Sporting Events in Newburgh

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We are a 3 weapon fencing club offering novice to expert classes in the sport of fencing. We have Olympic coaches and work with children as young as 7 all the way to adults.

40 Lydecker St

The field at TM Baseball & Softball Academy extends both inside and outside letting players play during warm weather, cold weather, or nonexistent indoor snowstorms. During daily training sessions, the TM Baseball & Softball Academy coaching staff helps high school and college-level players–as well as children as young as 3 years old–hone their hitting, defense, and fielding abilities. They also infuse sessions with strength, conditioning, and agility exercises so that players can field line drives and beat mascots during 7th inning dizzy-bat races.

1371 Seabury Ave. Suite #3

The Garden State Rollergirls, New Jersey's premiere all-female roller derby league, boasts a roster of over 40 skaters during their seventh season. Equipped with four-wheeled skates, the athletes crush competition during bouts of two 30-minute halves. While designated jammers—typically the fastest skaters—attempt to lap opposing rollers, blockers use a lethal combination of shoulder and hip checks.

551 Main Avenue

Lifelong paintballers Glen Kapostas and Eric Schreiber founded Yankee Paintball with the aim of introducing new people to their favorite sport on a safe and fair playing field. Their 50 acres of paint-strewn battlegrounds include five different fields, each with a distinct layout and environment. Inflatable obstacles are scattered throughout the Airball Field, the layout of which changes every few weeks to enhance replay value. The 10-acre Castle Field—the largest of the bunch—spans the length of a small hill. Its battlegrounds light up with multi-colored crossfire during team games in which players crouch in bunkers, take shelter behind trees, and hide in the crowded nests of woodland critters.

571 Quaker Farms Road

Ramps, valleys, and plateaus create the landscape at 2nd Nature. This skater owned and operated skate shop features a vast indoor skate park where skaters can practice tricks and the basics. For those looking to improve their stock, the shop also contains a selection of skate supplies and lessons impart intermediate and advanced techniques to novice skaters.

1 Highland Indust Park

Malibu Dude Ranch

Nestled on 800 acres in the Pocono Mountains, Malibu Dude Ranch blends the rugged adventure of the outdoors with the comfort of all-inclusive amenities. As horses trot among the hundreds of trails carved through the ranch’s verdant forests, anglers lounge on the shores of Lake Malibu waiting for bites from large-mouth bass, perch, and catfish. Back near the air-conditioned cabins–available for day trips and overnight stays–guests relax in a heated swimming pool, test their aim on rifle and archery ranges, or hit the arcade room attempting to best Billy the Kid’s legendary high score in Galaga. The ranch holds a professional rodeo series throughout the summer, an exciting counterpoint to the relaxing hayrides and bonfires held on the weekends.

351 Foster Hill Rd