gone are the leotards and legwarmers of the 1980s, replaced with a high-intensity blend of cardio, strength training, kickboxing and power yoga performed to hits by chart-toppers from Shakira to Justin Timberlake. The class formats, which vary according to different toning goals, are just as diverse as the program's move set, with recent additions such as Fusion, Core, and Strike broadening the workouts' variety and application. Instructors cultivate a noncompetitive atmosphere where all exercisers?with the exception of those marked as cursed by jazz-hand palm readers?are welcome regardless of age, build, or fitness background. This sense of community keeps Jazzercise devotees coming back, but so too do the results; benefits ranging from weight loss and boosted core strength to increased flexibility and stress relief. Jazzercise's continued success can be traced to the innovation of its founder, Judi Sheppard Missett. While teaching jazz dance in the 1960s, she decided to step away from tradition by offering an experimental class that allowed her students to simply dance without the judgment of mirrors or the constraints of rigid technique. Little did she know that this ?just for fun? class was the prototype for what would become the Jazzercise sensation.
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    179 Canada Olympic Road Sw.
    Calgary, AB CA
  • Racquels Addiction Fitness
    The air was chilly and the sky was still dark one wintry morning in Hartford, when five women huddled around Racquel, awaiting instruction at the very first Racquels Addiction Fitness boot camp. But as hard as that first workout may have been, it obviously inspired something positive in the women who attended. From that day forward, word spread about the workout that group fitness instructor Racquel had put together—a powerful routine that targeted problem areas such as the hips, thighs, glutes, and abs and quickly transformed them with little to no help from cumbersome workout equipment. Today, Racquel and fellow fitness instructor Betsy have branched out from just boot camp. At Racquel's Addiction Fitness, they also teach Piloxing (a blend of Pilates and boxing), Zumba, and Hot and Bothered on the Bench classes, which blast calories with help from a step bench and weights. And, in their quest to make fitness fun for everyone, the studio also hosts many exercise-themed special events, including chair dance fitness parties, pole dancing parties, and sultry potato sack races.
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    3 Grenhart Street
    West Hartford, CT US
  • Plus One Defense Systems
    Equipment: Zebra mats and cage, Combat Sports boxing ring, Precor and Cybex machines Students should bring: Workout clothing (i.e. sweatpants and a t-shirt) Average class length: 60 minutes Number of Staff: 11?25 people Class location: Indoors only Established: 2002 Registration required: Yes Good for beginners: Yes Guests allowed: No Parking: Parking lot Pro Tip: Capoeira offers a great workout that is mentally and physically engaging. Aikido is more traditional.
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    9 Tolles Street
    West Hartford, CT US
  • Sacred Movement Yoga Hartford
    Many cultures and belief systems converge at Sacred Movement Yoga, drawn together by a diverse teaching team. Julie Miller contributes expertise in Anusara yoga, Julie Erasmus adds mastery of teaching yoga to people of all ages, and Rebecca Totti brings intimate knowledge of Restorative yoga. Though Miller, Erasmus, and Totti represent only three of more than twenty teachers, they embody the studio's mission to help students realize their potential. Instructors offer restorative and rigorous yoga classes in both ancient and modern styles, and also host guided meditation and third-eye exams in the studio's ZenRoom.
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    701 Park Avenue
    Bloomfield, CT US
  • The Fit Playground
    The Fit Playground's premise is simple: exercise should be fun. The team strives to take adults back to a time when clambering up trees and leaping over imaginary lava pits was the only workout they needed. Inside the indoor playground, participants scale ropes and swing from monkey bars, toning muscles, burning calories, and doing something gym goers rarely get to do: having a good time. The fitness-focused play isn't just for adults, of course—The Fit Playground also has classes designed for kids and teens.
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    635 New Park Ave
    West Hartford, CT US

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