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At RockVentures, climbers of all ages and experience levels scale challenge-filled walls lining the 18,000-square-foot facility. Classes impart students with surefooted spirit and fundamental climbing skills such as anchoring the rope for comrades. In addition to individual challenges, the center hosts several group events, ranging from team-building weekends to kids' birthday parties and summer camps. Rock Ventures grants discounted admission to veterans and their families with advance reservation on Saturday mornings, and helps disabled climbers conquer the rocks by using block-and-tackle systems to hoist themselves up.

Owner Kent Winchester informs his work at RockVentures with a multifaceted history of leadership and team-building experience, including a stint in the Peace Corps.

1044 University Ave.

The Wall's bouldering-only climbing facility beckons visitors to scale simulated peaks with angles of up to 90 degrees. Technicolor foot- and handholds pepper the walls, creating 62 different routes that challenge everyone from beginners to Harvard-educated mountain goats. To help to scale these manmade peaks, staff leads both introductory and intermediate bouldering classes. Additionally, the staff frequently changes routes to keep each climb fresh.

77 W 1st St

Sprawling across a combined 50,000 square feet, Buffalo’s revamped House of Horrors and Haunted Catacombs delivers fright after fright for those brave enough to enter their doors. Foggy hidden passageways cradled in darkness give way to a menagerie of monsters, from zombie soldiers wielding sledgehammers to demonic surgeons hungry for the under insured. An occasional strobe light illuminates secret passageways and a maze of doors designed to befuddle visitors as the house’s demons circle ever closer. Once through the labyrinthine hallways of the House of Horrors and Haunted Catacombs, thrill-seekers can tread carefully through additional attractions including Hellhouse: Possession, Bodyharvesters: Bloodfeast, Wicked Freakshow in 3D, and Killer Theater.

3757 Union Road

After spending hours on the faces of outdoor boulders and overhangs, the crew at Niagara Climbing Center brings back inspiration as a souvenir. With toughened fingers and memories of these natural rock formations, they return to their indoor facility to lay climbing routes on 6,000 square feet of vertical terrain. The gym's walls reach up to 20 feet above the ground and their features include bulges and slopes to help climbers prepare for real rocks or real trophy rooms of big-game rock hunters.

1333 Strad Ave
North Tonawanda,

At Adams Eden, summer camp isn't just for youngsters. The family-owned establishment welcomes adventurers of all ages to its 328 acres of undulating greenery where activities on land and air abound. Anyone with day passes can partake in hiking, boating, and volleyball, or explore the mountain meadow maze. Overnight guests have their pick of lodgings that include a sprawling lodge, a cozy cabin, a rustic platform tent, or camp sites equipped with fire pits and picnic tables.

4812 Cook Rd
La Fayette,

What is Treetop Eco-Adventure Park? Think an obstacle course, except set in the forest and 10–85 feet above the ground. Participants wear harnesses and attach to zip lines, which allow them to navigate the course. But surely as an inquisitive explorer you have questions.

Which Route is Best?

The park splits its 60 aerial activities into four colour-coded routes.

  • Green: a beginner's course for adults and children 10 or older. Still no prance through the park: footbridges, zip lines, and other obstacles intersect 9 platforms.

  • Blue: an intermediate course for adults and children 10 or older. At the end you can either climb down or exit via a controlled leap known as the Tarzan jump.

  • Red: an advanced course for adults and children 10 or older. It doesn't get more challenging than the labyrinth and wall-climb obstacles that come between the course's 11 stations.

    How Long Does It Take to Complete a Course?

    Typically, two to three hours for an adult course. Each route also includes exit points where guides, like funk musicians, can help people get down.

    Can Friends and Family Watch?

    Yup. Non-participants can follow along with the guides, who monitor the courses via a series of forest trails. Guests of participants can access them for no charge. Children under age 16 require adult supervision.

    What Are the Course's Safety Features?

    Here are just a few ways Treetop Eco-Adventure Park ensures your trek through the trees is safe:

    • Everyone participates in a safety demonstration on our specially designed demonstration course before starting the course.
    • Harnesses attach to galvanized steel cables, which can support 10,000 lbs. (approximately the weight of an average-sized elephant or a solid-gold cello).
    • All guides and ground patrollers are certified in first aid and CPR.
    • Equipment inspected and certified yearly by the TSSA
    • Guides trained the National Fire Protection Association's standards for High Angle Rescue
    • Read more about the park's safety features.

      What Else Is There to Do?

      Visitors can grab chips, granola bars, or cold drinks at the welcome center. A human foosball course and giant Jenga are available in the picnic area.

      About Oak Ridges Moraine

      It's not all about adrenaline-packed thrills at Treetop Eco-Adventure Park. The zip lines and obstacles also introduce visitors to the beauty of the Oak Ridges Moraine, and the guides hope visitors can walk away with a new appreciation for the area. The important geological land form covers some 190,000 hectares of Ontario, and it serves as home to threatened plant and animal species.

53 Snow Ridge Crt