Personal Development in Ocoee

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  • Sylvan Learning Center Ocoee
    The staff members at Sylvan Learning's numerous study facilities understand that each child learns differently. Therefore, they don’t try to implement a uniform tutoring system; instead, they design custom lesson programs based on the results of standardized testing, diagnostic tools, and one-on-one interviews. Tutors work with students from kindergarten through grade 12, illuminating topics ranging from basic reading and writing to remembering complex algebraic formulas. Many of Sylvan’s instructors work in local schools, so they are intimately familiar with common curricula and understand how to gear lessons toward optimal results.
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    1637 E Silver Star Rd
    Ocoee, FL US
  • Bikram Yoga Winter Garden
    An avid Bikram-yoga enthusiast, studio-owner and certified Bikram-instructor Debora Fahmy dedicated herself to honing her performance of Bikram?s 26 challenging poses, working through two to three sessions a week for several years. When she was ready, Debora enrolled in an intensive Bikram-yoga training program to prepare herself to share the hot-yoga style with others in her very own studio. Today, inside Core Yoga Orlando's spacious facility, Debora leads students through the 90-minute, 26-posture practice seven days a week, accommodating up to 65 students in each class. She heats the practice space to a balmy 95 to 105 degrees to soften muscles into healing twists and binds and reduce bodies' stores of built-up toxins to mere puddles upon the gleaming hardwood floors. After each session, students may take advantage of the spa-like amenities, which include men's and women's showers, locker rooms, and marble stalls for freshly cleansed spirit animals.
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    15504 Stoneybrook W Pkwy, Ste 110
    Winter Garden, FL US
  • Art Room
    Students at The Art Room encounter a soothing and supportive environment punctuated by sighs of relaxation and strokes of genius. Friendly instructors guide novitiates through the basics of acrylic painting in the pleasantly spacious studio. Students learn the basic touch required to produce a range of brushed beauties, including fully formed flowers, vibrant bumblebees, and feathery roosters that leap off the canvas. Adults produce a 16"x20" piece over the course of three hours, and special classes for children run two-hours long, resulting in a 12"x16" painting. Students can bring in a few snacks to consume with the non-dominant hand, or tote along some beverages and buddies to amplify the artistic vibe.
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    709 Main St
    Windermere, FL US
  • Christy's CPR and 1st Aid
    Dedicated to healthcare since 1995, Christine has filled her knowledge coffers with two degrees in the healing arts and extensive experience in acute critical cardiac care. Today, she spreads her skills through CPR, AED, and first-aid classes. For healthcare professionals, bankers, cooks, coaches, and pragmatic superheroes, she supplements her certification courses with on-site sessions specifically designed for the workplace. Other, more specialized classes, include a first-aid course for new parents and a babysitter boot camp designed to help children 11 years or older prevent and react to emergencies with their wards.
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    325 S Mcgee Ave
    Apopka, FL US
  • MaxFlight Helicopter Services Inc.
    Defying gravity is a routine feat for the crew at MaxFlight Helicopter Services Inc. In addition to providing basic flight training for aspiring pilots, the fully licensed professionals also use the Robinson R-22 and R-44 helicopters to take passengers on aerial sightseeing tours. These excursions can be educational, recreational, or a bit of both as the pilots lift off from Kissimmee Airport and navigate their way around some of the area's natural, urban, and holographic landmarks. While soaring several hundred feet above the ground, passengers will also spy familiar sights from an entirely new perspective, and may gain a whole new appreciation for the beauty of a sunset or a fireworks show.
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    3008 Patrick St
    Kissimmee, FL US