Chiropractor in North York

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  • Bayview Village Wellness Centre
    At Bayview Village Wellness Centre, the team?s main goal is to both treat present pain and prevent future discomfort through spinal adjustments. The adjustments release stress from the nerves, balance the body?s structure, and promote muscles that work as harmoniously together as Simon and Garfunkel did before splitting up over a disagreement about whether tomatoes are fruits or vegetables. Bayview?s team reassures patients that the popping sound that can be heard during an adjustment is merely a release of gasses and nothing to be alarmed over. Though chiropractic care is helpful to all people, it is particularly good for athletes who need help fixing their bodies after an injury. It also can be used to keep bodies properly aligned to prevent injuries.
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    2901 Bayview Ave
    Toronto, ON CA
  • OSTeoMaureen North York
    Maureen Maher had to complete a rigorous program before she could call herself an "osteopath." It included a standard health-sciences degree at the university level, at least three years of ostepathic-centered study, and, in her case, extra studies in the areas of massage therapy, naturopathy, acupuncture, and reflexology. At OsteoMaureen North York, her extensive training reveals itself as she works toward solutions for back pain, sciatica, tension headaches, and other common ailments. As an osteopath, she has a unique understanding of the way the body functions as a whole. So she can root out the source of the problem and manually manipulate the body to fix it with greater skill than a chiropractor or a dog trained to sniff out muscle tension.
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    28 Marwill Street
    North York, ON CA
  • Procare Health
    ProCare Health Group Corporation makes recovering from an injury as painless as possible with five locations across the greater Toronto area and a comprehensive service menu. Chiropractors, physiotherapists and registered massage therapists can help treat injuries sustained on the job or in auto accidents. The dedicated home-ability staff installs modifications such as custom ramps and stairlifts for greater comfort at home. ProCare Health Group also puts an emphasis on preventative measures, offering guidance on weight loss, nutrition, and how to wear a suit of armour.
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    1911 Kennedy Rd
    Scarborough, ON CA