Gyms in Tennessee

50% Off Intro to Aerial Arts Class

Chattanooga Aerials

Hickory Valley - Hamilton Place

$50 $25

Graceful and powerful aerial dancing offers students a playful, fun, and unique experience

Up to 73% Off Fitness Classes

Fusion Performance and Fitness


$100 $29

Classes range from hot yoga and stroller fitness Mommy & Me classes to sports-performance training, barre fusion, and boot camp classes

Up to 50% Off Zumba and Kickboxing

Zumba With Shelley

Dupont - Murray Hills

$40 $20

Shelley helps students sculpt their physiques with Latin-inspired dance moves and kickboxing workouts

Up to 52% Off Zumba Membership to Groovin Fitness

Groovin Fitness


$60 $29

Salsa, merengue, hip-hop, and rumba moves set over upbeat Latin music boosts energy and makes fitness fun as members dance away calories

Up to 55% Off Mommy Fit Camp

Life Training

Sevier Park

$50 $25

Yoga, cardio, and fully-body strength training with an emphasis on the core; ladies build camaraderie while exercising in the fresh air

Up to 83% Off Adult or Youth Fitness Classes

Franklin Strength


$180 $40

Boxing, rowing, General Physical Preparedness (GPP), and TRX classes; experienced coach helps clients safely gain strength, power, and speed

Up to 70% Off Sexy Fitness Classes

Euphoria Fitness Studios


$125 $54

Certified instructors lead classes in lap dancing, pole dancing, and boot camps to burn calories while boosting self confidence

Up to 59% Off at Springfield Dance Studio

Springfield Dance Studio


$80 $39

Seasoned instructors work with dancers of all levels, customizing lesson plans to help students achieve their goals

Up to 89% Off Fitness Membership at Koko FitClub

Koko FitClub - Chattanooga

Hamilton Place

$179 $19

Computerized equipment and personal-training software provide personalized programs to help clients reach their desired fitness goals

Up to 54% Off Boot-Camp Packages

B.U.S.Y. Body Fitness

Hickory Valley - Hamilton Place

$167 $79

Groups of no more than 20 participants get together for a sweat session led by certified trainers

75% Off Gym Visits

Catalyst Fitness

Nashville-Davidson metropolitan government (balance)

$40 $10

Local businesses like this one promote thriving, distinctive communities by offering a rich array of goods and services to locals like you

Up to 77% Off Brazilian Jiujitsu Classes

Gracie Barra

Multiple Locations

$145 $39

Certified jiujitsu instructors instill fundamentals of fitness & self-defense in kids and adults of all ages & skill levels

Up to 56% Off at Community Taekwondo

Community Taekwondo


$45 $22

Tae kwon do students of all ages and fitness levels develop physical and mental strength, discipline, and well-being

Up to 74% Off Prenatal Yoga Classes

Hot Yoga of East Nashville


$145 $45

Instructors take students through a series of poses and breathing exercises designed to reduce the pains and anxieties of pregnancy

Up to 63% Off Martial-Arts Classes

Continental Defense Group

Cedarwood Courtyard

$75 $35

Skilled instructor leads mixed martial-arts or Brazilian jujitsu class for adults or children

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Kettlebell classes employ different kettlebell sizes and weights to create constantly changing full-body challenges and intense core workouts, effectively trimming fat and building strength for common tasks such as ruffian-hurling and goat-juggling. Nashville Kettlebell is led by Master Russian Kettlebell Certified (RKC) instructor David Whitley, a very strong man whose teaching style revolves around a brutal minimalist fitness philosophy. All classes on the schedule are designed around the four basic movements of this philosophy: the swing, the Turkish get-up, the military press, and the snatch and squats. Although each training class is different and will include many different training methods, these fundamental exercises are the core of all sessions at Nashville Kettlebell and Tennessee Kettlebell.

944 4th Ave S

The nonjudgmental and welcoming atmosphere at Complete Training reflects the mentality of owners and certified trainers Wil Blowe II and Kyle Winton. The two lead group boot-camp glasses for all skill levels packed with rigorous or beginner circuit training. During these sessions, Wil and Kyle use a variety of equipment designed to make the muscles work, including BOSU exercise balls, resistance bands, and dumbbells. They also bring their extensive sports backgrounds and positive attitudes to one-on-one training sessions, and Wil can lend his decade of experience in tumbling to train individuals interested in doing backflips, front flips, or profoundly athletic pancake flips.

6208 Hixson Pike

Launched by 2007 Ms. Bikini Universe Kim Whittaker, Franklin Boot Camp pumps up participants with a varied regimen of indoor and outdoor cardio exercises and resistance routines. In their quests for improved conditioning and muscle tone, boot campers will participate in adrenaline-fueled exercises ranging from obstacle courses and stair runs to intense yoga pose-offs against retired Madonna backup dancers.

119 Seaboard Ln.

BlossOMing Yoga founder Colleen Dwyer and her team of certified instructors shepherd students through more than a dozen varieties of muscle-enhancing yoga and fitness classes. Beginning bone flexers can attend the foundations Hatha/flow yoga session to garner a deep understanding of each posture, and yogis of all levels can join therapeutic gentle yoga, where they'll start with breathing and meditation practices before transitioning into light, gentle movements. Radiance yoga begins with a short dancing exercise to loosen the body, then continues with a mix of Hatha and Vinyasa flows to put students in moods as bright as Helios riding in a chariot made of light bulbs. Ballet and Pilates round out the roster of agility and strength-boosting programs.

604 Gallatin Avenue

JumpStart helps clients get in shape with proven personal-fitness techniques and customized workout regimens. The quad training session is a semipersonalized, one-hour calorie blast that's structured similarly to boot camp but is more tightly tailored to each individual in the group. Fitness-focused neophytes sculpt their bodies using plyometrics, strength training, and aerobic components, resulting in weight loss, steadfast conditioning, and complete closet-monster intimidation. Purchase multiple Groupons to amplify your results.

1600 Division Street

Since 85% of Hooprama students come in not knowing how to hula hoop, the same percentage of Americans who don't know how to spell Albakurky, Hooprama likes to start newbies off with its Level One class. Hula hoops are provided for in-class use, so there’s no need to meticulously make your own from jungle or red licorice vines. Once you've gotten familiar with your extruded plastic dingus, Hooprama's instructors will take you through a calorie-burning workout that limbers hips, emphasizes community, and revitalizes mind, body, and spirit. Students can expect to leave class feeling years younger, not to mention capable of conducting an orchestra using only their hips.

521 Gallatin Ave