Korean Restaurants in North York

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  • Seoul Garden Korean Restaurant
    Though Christine Skivington specializes in spa and Shellac mani-pedis, she also crafts artful hairstyles with shears and clippers and removes unwanted hair with waxing services, including bikini and Brazilian waxes. She can also do french nails or change out any nail polish, replacing it with a fresh coat or a tiny written message broadcasting anti-glove propaganda.
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    2805 W Henrietta Rd
    Rochester, NY US
  • Arisu Korean and Japanese Restaurant
    Many of the tables at Arisu are hewn from thick, solid blocks of wood strong enough to support heavy metal sculptures. Diners may appreciate that sturdiness when bowl upon bowl of kimchi, pickled vegetables, and relish start to accumulate. These small cold dishes are part of Arisu’s traditional Korean barbecue, which pairs them with table-grilled entrees of pork belly, short ribs, and beef. In addition to Korean specialties, chefs serve traditional Japanese dishes such as sushi, teriyaki, and donburi. Some meals creatively fuse Korean and Japanese food: chefs stir-fry japanese udon noodles with spicy korean sauce, for instance, and layer bibimbap salad with slices of sashimi. Dishes also pair with libations from a vast drink menu that features japanese sakes and korean herb and fruit wines.
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    584 Bloor St. West
    Toronto, ON CA
  • Szechuan Legend
    The chefs at Szechuan Legend serve up the exotic flavors of China's Sichuan province, rich with piquant regional specialties and spices. Cooks top spicy pork with minced garlic and garnish jellyfish with cucumber. Tender shredded chicken arrives artfully plated atop greens and peanut spinach entrees cater to vegetarians and give people a fair shot at beating Popeye in an arm-wrestling match.
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    3280 Midland Ave., Suite 29 - 34
    Scarborough, ON CA
  • Kazan Teppanyaki BBQ
    The designers of Kazan Teppanyaki's glowing interior divide the space evenly between teppanyaki tables equipped with Japanese flat grills and round booths bordering centre insets for Korean barbecue. The decor reflects the eatery's extensive menu, which also splits its black-filigreed pages between Japanese and Korean grilled specialties. Chefs tend to sizzling short ribs, black tiger jumbo shrimp, and veggies within cheek-pinching reach of patrons who surround each respective grill during meal preparation. In addition to the aroma of flaming fare and spicy sauces, Kazan Teppanyaki spruces its interior with elegant artwork, smatterings of floral arrangements, and minimalist wreaths fashioned from chopsticks.:m]]
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    9625 Yonge St
    Richmond Hill, ON CA
  • Axia Restaurant & Bar
    At Axia Restaurant & Bar, winner of the Mississauga News Readers' Choice Award for fusion food, chefs create Chinese, Korean, Japanese and Southeast Asian culinary traditions in four separate kitchens. Patrons snack on Japanese specialties such as the chef-selected raw cuts on the sashimi combination platter ($15.95) or set their chopsticks on Chinese staples such as the classic stir-fried shanghai noodles with pork and shrimp ($11.99) and olive-and-mushroom fried rice ($10.99).
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    5045 Plantation Place
    Mississauga, ON CA
  • Duke Dragon
    The aromas of Hakka Chinese spices, Thai chilies, and Indian curries mingle inside Duke Dragon, an eatery dedicated to the cuisines of multiple nations. To pull this off, the restaurant's chefs must wear many hats. At any given moment, they might be sizzling a pan of manchurian fried rice, chopping basil and mango to season Thai-style chicken, or simmering creamy palak paneer. They also whip up meat-free dishes, giving vegetarians access to these exciting international flavours. With so many options on the table, it would be a shame to taste just one. Try augmenting your meal with an appetizer of stuffed pakoras, deep-fried tiger prawns, or lollipop chicken. The latter dish is served with a length of carefully exposed bone, allowing diners to indulge without getting any sauce on their fingers or retractable claws.
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    1855 Dundas St E unit 3
    Mississauga, ON CA